Flour baby project


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Health 12/7-12/15

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Flour baby project

  1. 1. 7 DAY PROJECT
  2. 2.  According to a Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet, more than 1 million U.S. teenagers -- one in nine women aged 15 to 19 -- become pregnant each year. Part of this project’s goals deal with the issue of teen parenthood. Participating students in Grade 11 will be making “flour sack babies”. Students will be broken down into pairs. Each pair will represent a married couple. There will also be one “single parent”, due to the number of students.
  3. 3.  The Flour Baby is designed to demonstrate the responsibility involved in managing a family which includes a baby. Students construct a daily log, design a birth certificate, and put together a budget for their family.
  4. 4.  1. Gain the realization of the commitment of time and energy that it takes to have a child and the demands that a child makes on the parent(s). 2. Research the cost of living for a married couple (or single parent) with a small child3. Incorporate parental responsibility into your daily lives.4. 4. Write a report giving examples about your experiences during the week.
  5. 5.  Your baby birthcertificate Your flour baby Your 500 word essay entitled “My week as a parent” Your baby book log babysitting log
  6. 6.  1. One of you will create the flour-child (an artfully designed 10 lb. sack of flour or sugar.) Make your child distinctive yet appropriate (e.g.: no tattoos, piercing, hair coloring), with his/her own personality or style, without damaging or using tape or glue on the actual bag: well be donating the flour to a local food bank when were done. Your child should always be dressed for the weather (One more layer than you are wearing, as babies cannot yet regulate their own body temperature). The other person will create the carrier for the child: crib, papoose, stroller, etc. Single parents will do it all.
  7. 7.  Project is worth 100 points for the book log Essay is worth 200 points You need to turn in the four previously mentioned items to receive credit. Pass that, the more creative you are, the better your grade will be.
  8. 8.  On the day the flour baby is born, you will draw names If your baby is born with a birth defect you will write the name of it on your birth certificate Part of your 500 word report will be about living with your baby’s birth defect.
  9. 9.  2.Name your child (An appropriate name, please, more on this in class). You will also create a “mock” birth certificate and social security card for your child. You will also create a marriage license and a “family album”. Photo albums will be provided.
  10. 10.  You can use doll parts Hair Baby clothes Nothing inappropriate Be creative
  11. 11.  Only those who bring their flour baby on the first day. You need to show me your baby’s birth certificate to prove you are eligible
  12. 12.  Anyone eligible can enter the contest The top five based on creativity and parent log documentation Documentation with pictures each day along with baby book Are you showing that you are being the best parent by clothing your child? Feeding your child Child is well groomed Responsibility is demonstrated by picture log
  13. 13.  3.During the school day, you must carry your child at all times. In this class you must hold your child at all times. If you have basketball practice, arrange babysitting. You must record each time you leave the child with a babysitter using the form in the baby book. Lockers and trunks are not cribs or day-care centers.
  14. 14.  Talk to your PE teacher before the assignment starts and ask for help Ask if he or she would keep your flour baby in the PE office during the period. Thank them everyday. Include this in your babysitting log they must also sign.
  15. 15.  4.During other classes, there will be a “play pen” area set up in the corner of the room, where your baby will take a “nap”! If another teacher has to come to us and tell about you distracting their class with the “flour baby” you will lose 25 points.I will give you a sign to ask your teacher whereyou will be able to place for “nap” time.
  16. 16.  5.You should be extremely protective of your child. If a tragic loss or injury occurs, you will be responsible for clean-up (NOT the custodians.), reporting to instructors, and negotiation of the penalty. Penalties range from additional research to a report on child abuse. If someone else attacks your child, or uses him/her in a recipe, find a teacher as a witness to spare you some penalty. Babysitting log was document who, child was with and signed by your parent.
  17. 17.  6. You are not allowed to put the baby in your backpack, go anywhere without your baby, leave your baby in the care of anyone else, or let anyone abuse or neglect your child. 7. You must wake up one week night per week and make a phone call to Mrs. Hinojosa, between 2AM and 4AM. You will be leaving a message with your name that you are calling because your child will not go to sleep and is keeping you awake. You will then call back again in EXACTLY 15 minutes and leave another message. Failure to do so will result in a 100 point reduction.
  18. 18.  8.At the end of this assignment you will submit a paper. It must be at least 2 pages. You will include how the project went, what you thought, embarrassing moments, etc. This is worth 200 points the baby book log is also a test grade both are summative assessment grades.
  19. 19.  9. You will lose 25 points every time you are seen without your baby! There will be no negotiation or discussion, just a 25 point deduction! Every teacher will know who my health students are and that they have a child for the next 7 days.
  20. 20.  10. A “baby book” should be kept with the baby at all times. The baby book is a place to record every time that you feed the baby, change the diaper, etc…At any point during the day, your instructors are able to “spot check” the baby book. If the baby’s feeding and diaper changing has been neglected, points will be docked. 11. Another action that results in point loss is if you as the custodial parent allows for the non-custodial parent to keep the child. It is important to learn that both parents are equally responsible for the children in a marriage. However, YOU have sole custody and the baby always stays with you! Supervised visitation is only allowed for the non- custodial parent. IF YOU CHOOSE to have a non-custodial parent YOU must appoint that name today. I will record who that person is in the grade book.
  21. 21.  1. Encase your sack of flour in two pairs of pantyhose. This will help to protect from spillage and damage. 2. Stuff the pantyhose with Styrofoam balls or fiberfill to create a head. 3. Clip, stuff and sew the remaining materials to create arms and legs. 4. Different colored pantyhose can be used to create “multicultural” skin tones. 5. Now “create your child”. Sew on eyes, noses, mouths, etc…Add yarn hair or a bonnet. Dress in baby clothes. They can be purchased extremely inexpensively at the Thrift store. Get creative and have FUN!!!!!!
  22. 22.  Assassinate another flour baby. If it can be substantiated by other students, you will fail the assignment. Put anything on your flowerbaby except for clothing (plastic bags, aluminum foil etc.