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  1. 1. Parrish1 SMOKING When you choose to start smoking, you also are choosing that you won’t your life to be shortened. People need to be more educated about how harmful smoking is. Why are there so many people that start smoking? There are number of ways people start smoking, but if they only knew how it makes you in a couple of years it may change their mind. After smoking for several years smoking will start to take over your body. Your body will get used to getting the nicotine, and when you don’t get the nicotine then you may end up sick and you will get a strong craving for another cigarette. They say once you start smoking it’s the hardest thing to quit mentally and physically. People don’t know how bad smoking is in till it’s too late. One of main reason people start smoking is peer pressure and cause people don’t actually know how bad it is for you and how addictive it is. Teenagers also smoke because they are raised around it and they think it’s normal and ok. Some think that if they smoke they are being cool and it impresses their friends. If you and your friend are sitting down and he/she pulls out a cigarette then most of the time they will ask you if you would like one or some. Most teens would say yes because they don’t think one cigarette can change anything. Little that they know that one cigarette can give them cancer or give them a strong craving for another cigarette. They also start smoking because they are curious. Everybody in his/her lifetime will try and smoke a cigarette, and that’s when you determine if you like it or not. Some people blame smoking cigarettes on their nerves because they say they are stressed out and need something to calm them down. ( Cigarettes are very dangerous to your body and can cause a lot of bad health problems. The main things include shortness of breath, asthma, strained teeth, and arthritis. It can cause
  2. 2. Parrish2 heart murmur, neuralgia, pneumonia, heart diseases, and cancer. Studies have proved in cigarettes there are over four thousand chemicals in cigarettes and sixty-nine that can cause cancer. (Answer) Health damages from smoking cost the United States one hundred fifty billion dollars in health care ever year. Every time you pick a cigarette you are taking all these risk of hurting yourself. When you smoke cigarettes you don’t only hurt yourself, but you hurt others around you. There were three thousand non-smokers adults that died from second hand smoke. So maybe the next time you pick up a cigarette you won’t just only think about what it could do to you, and you should think what it could do to others. ( Cigarettes are good for the farmers, the government, and the cigarette companies, but bad for the people. North Carolina is a tobacco state so we produce more tobacco than anybody else. The farmers grow the tobacco plant and they sell it to the cigarette companies. They make a huge profit, but them half to put in the labor to make this happen. When the cigarette companies sell their cigarettes to other smaller companies, then the government puts taxes on cigarettes, so they can make a profit of the money. So when the people buy cigarettes it’s also paying the government. The only people that get screwed are the people, because they must pay more to please everyone else. This year in 2012 they are raising taxes on cigarettes. So usually you pay fifty-seven cent to taxes now you are going to be paying one dollar and eighty two cent, by this they will earn fifty million in revenue. ( There are basically two categories of cigarettes that are menthol and non-menthol. Menthol has everything a non-menthol cigarette has in it, but menthol has fiber glass. You would think that menthol cigarettes should be worse for you than non-menthol since the fiber glass cuts your lungs. Studies show that there were less people that had lung cancer from menthol cigarettes than non-menthol cigarettes. If you had a person who smoked a pack of menthol
  3. 3. Parrish3 cigarettes and a person that smoked a pack of non-menthol cigarettes a day, then the person that smoked non-menthol cigarettes could develop lung cancer up to nine times as fast as a menthol smoker. Researchers say it’s much harder to quit smoking for people that smoke menthol cigarettes. More black and Hispanics smoke menthol cigarettes. Kids also tend to smoke menthol cigarettes because it has a mint taste which kills the bad taste of a cigarette. You should not care about the taste of a cigarette you should care more about your health and not smoke. There is a history of stereotypes about smoking. When cigarettes first came out it was not all that big of a thing. When being out for a couple of years smoking started to get around and more people started trying to smoke. They started to put it on T.V and mainly most of the characters that were playing the role of the bad guy or cool guy was smoking in the movie. In the mid 1900’s North Carolina became the tobacco state. We had a very big boost in people that started smoking cause that was the thing then. The bad thing was when they came out is that there were no warning signs and the people didn’t really know how bad it was for them. Then doctors started to see people get cancer and have lung problems so they doing research on how harmful smoking was but by then there were so many people smoking that was addicted and could not quit even know they knew had bad it was for them. It’s easy to start smoking, but it’s one of the hardest things to quit. It’s like a drug you just won’t more and more. People say it’s a mental and physical struggle to stop smoking. In an interview I asked some questions and most people told me that they are just used to picking something up and hitting it. Some people told me that they are tried to quit but they just can’t set their mind to it. If something is hard or when they need to take a break they say the first thing that comes to their mind is a cigarette. One of my questions in my interview was what does it take for you to stop smoking, and he told me that he would need a plan and some support. So I
  4. 4. Parrish4 suggested a couple of good ways for him to quit. So I introduced them to the electronic cigarette. It’s strictly water vapor and has levels of nicotine that you can adjust so you can stop smoking. There are nicotine patches that you can buy that puts a little nicotine in your system so you can gradually stop. Also they say if you put candy in your mouth every time you get the craving then that will help. There is also nicotine gum that you can choose if you need something to put in your mouth and chew to forget about the craving. They say if you work out or do something that keeps you occupied then it will be much easier to stop. There is so many ways to stop smoking so you can’t say you tried in till you have actually quit. ( There are a couple of laws for smokers. To buy cigarettes you must be of age eighteen and must show proof of I.D. They also banned smoking from restaurants, schools, and any public place. There trying to protect the people who don’t smoke from second hand smoke. They say this will decrease the amount of people heart diseases, cancer, and emphysema. This banned should help the cost of health care. I like and agree with this because no one doesn’t won’t to go to a restaurant and sit in smoke and smell it while they eat. There are a lot of underage smokers; therefor someone must buy the cigarettes for them to smoke. If someone is caught buying cigarettes for a minor they are arrested and can serve jail time. People don’t know how bad smoking is in till it’s too late. There are so many things that smoking can do to you, and yet people still decide to smoke. When you smoke you are not only wasting your life, you are also wasting your money. Every time you pick up a cigarette there is a chance of getting addicted and if you become a steady smoker then you could lose up to ten years of your life. Another thing to think about is when you are smoking around a kid or anyone they are being affected by the smoke and could end up with cancer or lung diseases. Why would you won’t to hurt other people because you choose to do something that’s not good for you?
  5. 5. Parrish5 Everybody that smokes needs to see how bad it is for them, and consider stopping, and the ones who are not smoking need to make sure they don’t start.