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Bitworks Software Corporate Presentation


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Bitworks is a developer of scalable software solutions with high availability. We can deliver the most value to customers who need to create a product that works in a sophisticated application domain, with high project failure risks.

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Bitworks Software Corporate Presentation

  2. 2. ABOUT B itworks is a developer of scalable high availability software solutions. We deliver the greatest value to the customers who aim to create a product that works in a sophisticated knowledge domain and is fraught with high project failure risks due to underestimated project complexity or inadequate expertise of the performing party. To achieve best results and maintain high quality in the projects we always carefully elaborate the project architecture, comparing it to similar approaches using a viable PoC, implement best industry practices and standards, and invest in growth of our IT professionals team. Big data analysis, data mining and machine learning Sophisticated software solutions for businesses worldwide High- performance, scalable, high-load, distributed architecture server components US / 0 2
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY We use these technologies in the development on day to day basis: FRAMEWORKS ZeroMQ Akka Apache Mesos Apache Spark Apache Hadoop Play Framework Angular 2 Twitter Bootstrap Tornado LANGUAGES JavaScript Java Scala Python DATA MANAGEMENT Apache Kafka RabbitMQ Apache Cassandra Apache Zookeeper Aerospike Redis Memcached ElasticSearch PostgreSQL MongoDB MySQL GENERAL Domain-driven design Test driven development Continuous Integration Git-flow Scrum INTEGRATION Jenkins Ansible Docker Puppet Maven SBT Mantl INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION & DISTRIBUTED TEAMS PROJECT MANAGEMENT To manage our projects we rely on PMI approach on early project phases and use Scrum on daily basis. We practice “tight” project team management which helps meet the schedule and control risks. Every team has a responsible PM who protects customer investments and helps the team to meet the expectations and deliverables. PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS WE USE: • Redmine • JIRA • Confluence SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Basically, our development process is TDD approach. To provide proven quality we cover all the code (backend, frontend) with unit testing, integration and regression testing. Our engineers transform use cases to test plans and test cases. We practice the git- flow process, which is suitable for moderate and large products. We widely use peer code reviews and integration code reviews. / 0 3 SQLite Oracle Orient DB RocksDB HBase Apache Hadoop Spark Spark Streaming W e have 11 years of successful experience in development of sophisticated business software for clients worldwide. International collaboration efforts span even further towards distributed teams which work together to produce the value. When possible we practice "follow-the-sun" workflow which enables to maximize work efficiency if team members are located in different time zones. A B O U T U S
  4. 4. MANAGERS PROJECT SLAVA PODBEREZHNIY ELENA ERSHOVA KRISTINA SHERINA MAXIM KHOMICH MARINA MINAEVA • 5 high skilled Project Managers with skills required in each stage of long-term, complex projects • PMBOK and Scrum trained • Fluent verbal and written English • Skilled in requirements, change and risk management • Have wide experience in use cases development / 0 4
  5. 5. ADVERTISING TECHNOLOGIES We’ve implemented guaranteed AdServers and RTB AdServers including mediation services, sophisticated targeting, campaign analysis prediction and fraud detection protection. One of our clients has a cluster which serves more than 1 Billion advertisements per day. We develop platforms that enable to professionally analyze and forecast advertising budgets and manage inventory in real time. FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGIES We have unique market experience with NASDAQ’s X-Stream trading platform, including NASDAQ’s UAT process (from the contract to the acceptance), general purpose ITCH, OUCH, AMP, FIX protocols and NASDAQ’s trading systems knowledge domain. We know how to solve business analytics, scoring and monitoring problems both for emerging and new markets, and for large financial and insurance companies. TELECOMMUNICATIONS & AUTOMATION As a datacenter owner serving commercial clients, we deeply understand all networking layers from physical to application and have extensive experience with cloud systems design, automation, hardware appliances (Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Brocade), modern SDS and SDNs like Ceph, HDFS, Open vSwitch, etc. We widely use OpenStack, CloudStack and AWS in our practice. We’ve developed ultimate automation and management command center for water-cooled cluster of 1424 Xeon E5v3-CPU (900+ TFLOPS) with extra GP GPU and Xeon Phi nodes. INDUSTRIES KEY UNIQUE MARKET EXPERIENCE 1 BILLION ADVERTISEMENTS PER DAY / 0 5
