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5 Reasons to Choose Mechanical Engineering from CGC Landran


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Find out 5 Reasons to Choose Mechanical Engineering from CGC Landran

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5 Reasons to Choose Mechanical Engineering from CGC Landran

  1. 1. 5 Reasons to Choose Mechanical Engineering from CGC Landran
  2. 2. As we all know, engineering is one such discipline which has become the hot favourite of the students for almost a decade now. Mechanical Engineering, also known as the mother of all engineering streams has especially reached the levels of acceptance in the modern world. In the wake of this realization, a lot of mechanical engineering colleges are being opened up. In this situation, the decision to choose the best mechanical engineering college in India becomes hard.
  3. 3. One engineering college, which is a lot different from all other engineering colleges is CGC Landran. It has emerged as an institute nonpareil in excellence. From the very year of its establishment, it has always made strides in improving the quality of education quality for its students. So, here’s presenting top 5 reasons to choose CGC Landran:
  4. 4. Placements: CGC Landran has become the best choice of those seeking well rewarding placements in the mechanical field. Here, the students get a chance to appear in the interviews of worldwide famous companies such as Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, Accenture, etc. About 6134 placement offers have been received so far and the college plans on receiving further. The package as high as 31.77 LPA has been secured by CGC students!
  5. 5. Workshops: CGC Landran College provides experiential knowledge to the students. The students get to know how actually things are done at the ground level. Workshops, seminars, and guest lectures are all part of an integrated system of refurbishing practical skills.
  6. 6. Patents and researches: CGC Landran College enables students to take a deep dive into the matter. It has always encouraged the students to conduct research and come up with new ideas. Perhaps, that is the reason why CGC has more than two hundred patents filed.
  7. 7. Awards and Ranking: CGC Landran has received innumerable accolades and titles across categories. Different eminent institutes around the country came ahead and recognized the college’s potential of serving the students with the best. This is the reason why the students should undoubtedly choose CGC Landran.
  8. 8. Strategic alliance: It might come up as the most interesting for some of the students. CGC Landran has a strategic alliance with more than 30 companies due to which it is able to provide industrial exposure to the students through training and industrial visit. Also, the college has an alliance with the international universities through which it promotes international student exchange programs.
  9. 9. ForMoreInformation • Kindlyvisit OurWebsite • • • Chandigarh Group Of Colleges • Sector 112, Landran Greater Mohali, Punjab – 140307 ( INDIA)
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