model organism caenorhabditis elegans sanger sequencing arabidopsis thaliana metabolic engineering metabolome metabolomics column chromatography glycosylation phosphorylation mus musculus shotgun sequencing epigenetics and epigenomics population genomics comparative genomics nitrogen metabolism hyperuricemia lipoproteins properties and functions homeostasis classification modern drug clinical trials biological screening identification of compound isolation of active component separation maceration enfleurage extractionn herbal formulation ethnopharmacology plant extract phytotherapy phytomedicine pharmacognosy traditional medicine herbalism medicinal herb herbal drug untargeted metabolomics targeted metabolomics metabolic profiling metabolic target analysis substrate channeling metabolic disease network online mendelian inheritance diseasome interactome map silent knockout mutations power of metabolomics turnover of metabolites fluxomics high-throughput analysis of me the total metabolite pool data analysis nmr lc-ms gc-ms gas chromatogrphy sample preparation data deconvolution methods high-throughput detection metabolite profiling analytical methodologies global metabolite profiles in metabolic turnover metabolites metabolic pathways intermediary metabolism introduction ubiquitination proteolytic cleavage peptide cutter quickmod popitam aldente mascot maldi-tof identification of proteins separation of proteins purification of proteins field flow fractionation 1d gel electrophoresis 2d electrophoresis analytical techniques total protein content proteomics streptavidin beads biotinylated oligo (dt) primer concatamer sage wtss rna-seq ests database sequence tagged site est sequencing dna arrays cdna library rt-pcr nuclease protection reverse northern blot rna dot blot northern blot multiplexing expression profiling transcriptome transcriptomics gene expression technology signal transduction prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene expression models transcription factors gene regulation repressor enhancer promoter splicing intron exón post translation process processing termination elongation initiation translation transcription gene expression personalized genomics mcdonald kreitman test fst tajima's d or fst fixation index qtl mapping mathematical models understand phenotypic variatio saccharomyces pompe restriction enzyme mapping gel electrophoresis demography of a population phylogenetic relation microevolution emulsion pcr snp paired end sequencing dntps cdna solid pyrosequencing ion torrent roche 454 illumina highthroughput sequencing ngs public health genomics gold significance of hgp milestones of hgp zebra fish oryza sativa pan troglodyte model organisms saccharomyces cerevisiae methanococcus jannaschii haemophilus influenzae bacteriophage ms2 automated sequencing maxam gilbert sequencing genome projects rna interference adp-ribosylation sumoylation ubiquitylation methylation acetylation non coding rna chromatin remodelling restriction endonuclease epigenome histone lysine methyltransfera acetylation of the k14 dna methylation covalent modifications epigenetic mechanisms heritable traits mapview ensembl ucsc browser computational tools caenorhabditis briggsae paralogous sequences analyzing homology related genomes evolutionary relationships drosophila melanogaster genome humans and the yeast distantly related organisms phenotypic evolution alignment of genome sequences evolutionary relationship genome project comparison of genomic features health genomics genomic medicine pharmacogenomics human genome project next generation sequencing high throughput sequencing strategies of sequencing physical mapping genetic mapping mapping and sequencing genomics gout plasma urea concentration uraemia inulins and urea clearance functions of liver and kidney choline choline deficiency lipotropic factors carnitine fatty livers urobilinogen obstructive jaundice choluria hemolytic jaundice vanden bergh reaction hyperbilirubinemia bilirubinemia jaundice hyperlipoproteinemia lipoprotein lipase deficiency chylomicrons hyperlipidemias tendon xanthoma inheritance of one mutant gene familial hypercholesterolaemia lipoprotein lipase chylomicron syndrome hmg-coa reductase cholesterol plasma lipids lipidology bile salts pancreatic lipase gastric lipase triacylglycerol fatty acids lipid metabolism von gierke's disease glycogen storage diseases galactosemia pentosuria glycogenolysis glycogenesis gluconeogenesis glucagon insulin hypoglycaemic hyperglycaemic regulation of blood glucose factors renal threshold ogtt diabetes mellitus disorders carbohydrate metabolism primary globular and fibrous proteins derived protein conjugated protein simple protein polypeptide peptide linkage peptides classification of amino acids l-amino acids-building block zwitter ion substituents of amino acids structural units of protein 20 amino acids coded by dna properties and reactions structure of amino acids amino acids proteins a hydrogen bond and glycosidic b hoogsteen base pairing watson crick base pairing phosphate pentose sugar pyrimidine and purine bases nucleoside nucleotides heterogenous rna (hnrna) small interfering rna (sirna) micro rna (mirna) small nuclear rna (snrna) transfer rnas (trnas) ribosomal rnas (rrnas) messenger rnas (mrnas) different types of rna functions of dna rna gene-part of dna nucleic acid-dna and rna eicosanoids isoprene units carotenoids terpenes steroids sulpholipids glycolipids phospholipids fats and waxes unsaturated fatty acid saturated fatty acid alcohol fatty acid chain composition of lipids derived lipids complex lipids simple lipids lipids vitamin k-phylloquinone vitamin e -tocopherol vitamin d3-cholecalciferol 3 forms of vitamin a-retinol γ-carotenes β-carotenes α-carotenes vitamin a-carotene in plants fat soluble vitamins pantothenic acid biotin vitamin b12 folate (folic acid) vitamin b6 (pyridoxine) niacin (vitamin b3) riboflavin (vitamin b2) thiamin (vitamin b1) b complex vitamins water soluble vitamins boiling point capillary action surface tension wet water sticky hydrogen bonds polarity chemical structure unique properties water planet biological solvent dissociation constant of water conjugate bases conjugate acids acids and bases henderson hasselbalch equation pka ph ion product for water (kw) molar concentration of water dissociation constant-k dissociation of water hydroxide ion hydronium ion intermolecular proton transfer amphoteric nature of water autoprotolysis auto ionization of water properties of sugars biologically important sugars biological functions of sugars nomenclature carbohydrates lectin sialic acid blood group substances glycoproteins proteoglycan heteropolysaccharides homopolysaccharides polysaccharides disaccharides monosaccharides
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