Internet Marketing with QR Code


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Various ways of using QR Codes for Internet Marketing.

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Internet Marketing with QR Code

  1. 1. Internet Marketing with QR CodesConnecting the gap between the real and digital world
  2. 2. What are QR Codes? QR Code = Quick Response Code 1D Barcode 2D BarcodeYou can find QR Codes at back of your mobile phones anddevices. But, many news paper, magazines, and billboards arealso using QR Code to engage people from print media todigital media using their mobile phones.
  3. 3. How Does QR Codes Work? Scan the code from print media The QR Code Open QR Code scanner app scanner app on your generates action mobile phonebased on the data on the code Allow phone to perform action by QR Code
  4. 4. QR Code Usage Demo
  5. 5. What Can You do with QR Code? SMS Template Download ContactGenerate Text Call a Number Information (Send “Hi!” to(Asif Anwar) (+8801712181761) +8801712181761) (Asif Anwar, etc.)
  6. 6. What Can You do with QR Code? Interact on any landing page with Like a Page Direct to a URL Coupon Codes Call to Action Follow Twitter Online Commercial YouTube Channel( (e.g. Bookmark Subscribe Email List Us, Order Now)
  7. 7. What Can You do with QR Code?• Download Link: Send to Download URL• Event Marketing: Download ICS event file• Instant Email: Mailto: tags to send email immediately• Map Direction: Specific location using Google Maps• Quiz Answers: Generate Answers in Text• App Actions: Mobile Actions through Hosted Apps• Skype Call: Make Calls Using Specific URL to Apps• WiFi Connection: SSID and Password
  8. 8. Getting Prepared for Marketing• Make sure you have valid contact mechanisms• Make sure your QR code is not too complex• Coupon codes properly working• Make sure the URL is properly working• Use Google URL Builder (trackable in Google Analytics)• Canonical Link Relationship to fight duplicate contents• Use easy to memorize short URL from Bitly• Customize Using Google Chat API• Test your QR Code
  9. 9. Some Marketing StrategiesPrint Media to Business• Business Cards (Download VCF file on mobile)• Yellow Pages (Help get connected to business from print)• Billboard (Direct billboard audience to URL or Advert)• Newspaper/Magazine Ads (Online engagement from print)• Newspaper/Magazine Articles (Encourage Online Comments)• T-Shirts and Promotional Souvenirs (Make souvenirs useful)• Product to Site (Engage with site from product tags)
  10. 10. Some Marketing StrategiesCross Device Audience TransferHelp Audience to transfercontent from other media tomobile phone.e.g. Send to mobile site forrecipes, since people can onlycarry smaller devices whilecooking.
  11. 11. Some Marketing StrategiesBookmark or Call to ActionHelp Audience to engageand respond to call to action• Bookmark this product to shop later• Bookmark this shelf to shop later• Read more about this product• See commercial and features• See other products not in stock• See the available sizes & colors• Save contacts for this products• Find dealers for this product• Call Support, etc.
  12. 12. Some Marketing StrategiesPlace or Large Physical Product to SiteHelp Audience to engage withsite from physical products orplaces.• Property to Site• Tourist Place to Travel Site• Shop to Site• Window Shopping to Online Shopping
  13. 13. Some Marketing StrategiesSocial Media StrategiesHelp Audience to engage with socialmedia from location.Send Facebook Like Traffic to About Us
  14. 14. Some Marketing StrategiesWord of Mouth StrategyHelp Audience to spread to love.Use QR Codes on:• Product Labels,• Tags,• Packages.To send Influenced Buyer to Shop
  15. 15. Some Marketing StrategiesEncourage Online EngagementsHelp Audience to engage in moreonline actions from mobile phones.Direct them to comment section of the article forcomments or feedback about your products. Orencourage product surveys. Comment Here
  16. 16. Some Marketing StrategiesBillboard to SiteEngage in more online actionsSend to specific URLHelp people to call instantlyDownload business cardsEmail your businessDirection for your business locationSend an event invitationText message templateCoupon codeSMS templateGain access to your sponsored WiFi
  17. 17. More Resources• This Presentation:• Market Size of QR Codes:• QR Marketing Strategies:• QR with Google Chart API:• Billboard ROI w/ QR: - By Asif Anwar• QR Marketing Tips: marketing-tips/• QR Code for Business: market-your-business.html
  18. 18. ThanksFor your valuable time and attention! Scan to Subscribe me on Facebook