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  1. 1. Inglés
  2. 2. 1- Escoja la oración que describa la gráfica: a) He is washing some cars b) He is washing the cars c) He is washing the car d) He is not washing the car
  3. 3. 2- Identifique las gráficas a) Mount Etna is as high as Mt . Vesubius b) Mount Vesubius is higher than Mt . Etna c) Mount Vesubius is lower than Mt. Etna d) Mount Etna is the highest
  4. 4. 3- Jane’s house is beautiful. It has three windows, the front door is on the right side. There is one tree in the yard and it has one chimbney.
  5. 5. 4- a) Someone is still watching T.V. b) Everyone is still watching T.V. c) Anyone is still watching T.V. d) No one is still watching T.V.
  6. 6. 5- The boy is running
  7. 7. 6- The hammer is on the table A. B. C. D.
  8. 8. 7- a) Mr. Jones is watching the car b) Mr. Jones is driving the car c) Mr. Jones is washing the car d) Mr. Jones is fixnig the car
  9. 9. 8- My uncle is my father’s _______ a) Cousin b) Nephew c) Brother d) Sister
  10. 10. Lea el texto y las preguntas de la siguiente parte: Imagine if everyone in your street suddenly came out into the road one day and started singing together. Singing teacher Ruth Black believes it would make everyone so friendly that they would never walk past each other again without saying hello. Singing helps people live in peace together, she says. All over the world people have always sung together and in most places they still do, but in England it is no longer traditional. Nowadays, says Ruth, people only sing together in churches and football grounds, although it could be done anywhere. Everyone is able to sing, she says, but most of us either think we can't or have forgotten what we learned as children. However, as with everything musical, you need to practice and the same applies to your voice. Ruth believes that singing itself brings other benefits. It encourages good breathing, for example. Through singing, people often become more confident and also learn to control stress. But more than anything, it brings people together.
  11. 11. 9. What is the writer trying to do in this article? A. E xplain why singing has become less popular everywhere B. Describ a teacher's ideas about the importance of singing C. Advertise a teacher's singing classes D. Encourage children to learn to sing
  12. 12. 10 . What can the reader find out from the article? A. How singing is something anyone can do B. Where the best places to learn to sing are C. Why traditional singing has disappeared D. How to improve your voice
  13. 13. 11. How does Ruth think singing with other people can help you? A You learn to breathe more easily . B You are able to improve your speaking . C You can get to know other people . D You become a confident musician
  14. 14. 12. What made Ruth start her own class? A She couldn't find a suitable class . B She was asked to teach people she knew . C She wanted to improve her own teaching . D She enjoyed going to a singing class herself .
  15. 15. 13 . Which is the best advertisement for Ruth's singing classes? A. CALLING ALL SINGERS!Want an opportunity to singwith others ? We needprofessional singers to join ourgroup . Come along . B. THE SOUND OF MUSIC Our class wants individual singers for a neighborhood street concert . Come and join us . C. SING WITH US Think you can't sing ? See how you improve with practice ! Our popular class is for singers , both with and without experience . D. SONGS FOR ALL! Can you sing? Try our 'Singing for Everyone' class every week and find out! Make new friends.
  16. 16. Ingrid McFarlane Zoo Keeper When I graduated from high school at eighteen, I got a job at a zoo as a student keeper. Now, five years later, things have changed – I have passed my exams and I am a fully trained animal keeper. The money is not good. I only get $15,000 a year. You have to be outside in rain and snow, which is hard work, and you get very dirty. But this doesn't matter to me because animals are the most important thing in my life! There are a hundred monkeys and fifty deer in my part of the zoo and I give them their food and clean their houses. I also need to watch them carefully to be sure that they are all well. In fact, rhinos are my favorite animals and so last year I went to Africa with a colleague for a month to study them. The zoo is open every day and I work five different days each week. I live in a small apartment twenty minutes away and I get up at ten to seven and start work at eight. The first thing I do when I get home at quarter after five is take a shower!
  17. 17. 14. Ingrid would like to: A. take some exams . B. earn more money . C. change her job .
  18. 18. 15. How does Ingrid feel about working in bad weather? A She hates getting dirty . B She doesn't mind it . C She likes the snow.
  19. 19. 16 . If Ingrid doesn't check the monkeys, A they may become ill . B they may get hungry . C they may run away .
  20. 20. 17 . The animals Ingrid likes best are the A monkeys . B deer . C rhinos .
  21. 21. 18. Ingrid traveled to Africa A to have a month's vacation . B to visit a colleague there . C to learn more about some animals .
  22. 22. 19. Does/type/what/of/place/offer/activities/this? a)what activities does offer this type of place? b)what does this type of activities place offer ? c) what type of activities does this place offer ? d)what offer does this activities of place type?
  23. 23. Elija las palabras que mejor completan las oraciones: When the 10 people of montgomery heard about what 11 they were very angry. That same night. There was a meeting at the church of Dr. Martin Luther king. Jr. Who 12 a king was studying to be a minister in the church, he read 13 the ideas of mahatma Gandhi, the famous 14 from india Gandhi believed that it was wrong to use violence to 15 changes in the World.
  24. 24. 20. De acuerdo al texto: a) Come b) And c) Black d) Children
  25. 25. 21. De acuerdo al texto: a) Will happen b) Happens c) To happen d) Had happened
  26. 26. 22. De acuerdo al texto: a) Was b) Important c) Then d) Were
  27. 27. 23. De acuerdo al texto: a) How b) Very c) Of d) About
  28. 28. 24 . What do the two species lefer to? a) Villages and forests b) Tigers and humans c) Will cats and neighbors d) Tiger habitats and deer
  29. 29. 25. What does spring up mean. a) Migrate b) Prefer c) Jump d) Appear
  30. 30. 26. Acording to he pasaje, wthat king of tigers attack human being a) The asian wild cats b) The Peak and the sick c) The man-eaters d) The leones from india
  31. 31. 27. The text implies that some tigers kill man because a) They hate human beings b) They are man - eaters c) Humans are easy to kill d) Their habitat has been invaded