Cockatiels As Pets - Things You Might Not Know About Cockatiels


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Cockatiels As Pets - Things You Might Not Know About Cockatiels

  1. 1. ==== ====Cockatiels As Pets - Things You Might Not Know About ====Cockatiels As Pets Things You Might Not Know About CockatielsWhy are bird lovers so crazy about cockatiels? Just what makes people fall in love with cockatielsas pets? I didnt really think that birds would be good pets until our good friends got a couple ofparakeets. We soon realized that birds do have distinctive personalities and are a lot of fun to bearound. Not only for the entertainment value, but also for companionship.Since that time we have owned parakeets, finches and cockatiels. And we have loved and reallyenjoyed all of our birds as pets as well as family companions. But I would have to say thatcockatiels are our favorite pet birds. This is because they are very lively and curious birds and arealways ready to explore and spend time with their people pets.This is because cockatiels in the wild are flock birds, which means they are very social creatures.They do everything with their flock; eat, play, raise young and sleep. So if you have a petcockatiel, you are his flock. So he will want to spend time with you every day outside of the cagesocializing with you and just hanging out with you. He will sing and warble to you and also whistletunes. He will cuddle up next to your neck and fall asleep. He will love being petted and caressedespecially on the top of the heard where he cant reach. He will duck his head to you, saying timeto pet me now.Since cockatiels are so active and curious, they do not like to be bored. So you will need toprovide them with plenty of toys in their cage to keep them occupied. Or many bird owners,provide their pet birds with a playground outside of the cage where they can spend time stayingbusy.Cockatiels are very intelligent birds and can easily be trained to whistle tunes and speak. Thisrequires you to take time to get the proper training to teach your cockatiel right.Cockatiels are also very loving birds, which is what is so endearing to us about our threecockatiels. They love to have their heads scratched and feathers petting and stroked. They willcome up to you and duck their heads to be petted. Cockatiels bond with their people and thismakes for a very lasting companionship throughout many years.As you can see, cockatiels do make super pets for you and for the whole family. This is why birdlovers are so crazy about their cockatiels and will do almost anything for them.Shari is a bird lover with over 25 years experience raising cockatiels, finches and parakeets.
  2. 2. ==== ====Cockatiels As Pets - Things You Might Not Know About ====