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Michael Goriany Eriwan Ent Conference Abstract


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Dr. Michael Goriany: Innovative Knowledge Sharing amongst the Global Medical Society
Abstract of his presentation held in Yerevan, September 2009

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Michael Goriany Eriwan Ent Conference Abstract

  1. 1. Dr. Michael Goriany Monsana WebCommunity Management Germany/Switzerland michael.goriany@gmx.net _________________________________ Abstract ENT Conference Erevan, 4.9.2009 Innovative Knowledge Sharing amongst the Global Medical Society (Presentation Michael Goriany) Computers and Internet apparently have changed our life during the 1990. Information flow, business processes, eGovernment have reached dimensions which we could not imagine some 15 years ago. However innovations based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are going on and have opened new dimensions of global knowledge exchange on a peer- to-peer basis between experts and between all people who have access to the Internet. Moreover Internet tools called "social software, social media" have opened the door for massive global networking combined with advanced filters within Social Networks, Business Networks, Networks of Trust. Such Internet environments are enabling every body to find partners of interest, friends and chances for participation and cooperation within the global community. Examples of recent activities: • President Obama has introduced a health care plan. $10 billion per year will be invested over the next five years to move the U.S. health care system to broad adoption of electronic health information systems, including electronic health records. Significant cost savings are expected by implementing a more effective information management. ( see article ) • a German hospital redesigned its internal communication infrastructure and set up an overall Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). A central steering software provides a continuous data-flow connecting all members of the hospital as well as patients (see article ). Going further from internal communication to global knowledge networking Monsana is offering a specific program ( Internet Health-Care Promotion Model ) The basis of this program is a new generation of Internet tools, such as Weblog, Wiki and real time Internet Conference rooms ("Live Online rooms"). These are low threshhold technologies in terms of costs, technical expertise and personal ressources. Everybody having access to the Internet can easily – and partly even cost free – make use of these technologies. This results in substantial effects on the medical experts community • direct exchange of experience and networking worldwide – open access in natural sciences/in health care sciences • new approach to globalization: no more "travelling like crazy" to meet expert colleagues out in the world, but rather have the world being your guest in your Internet room – regions previously on the periphery can now become a global center. The purpose of the presentation is 1. to show the new facilities for an Internet based global knowledge exchange by experiencing a Live Online Medical Experts Session 2. to demonstrate and initiate a new way of "participative fund raising" based on Web2.0 tools in order to facilitate CI for all deaf children in Armenia funded by the global Armenian Community