  6. 6. HEALTHCARE & PHARMACEUTICAL Healthcare industry is experiencing huge technological impact that changes both its present and future. On the one hand it is machine learning models and big data ETL which allows to analyze medical records and medical tests to predict future diseases or discover hidden problems. On the other hand it is IoT and wearable gadgets which provide doctors and medical staff with the complete set of monitoring data. We’ve developed secure analytical systems for medical records acquisition, analysis and consolidation which include big data approaches and ML algorithms. LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTATION We develop systems supporting passenger and cargo transportation, software and hardware systems supervising use and wear of transport based on machine learning and big data, vehicle reservation and routing systems. RETAIL Our clients collaborate with us to create platforms for sales and trade inventories management, sales forecasting, shop shelf replenishment, intelligent price and goods display management. We also have experience in development of recommendation engines and loyalty systems based on machine learning. K E Y I N D U S T R I E S FROM BIG DATA TO VALUABLE INFORMATION & INTELLIGENT DECISIONS / 0 6
  7. 7. CUSTOMERS KEY WE love doing projects that are challenging, present non- trivial problems and room for improvement. We have vast experience in the development and support of long-term projects: as of today, human resource investments in our largest project are over 250 man-years (which translates into an actual life cycle of more than 9 years). Industry: Advertising Description: Mojiva addressed Bitworks with the task to create mOcean, which is a guaranteed advertising serving white label solution for large customers and agencies Purpose: Guaranteed Ad Server, Frontend RIA, Backend, Big Data Analytics, QA, DevOps, Technical documentation Languages: Java, JavaScript/Node, PHP5, Python Frameworks & Systems: Spring, Bootstrap, Backbone, jQuery, Apache, Spark, Apache Cassandra, Redis, Memcache, Apache Zookeeper, Consul, PostgreSQL, Docker MOJIVA, INC./ PUBMATIC, INC. USA, INTERNATIONAL Industry: Advertising Description: Pubmatic collaborates with Bitworks to develop Unified Ad Server, which combines Real Time Bidding with Guaranteed Deals. Scope: Universal guaranteed & RTB Ad Server, Frontend RIA, Backend, Analytics, QA Languages: Java, JavaScript/Node Frameworks & Systems: Spring, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Apache Spark, Apache, HADOOP, Apache Cassandra, Redis, Apache Zookeeper, Consul, PostgreSQL, Docker PUBMATIC, INC. USA, INTERNATIONAL / 0 7
  8. 8. K E Y C U S T O M E R S Industry: Supercomputing Description: Sophisticated cluster management system which automates all areas of ITSM and provides great monitoring facilities. Allows to manage HPC and VDI environments simultaneously. Scope: Node agents, Backend services, Frontend RIA, Hierarchical Database, Automation, 3rd party instruments integration, QA, DevOps, Technical documentation Languages: Python, JavaScript/Node Frameworks & Systems: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Apache Zookeeper, Tornado, ZeroMQ, Redis, PostgreSQL, Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Puppet, XCAT, OpenStack, Zabbix, ELK Stack, Ceph, JASIG CAS SSO, LDAP RSC GROUP RUSSIA, INTERNATIONAL Industry: Data Science, Retail Description: Sentrana’s task for Bitworks is development of automatic machine learning platform that allows non-data scientist to perform data analytics and machine learning Scope: Backend services, Frontend RIA, Scalability, 3rd party instruments integration, Big data analysis, Machine learning Languages: R, Scala, TypeScript Frameworks & Systems: Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Play, Angular 2, Bootstrap, Docker, Consul, AWS, PostgreSQL, MySQL SENTRANA, INC. USA Industry: Data Science, Medicine & Pharmaceuticals Description: As a cancer related software tech start-up dealing with huge amounts of medical data, Driver asked