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Final presentation ravens

  1. 1. Crystal BrunsNew Media Drivers License
  2. 2.  The Ravens are a professional football franchise based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Originated in 1996 Rated one of the two greatest NFL teams of the Super Bowl Era.
  3. 3.  Advertising outside  Expanding their of Maryland geographic Targeting kids who location of ticket do not have cars buyers or are to young to  Increasing their attend a game target audience without a parent  Purchasing more Having the money than one set of to purchase more tickets per season than one game
  4. 4.  Create an ad campaign that offers three ticket options  Option 1: purchase tickets for the whole season  Option 2: purchase tickets for half the season  Options 3: purchase a set of three games Each fan would choose their exact seats in the stadium They would also receive a rewards card giving each person a free souvenir or food options for every game It would collect points for every purchase made
  5. 5.  More traffic comes through the Ravens website More convenient for customers Customers have the ease of taking time to make a decision Better deals are offered online
  6. 6.  Facebook, Twitter, and a Baltimore Ravens Blog should be created or accessed more frequently  Will help attract a younger audience  Make more people aware of what the Ravens are offering to their customers  Used to interact with fans  Offer certain deals and coupon codes  Inform customers about news and upcoming or current promotions
  7. 7.  We would create a mobile application for the Ravens fans to download to their cell phones or ipads It would provide:  Weekly ticket promotions  Reserve ticket option  Game stats  Roster  Game schedule  News updates
  8. 8.  We would measure how many people or families purchased each deal (out of the three options) Record cost-per-click Determine how many customers search for Ravens tickets and get onto the site Record how many people click on the deal option Keep track of how many reward cards are sent out, activated, and used
  9. 9.  These ideas will help reach our audience in a variety of ways and help stay connect with our fans We would like to propose a budget of $50K All the money will go toward advertising and promotions and to increase the awareness of social media, Internet advertising, and mobile strategy
  10. 10.  Heavilyadvertise a month before preseason begins and throughout the teams whole season  July-February Continueto advertise the team often to keep their name out there and floating around  This is when to advertise for the mobile application