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Junior paper

  1. 1. Have you ever been around someone who was smoking a cigarette and they blowsmoke in your face? I have and I took it disrespectfully because I personally think it’s a disgraceto human kind. Cigarettes are the worst thing ever to put into your body because of all thethings that are harmful in them. There is more knowledge behind smoking now than beforelike what their made up of, what they do to you, how people start, and how people stop thehabit. I would like people to stop smoking cigarettes this very moment because it’s only goingto harm you in the long run. First, it’s incredible what studies have found about cigarettes over many years. Therearementhol and non-menthol types of cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes are the worst thatanyone could possibly smoke because when inhaling there are fiberglass particles that’s cutyour throat and lungs. The cutting of the fiberglass in the menthol cigarette will make youcough up blood when you smoke for a long time. Studies have shown that 80 percent of blackpeople who use menthol cigarettes and lesbian, gays, bisexuals, and Tran’s gender people alsohave disproportionately high menthol smoking rates. (Tucker) Non-menthol cigarettes don’thave fiberglass particles like menthol has. Half of all habitual cigarette smokers were killed bytheir habit and a quarter died before age seventy. (Kaufman) More likely non-mentholcigarettes are the better kinds for you. Smoking is putting 4000 different toxic materials, which51 of them are known for carcinogenic. Carcinogenic is something that causes cancer. Basically,carcinogenic divides your healthy cells and forming them into new cells. The new cells arecalled abnormal cells. These abnormal cells destroy the healthy cells and if the healthy cells aredivided when not needed they grow hard mass forms. This hard mass growth is cancerousgrowths that are called malignant tumors. The number one thing that people should know
  2. 2. about cigarettes is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is what comes out of the tail pipes of avehicle. There are more toxic chemicals like nicotine, tar, arsenic, ammonia, sulfuric acid,Germanic acid, and maltitol. Those chemicals are what you would see one a caution sign thatsays “do not use for human consumption”. Cigarettes have that sign on the side of every packthat is bought. Knowing all the toxic chemicals in cigarettes, I hope no one would pick upanother one. Secondly, cigarettes don’t just have horrible toxic chemicals in them. They also have thepower to mentally, physically, and emotionally demolish you.About a week ago I interviewedmy brother Jamie Mursewick and he is a thirty years old. Jamie has been smoking for seventeenyears and he told me it’s the worst possible thing and addiction that you could ever start to doin your life. I was shocked for what he told me because he loves his cigarettes. (Mursewick) Igot some good news for Jamie because studies said that someone who stops smoking by agethirty has the same average life expectancy as a nonsmoker, and someone who stops smokingat fifty will lose four years of your life. (Kaufman) Mentally cigarettes will get you to the point aswere you can’t just have one a day but you now will need more daily. The days you can’t get acigarette it will make you feel like you have to have one and mentally that cigarette will be theonly thing that will be on your mind. Physically, there was a time were you could go run a mileand be fine, but when you start smoking for a while you will see that it makes a mile two timeshard to run it. You will be fast to lose your breath while doing any physical labor. Your desire togo run a mile will be less likely because the cigarette can make you lazy. This is why you don’tsee people that are in sports smoking. Which this ties into emotional effects of smoking. Whenliving your life there are always times were you will be stressed out about something. That
  3. 3. stress makes that cigarette pop in your mind saying “I need or want a cigarette”. Cigarettesshouldn’t be a stress reliever because it’s hurting you and not only you but all the peoplearound you. The secondhand smoke effects brain and lungs as much as a habitual smoker.(Harvard mental health) centers for disease control and prevention says that secondhandsmoking kills 50,000 Americans every year. (Harvard mental health) smoking doesn’t hurtothers only by secondhand smoking but it affects friends and family by the risk of it killing you.The reason I say that is because my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer. I had to sitthere and watch my grandfather pass away, which was the worst thing in the world for me tohave happen to me. Lung cancer, mouth cancer, skin cancer or any types of cancer is nothingto play around with and quitting is best for anyone and everyone who smokes cigarettes. Then, reason why people start smoking is because of many reasons like looking cooler,peer pressure, chemical rush, stress reliever, and even to lose weight. (Mortensen) Peerpressure is most likely is the start of a lot of people because the social situations. Many peoplesay the simply like the feeling that smoking gives them a chemical-filled rush and gives peoplemotivation to do something. (Mortensen) Mostly girls start smoking because the taste andsmell may reduce appetite and could help girls lose weight. (Mortensen) There also are peoplethat have been around smokers and start liking secondhand smoke so they end up smoking Aswell. Secondhand smoking plays a huge roll in why people decide to start smoking. Knowingthat secondhand smoking is just as bad as smoking a cigarette, people start thinking if it’s Justas bad why don’t I just smoke anyways. Children are the ones that are in the most risk if theirparents are smokers. The children see that their parents smoke so children think it’s okay forthem to do it too. Also secondhand smoke from parents can get there child addicted at younger
  4. 4. ages. In most situations the parents children will be smokers when they get older if the parentssmoke around there child. It’s really easy to start smoking, but make it a challenge so that youwon’t be another statistic. Finally, many people around the world try to quit the terrible addiction of smoking.More than two-thirds of smokers want to quit. (Corwin) There are many different ways to quitlike using patches, gum, shots, and the electric cigarettes. Those different ways are very helpfulfor all people. The most common is the electric cigarette. The reason it was most common isbecause you inhale the smoke but it isn’t smoke its water vapor and it does hurt you or other inanyway. Its only one metal cigarette that gives you all the nicotine you crave and when it diesyou can plug it into the wall to recharger. In the long run you will find out that you will savehundreds of dollars a month because you won’t have to pay for another pack of cigarettes.Patches and gum is not the greatest thing to use because most people say they don’t work likethe doctors say they do. By you using the patch or the gum it’s costing you just as much as ifyou were still smoking. More than two-thirds of smokers want to quit. (Corwin) only 6 percentactually quit, however that rate varied widely by education, with college educated peoplekicking the habit three times better than those with high school education or less, researcherssaid. (Corwin) For some people using the fear tactics to help a person quit is a great way toprevent or stop smoking. Basically, fear tactics are health warnings and painful images feed fearand reinforce the smoker negative self-images to quit. (Star) Some ways to do that is putting upposters in your office at work or at home of pictures of different cancers and graphs of howmany people dies a year from smoking. Fear only feeds on itself and drains motivation. (Star)anxiety or fear is the key to giving up smoking.
  5. 5. In conclusion, smoking cigarettes daily is a choice of your own and nobody can force youto smoke or anything you choose to do. I have just talked to you today about what cigarettesare made up of, what they do to you, how people start, and how people stop the habit. Theyare only there to hurt you and bring danger to your health. Cigarettes are very addicting andonce you start, you might not stop for most people. The law should try harder to preventpeople from smoking because it hurts everyone. Remember you only have one life so don’t useyour one life on smoking and harming yourself. Just put the cigarette down and never pick itback up again!