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If you want to share your airbrush experience, do so by following the link in this document

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Submit airbrush articles

  1. 1. Submit Airbrush Articles – Guidelines and Policies forGuest Post articles/ January 3, 2013Hi there,If you end up here it means that you’d like to submit a guest post for potential publication.That’s great!To be successf ul in submission t here is f ew point s t o f ollow, please read caref ully:I don’t accept posts from random and not relevant companies looking to get links to a productor service. Sorry.I think that airbrushdoc audience has advanced knowledge. That means I can’t accept postson beginner info that’s been said million times already.Please don’t email me to ask to accept your guest posts, I will accept all good and useful poststhat deserve it. Thanks!St ill wit h me? Awesome.I’m sure you are a really nice person with something smart to say and have a good idea on whatto write. If it’s true, please read this page. It provides information that will help your post to getaccepted.Your Post Should be Well Writ t enMy audience relies on me to deliver only the best. (I hope that one day I may say that havingpost approved on my web is a stamp of prestige!)Here are some t ips t o help:Demonstrate good command of language, grammar, punctuation, clarity, style and tone. Runyour content through spell check, and try to catch all the typos. I will anyway reserve a privilegeto make additional changes to the article. I understand that there may be some not nativeEnglish speaker and if I really like the info provided your post might be edited for quality andclarity. Don’t be offended; it’s normal. You’ll have ample opportunity to approve our editsbefore publication.Edit your post well, and rewrite it a few times. It’s a good idea to set your post aside for a dayor two and come back to it with fresh eyes.Use an outline, and structure your post well. Sub-headers and bullet points or strong impactstatements help your content stay on track.Have a well-rounded wrap-up. A good conclusion is one of the most neglected areas of guestposts. Please end yours with a good bang that encourages conversation and commentary.Post Should Be RelevantOur blog covers topics on airbrushing, airbrush artists, airbrush tips and tricks, how-to(s),making stencils and other airbrush relevant topics. If you airbrush awesome or perhapssomething unusual and want to submit your gallery please add some biography (i.e. how youstarted airbrushing, when, what tools you use, some achievements or recommendations forbeginners… not just images).
  2. 2. Don’t ask to post on cosmetics products or anything else not relevant to airbrush. The answeris no.Post Should be Usef ulOur readers appreciate interesting, useful, practical, helpful information that brings themsignificant benefits. Be an expert and educate, teach and give strategies to help them toimprove their skills.Noticed a common problem you know how to solve? Are there tips, tricks and tactics that haveimproved your skills or business?Post Should Be UniqueI expect content on topics that is different, fresh, or that takes a new angle on old topics.Be creative. Present it in a new or different way that gets people paying attention. Be originaland unique. Go through this blog to find out what I haven’t covered yet – beat me to the punch.Challenge me – and challenge my readers with a fresh idea. Be interesting. Tell a story, use agreat metaphor, or write some thought-provoking material.Extra-Helpful BasicsYou can also add links to videos that may be embedded in the post but I will appreciate if thevideo will be yours. If you link to someone else, the video should be published with creativecommon license (YouTube videos with Standard YouTube License will not be accepted)About Aut hor Box. Please include an author bio with your guest post, and make it fun andinteresting. (You can include a link to your site, because if you’ve read this far, we’re pretty sureyou’re not some random shady company. It is smart to include a link or two to a relevant poston our blog within your post (I reserve the rights to do that myself in some cases). You mayalso link out to other relevant posts on the Internet if you’d like. Don’t forget to mention youremail if you want me to let you know about post acceptance and also tell me if you want thatemail mentioned in about aut hor box. I’ll be happy if you provide some avatar to include in thesame box.Af f iliat e links are not permit t ed. Any post with affiliate link (link that makes you money) willnot be accepted or the link will be deleted.We may take care of finding a nice photo to match to your post if you don’t send one in.Please credit all sources, assets and use common sense.Your post must be original work that hasn’t been offered or published elsewhere.A guest post is a gift that you give away in exchange to gain a backlink or exposure. You mayrepublish extracts – for example, on your own site, but the article in its entirety should notappear elsewhere.Don’t worry, I’ll credit you as aut hor.