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Standard Bundle/Promotion Redemption Steps


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The standard redemption instructions for MSI end-users. Each bundle/promotion has its terms and condition. Please carefully refer the terms & conditions on the promotion landing page.

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Standard Bundle/Promotion Redemption Steps

  1. 1. Standard Bundle/Promotion Redemption Steps
  2. 2. MSI Easy Bundle/Promotion Redeem Instruction Create/Log in MSI Account Register your product Choose promotion/bundle and redeem the item
  3. 3. 1. Log-in/register MSI register center 2. Click “Start to Redeem” button 2
  4. 4. Click “I want to register a new product”
  5. 5. Select the product you want to redeem promotion/bundle item.
  6. 6. Download Register Helper, if you want to… 1) Register the component which is already installed in the PC you are using now 2) Register desktop you are using now Otherwise, you can choose manually register product. You need to have the product itself on hand, in order to check serial number on the product. AB A B
  7. 7. Once click Download Register Helper 1) It will automatically download Register Helper. 2) Launch the app & keep Register Center page open, the Helper will catch your member email & product information. For who choose manually register product, please follow the clear instructions on the page. 2
  8. 8. Click submit button, and the result window will pop up.
  9. 9. If the product register success, you will see “The product registered done”.
  10. 10. 1 2 1. Go back to Register Center and click “MY PRODUCT” 2. Click the product your just registered, and click “Relative promotion”
  11. 11. You will see eligible promotion to the product. Select the promotion/bundle you want to redeem.
  12. 12. Use the register product to redeem your bundled item, and provide invoice or other information.
  13. 13. Please upload the genuine invoice. Normally the request will be manually verified by within 10 working days.