Numara Presentation - Address the 800lb Gorilla in the Room: Software License Management


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SF HDI presentation at May, 2011 meeting

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Numara Presentation - Address the 800lb Gorilla in the Room: Software License Management

  1. 1. Address the 800 poundGorilla in the Room :Software License ManagementPresentation By:Jim SilveraSenior Solutions Architect
  2. 2. Objectives Managing Software Licenses: Why is it so important? Uncovering the consequences of poorly managed software licenses Reporting that makes sense to you and the auditor Handling a vendor audit the right way Unveiling the results of 2010 Numara Software & IAITAM Software License Management Benchmark Survey Finding a solution that works for you Q&A
  3. 3. Software License Management: Why is it so important? Underutilized Applications (shelfware) Having too much of a good thing can go to waste…. Overutilized Applications How much could you be saving by tracking software (piracy) usage and avoiding shelfware? Being non-compliant can cost you $$
  4. 4. Software License Management: Underutilization Investment decisions should be based on usage NOT politics Find out what you have and how often it is being used Have more then one way to look at your data to evaluate Standardize on versions across the organization Reduce the costs associated with administration and manual reporting “Enterprises that implement software usage capabilities will achieve savings of 5-25% in the first year.” Gartner
  5. 5. Software License Management: Rise in Vendor Audits Illegal use of software has many repercussions Costly fines as a result of SOX non-compliance Expensive fines as a result of Software Vendor audits Company reputation can be damaged Software in use could be outdated and therefore damage your data
  6. 6. Frequently Asked Questions About Software AuditsQUESTION ANSWERWhat gives them the right? Copyright Laws and your contract with the publisherDid we do something Not necessarily, although Compliance Agencies do offerwrong? compensation for reporting software piracyDoes a bad audit result Yes, a poor result shows that license compliance is most likelymake it more likely that we not in good shape in your organization and that other titleswill be audited again? may also be under-licensed.What is the difference Reviews – “we come in for free” and audits “You pay.” Eitherbetween an audit and a can be “voluntary,” although audits sometimes have “cause”review? identified in the letter received by the organization. Reviews are presented as offers to help organize and get the SAM program on track. The notification may state that you will have the ability to purchase from your contracted rate.What is the best piece of Prepare an Audit Response Team in advanceadvice you can give me foraudit survival, assuming weare working hard on SAMalready?
  7. 7. The Worst Audit Behavior Mistakes to Make Not responding to a letter or other unreasonable behavior Sharing EVERYTHING Removing software installations or purchasing more after an audit notification has been received Asking the auditor what constitutes proof of purchase Only managing software in preparation for contract renewal or in preparation for an audit. SAM is not one big True-up Allowing executives to think that license violation is inevitable OR that everything is ok
  8. 8. The Audit Preparation Check List Accurate Hardware Purchase Dates Inventory Reconciliation Report Accurate Software Certificates of Authenticity Inventory Master Media if Software Dictionary appropriate Data-scrubbed Inventory Contractual documents Proofs of Purchase License types Paid Invoices Restrictions Reseller Reports Versions Cancelled Checks Backup copies, other More? Ts&Cs8 8 ©2010 IAITAM
  9. 9. Build the Audit Response Team Process Legal Procurement/Contracts Documentation Technical Hardware Asset Manager Software Asset Manager
  10. 10. The Market Says…Survey Results
  11. 11. Solving the SLM Challenge: Automated InventoryEliminate manual tracking ofassetsManage your software licensesand avoid overspending onunderutilized licenses or costlyvendor fines
  12. 12. Solving the SLM Challenge: Audit Preparation Preparing for an audit starts with Discovery… Do you feel your IT Asset Records are Accurate and current? 52% 50% 51.7% 48% 48.3% 46% Yes No
  13. 13. Solving the SLM Challenge: Audit Preparation
  14. 14. Solving the SLM Challenge: Detailed Reporting
  15. 15. Solving the SLM Challenge: Audits are a Legal IssueDo you conduct internal practice audits at your organization? What SLM task is most important when justifying additional software investments? 49.1% 50.9% 12% Know what is being used or not used Understand # of 27% purchased licenses in agreement 61% Accurate depiction of cost of app
  16. 16. Solving the SLM Challenge Application BlacklistingBlocking Application Usage 24.3% 52.2% 47.8% 23.5% A program blocks the download There is no program to block downloads and no opportunity to institute that process Downloads are not currently blocked and doing so is of interest to me
  17. 17. Solving the SLM Challenge: Application Blacklisting
  18. 18. Solving the SLM Challenge: Retiring PCs Retiring Machines 6.2% 17.9% 43.0% 32.9% PCs to be disposed are wiped without examining the software installed on the machine Perform manual process to document disposed software update license counts Conduct a discovery run that locates and counts all licenses Disposal processes are not shared with the software management team
  19. 19. Summary/Conclusion Importance of SLM Passing an Audit What to Look for in a Tool Survey Results Revealed