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  1. 1. แนวข้ อสอบภาษาอังกฤษตามหลักสู ตรการศึกษาขั้นพืนฐาน ป.6 ้ สาระที่ 1 ภาษาเพือการสื่ อสาร ่จำนวน 20 ข้อ ชั้นประถมศึกษำปื ที่ 6Choose the best answer with the most suitable answer from a, b, c or d A lion was sleeping in the forest. A little mouse climbed up its nose. The mouse woke the lion.The lion was very angry. The mouse was afraid and said,"Please let me go." The lion said, "Go away."( ข้อ 1-2 )1.What should be the title of this story? a.An Angry Mouse. b.An Active Lion. c. A Lion and a Mouse. d. A Hungry Lion.2. From the story, what happened first? a.The lion was sleeping. b.The mouse climbed up a lions nose. c. The lion was very angry. d. The mouse ran away 3.3. Dara is eleven years old. Her birthday is on January 28. She weighs 31 kgs. and she is 140 cms. tall.She is in fifth grade. What grade is Dara in? ( ข้อ 3-4 ) a.Third grade. b.Sixth grade. c.Fifth grade. d. Eleventh grade.4. How much does Dara weigh? a. 31 kilos. b. 50 kilos. c. 28 kilos. d. 140 kilos. Wednesday April 11, Ploy and her family are going to Phuket by plane. They are going to stay at theRawai Beach for two days before going to Pang-nga. They are going there by bus. ( ข้อ 5-7 )5.When will they go to Pang-nga? a. On Thursday. b.On Friday. c. On Saturday. d.On Sunday.
  2. 2. 6. How will they go to Pang-nga? a. By car. b. By plane. c. By bus. d. By train.7. Which one is correct? a. This bear is white beautiful. b. This is a bear white beautiful. c. This white bear beautiful is. d. This white bear is beautiful.8. Supa : I want some watermelons. How much are these? Fruit seller : .............................. a. Twenty-five bath each. b.Twenty-five kilos. c. Twenty-five pieces. d. Twenty-five watermelons.9. On the busBus conductor : Can I see your ticket, please? Amy : Yes.................................. Bus Conductor : Thank you. a. Youre right. b. Come on here. c. Youre welcome. d. Here you are.10. Jane : I didnt buy any strawberries for you. Mother : Why not? Jane : .................................... a .Dont you know that girl? b.Excuse me. May I have some? c. A lot of strawberries! d. Sorry. I lost all the money, mom. Last night, we did not watch TV. We played Scrabble. Father told us some jokes. We had a goodtime until the bedtime. We enjoyed ourselves very much.11.Which is the best Title for the above? a. A night without Television. b. The broken Television. c. Our enjoyable night. d. My favorite game.
  3. 3. Passage 1 On Saturday, Dang gets up at 9 o’ clock. Then he reads his newspaper before he has his breakfast inthe kitchen at 9.30 after, his breakfast he telephones his mother in Chonburi. In the afternoon, at 3.00, Dang plays tennis with his sister and after that, they eat dinner in arestaurant. At 6.00, Dang swims for two hours and then he rides the bike to his brother’s house. They talkand listen to music together. Dang watches television in the evening and drinks a glass of soy milk, He goes to bed at midnight.( ตอบ ข้อ12-15 )12. Where does Dang have breakfast? a. In the kitchen. b. In the bedroom. c. In the living room . d. In his brother’s house.13. Where does his mother live? a. In Bangkok. b. In Chonburi. c. In Pattaya. d. In Ubon Ratchathani.14. How long does Dang swim for? a. One hour b. Threehours c. Two hours d. Four hours15. What does Dang drink in the evening? a. Wine b. Beer c. Soy milk d. Water
  4. 4. Read the following and answer the questions. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d ( 16-17 )Food&Drink Father Mother Thomas Tom JennyRice and eggs P P P P PBread P P O P OHamburger P P P O PIce cream O P P P POrange juice O P O P PCoffee P O O O O17. Which sentence is incorrect? a. Everybody likes rice and eggs. b. Thomas and Tom like orange juice. c. Father likes coffee but other don’t. d. Jenny likes hamburger but she doesn’t likebread.18. Who doesn’t like hamburger? a. Tom. b. Jenny. c. Thomas. d. Mother.19. Both Joe and Jane like to watch TV and read newspaper. What does this sentence tell you? a. They like to do the same things. b. They don’t like to do the same things. c. Joe likes to read but Jane likes to watch TV. d. Jane likes to read but Joe likes to watch TV.
  5. 5. 20. Water is important for life. We need about 6-8 glasses a day. Plants need water twice a day. Animalsneed a lot of water each day.The passage is about ______________ a. glasses b. plants c. animals d. water Last night, we did not watch TV. We played Scrabble. Father told us some jokes. We had a goodtime until the bedtime. We enjoyed ourselves very much.21.Which is the best Title for the above? a. A night without Television. b. The broken Television. c. Our enjoyable night. d. My favorite game. สาระที่ 2 ภาษาและวัฒนธรรม22. When we wish someone to be happy at Christmas, we often say."................................" a.Happy New Year b.Merry Christmas c. Have a Christmas Day d. Enjoy your New Year23. They are Italians. Where are they from? a. They are from Germany. b. They are from Italy. c. They are from France. d. They are from Spain.
