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Digital innovations and scaling


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Presentation by Martin Bratschi (Vital Strategies) at the international conference on innovations in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems - Ottawa on 27-28 February 2018. See more at

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Digital innovations and scaling

  1. 1. Panel Session 9: Digital Innovations and Scaling Moderator: Martin Bratschi, PhD
  2. 2. Key considerations for Digital Innovations and Scaling: Digitization: Not Optional • ICT is a must for contemporary CRVS systems • Possible risks (e.g. data security) must be mitigated
  3. 3. Key considerations for Digital Innovations and Scaling: Digitization: Use Scalable and Sustainable Solutions • Should not lead to barriers to access • Should be fit-for-purpose (e.g. role for paper)
  4. 4. Key considerations for Digital Innovations and Scaling: Digitization: an Occasion for Overall System Improvement • Should not just digitize existing system with any or all of its flaws • Need to involve all stakeholders • Should be combined with other system improvement tools – legal review, business process analysis, international best practice – “[Digitized] CRVS processes are re-defined processes that respond directly to the weaknesses identified in the [current processes]. The [digitized] processes should simplify and streamline existing processes i.e. [….] improving service provision to citizens.” (Digitization Guide Book)
  5. 5. Questions • How do you manage various levels of innovation and digitization (e.g. acceptance by the communities and policy makers)? • What lessons have you learned regarding the scaling and sustaining of digital innovations? • Have digitization activities led to system improvements beyond the digital solutions themselves?
  6. 6. Panelists: • Murodillo Latifov (Tajikistan) • Jane Thomason (Abt, Austarlia) • Claudine Henry-Anguna (Ministry of Justice, Cook Islands) • Dakota Gruener (ID2020, USA)