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A social product tool that helps to track, explore, influence and share the must-have items in your life!

We are all consumers. And we all make mistakes.
When many of us purchase and use the same product - doesn’t that make this product a source of common interest and a reason to share our emotions and experiences with each other? Well, not always - it depends on how really terrible the product is.

Or don’t you think so?

Ever wear a pair of really bad earphones that hurt your ears and made all music sound like braying goats? Ever bought toothpaste that has made you physically ill? Ever bought the wrong plug? Shampoo that gave you dandruff? Soap that gave you allergies? Ever buy something so bad, it just didn’t seem to work at all?

And what happens when its your money that you’re spending, whether it’s just everyday chump change or if it’s the kind of money you only plan on spending once or twice in your life? Does it matter to you how long your products last? How effective they are? Would you want to choose wisely and choose the best option available… or would you just leave it chance?

Maybe you know those people that never make a mistake, who live a whole ideal world where none of the following exist:

Hundreds of thousands of product clones = time lost trying to sort through them all
Misleading advertising = energy lost trying out the product
Questionable descriptions and unreliable reviews from strangers = product quality questioned
Product placement making you “blind” = Energy lost
Rising product prices = Money lost

So this problem doesn’t exist?
It clearly does. It’s painful and it’s frustrating and we’ve all experienced it. And it’s time for a change.

Even the Death Star (though it’s an undeniable must-have!) is not worth spending $850,000,000,000,000,000 on because of it’s critical failure: it can be exploited with one-man starship. So we need to teach you the Jedi’s Path of the Force to get on that ship: we’ll let you get the best products that will bring you maximum satisfaction!

Create & Describe items you have had when you got Musthaver, add new ones whenever you get them, use the power of sharing your opinion where it belongs, and exert influence over favourite items by sharing them further with you friends and people you might not even know!

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