  6. 6. 24. ถ้ำนักเรี ยนช่วยคุณครู จดตูหนังสื อเมื่อทำเสร็ จคุณครู กล่ำวขอบใจ นักเรี ยนจะพูดตอบว่ำอย่ำงไร ั ้ a. Its O.K.,sir. b. Never mind, sir. c. Youre welcome, sir. d. All right, sir.25. คุณครู ถือหนังสื อหลำยเล่มเข้ำมำในห้องเรี ยน นักเรี ยนจะพูดเสนอใ ห้ควำมช่วยเหลืออย่ำงไร จึงจะเหมำะสม a. Need I help you? b. Can I help you? c. Give me your books. d. I can help you.26. ถ้ำนักเรี ยนเป็ นพนักงำนขำยของ เมื่อมีลูกค้ำชำวต่ำงชำติเข้ำมำในร้ำน นักเรี ยนจะทักทำยอย่ำงสุ ภำพว่ำอย่ำงอย่ำงไร a. What do you want? b. Hello. May I help you? c. Hi. What do you want? d. Hey. Can I help you?27.. ถ้ำนักเรี ยนต้องกำรถำมทำงไปพิพิธภัณฑ์จำกตำรวจ จะถำมอย่ำงสุ ภำพว่ำอย่ำงไร a. Is that the museum, sir. b.Let me know where the museum is. c. Could you tell me how to get to the museum? d. Do you know where the museum is? สาระที่ 3 ภาษากับความสั มพันธ์ กบกลุ่มสาระการเรียนรู้ อื่น ั28. 1. Pour some vegetable oil into the pan. 2. Clean the chicken. 3. Put the pan on the stove. 4. Puht the chicken in the hot oil.Choose the correct order? a. 2 - 3 - 1 - 4 b. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 c. 3 - 2 - 1 - 4 d. 3 - 1 - 2 - 4
  7. 7. 29. What is the above passage about? a. How to cook fried rice. b. How to heat the vegetable oil. c. How to make fried chicken. d. How to clean the chicken.30. A man said to the girls, "Good morning, ladies. I have good shampoo. It keeps you hair black, soft andshiny."What was the man in the passage? a. A policeman. b.A fireman. c. A postman. d.A salesman31 The man talked about the shampoo to the girls because he wanted to........................ a. wash his hair b.sell it c. buy it d. make it clean32. Wipa : It’s raining. Can you close the window, please? Suda : _______________________ a. Yes, certainly. b. Thank you very much. c. Take care of yourself. d. Have a good trip.33. Noi : I forget my dictionary. __________________________ Nid : Yes. Here you are. a. Can I borrow yours? b. Could you read for me? c. I’ll go to buy one. d. Please spell the word.34. Joe : Do you have rambutans? Fruit seller : Yes. How many do you want? a. No, thanks. b. Three, please. c. Yes, please. d. Two kilos, please.
  8. 8. สาระที่ 4 ภาษากับความสั มพันธ์ กบชุ มชนโลก ั 35. At the party Jim : Hello. Mary : Hello. Jim : Would you like some grapes? Mary : .......................May I have some apples. a. Thats right. b. No, thank you. c. O.K. d. Thank you. 36. At the department store Seller : ................................. Alice : I want the brown one on that shelf. a.Do you like the brown one? b. Would you like to have it? c.Why did you like it? d. Which handbag do you want?37. At the office A : Is that 0-2981-8462? B : No. This is 0-2981-4862. A : .................................... a. Im glad to talk to you. b.Youre O.K. c. Im sorry. Ive got the wrong number. d. May I speak to John, please?
  9. 9. 38.At home Brother : .......................... Sister : Here you are. a. Is it a cake or a cookie? b. How much is the cake? c. Give me some cake, please. d. May I help you make a cake?39. On the sidewalk. A tourist wanted to find the way to the waterfall. A boy : ................................ Tourit : Where is Salika Waterfall? a. Hello, can I help you sir? b. Lets go there together. c. Anybody else? d. Thats the way you can go.40. At the hospital. Doctor : What is wrong with you? Penny: ……………………………. a. I have got headache. b. I want some medicine. c. I like to swim. d. I want to see the doctor.
  10. 10. ใช้บทสนทนำที่กำหนดตอบข้อ 1 – 3 Mark : I have two tickets to the concert. Jack : Do we have enough time? Mark : Yes, we do. It’s only 2 o’clock. When they saw the concert, they will go home. Jack : How was it? Mark : It was funny. Jack : I agree with you. 1. A : Where are they going? B : ____________________ a.They are going to the movie b. They are going to the concert. c.They are going to the zoo d. They are going to the orchard2. A : Do they have enough time? B : ____________________ a. Yes, they do. b. Yes, they have. c. No, they don’t. d. No, they haven’t.3. A : ____________________ B : It was funny. a.How old are you? b. How does it do? c.How far is it? d. How was it?