Bitworks to create PDF records processing instrument that will enable easy extraction and further refinement of patients clinical data, and would accelerate overall process of finding suitable potential treatment Scope: Backend services, Frontend RIA, 3rd party instruments integration, Machine learning Languages: Scala, TypeScript Frameworks & Systems: Play, Angular 2, Bootstrap, Docker, AWS, MySQL DRIVER, INC. USA, INTERNATIONALIndustry: Advertising, Trading, Financial Technologies Description: Customized trade exchange for advertising industry Scope: Backend services, Frontend RIA, Automation, 3rd party instruments integration, QA, DevOps, Technical documentation Languages: Java, TypeScript Frameworks & Systems: NASDAQ X-S­tream, Angular, Boot­strap, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ NYIAX USA / 0 8
  9. 9. WE absolutely believe in Open Source and love open source products. In most cases we build solutions using open source components and avoid closed source licenses where possible. During the last decade the open source model proved its maturity and security, and today it is used in variety of business critical areas without any drawbacks. Modern software licenses like Apache 2, GPL, BSD-like, etc. grant companies required level of freedom without additional royalty providing great quality. We found that open source software often outperforms proprietary alternatives and is more secure than closed source software because of its nature – anyone can contribute, extend and fix problems. We believe that the usage of open source software allows us to provide outstanding results to our customers. OPEN SOURCEENTHUSIASTS OUR OPEN SOURCE INITIATIVES We run our own open source products, which are released under Apache v2 license and freely available at GitHub under our realm ( There are several unique products: T-streams: A distributed transaction transport embedded library SJ-platform: A sophisticated integrated environment aimed for scalable, sophisticated event processing in real time Cloudstack-UI: An alternative UI to Cloudstack cloud management platform which targeted to provide great UX to regular users rather than admins Moebius: A python-based implementation of ZeroMQ/ JSON server WE ARE BUILDING OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS THAT BENEFIT OUR CLIENTS IN THEIR PROJECTS / 0 9
  10. 10. WE value our human resources as one of the greatest success factors and believe in long term partnership with every present and former team member. To maintain high quality of our resources we invest in corporate education, training and development on all the stages of our employees’ careers. TALENT DISCOVERY PROCESS In 2015 we started in-house educational programs for backend, frontend and big data engineers. We look for young talent with strong basic skills in software development, QA and other fields. On the first step, they are organized into teams with dedicated teams, PM, architect and product owner to develop complex educational projects according to all standards and processes we have. During the process we estimate their performance and potential, corporate culture, adaptation and generic soft skills to determine whether they fit in our company. The educational program takes 4 months to complete. So far we already completed 4 of them and 2 are in progress right now. Previous ones gave us several talented junior developers that already associate mature teams. CORPORATE EDUCATION We have educational programs for developers and QA engineers that help our employees to develop professionally. Engineering positions are adjusted to educational plan that helps to define the career direction in the company. CAPITAL HUMAN EVERY TEAM MEMBER IN BITWORKS IS INVOLVED IN CONTINUOUS SKILL IMPROVEMENT PROCESS SINCE 2015 IN-HOUSE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS FOR BACKEND, FRONTEND AND BIG DATA ENGINEERS / 1 0
  11. 11. LONG TERMIN-COMPANY OCCUPATION RESOURCE QUALITY IN PAST PERIOD OF 2015-2017 WE HAD JUST 4 EMPLOYEES LEAVE THE COMPANY WHILE WE HAVE ABOUT 60 EMPLOYEES WE DO OUR BEST TO MAKE EACH MEMBER OF OUR TEAM HAPPY 1. Reasonably high salaries 2. Social and relocation lifts 3. Career programs with transparent milestones As a result we have very low level of dismissions with intention to change the company to another one. Some of professional engineers have been with us for ten years now. 2 ex-employees are in Google right now in NY and Seattle 1 ex-employee is former CTO of PubMatic and right now is co-founder of a fintech startup outfit in NY 1 ex-employee is senior developer in PlaceIQ at NY Several ex-employees are senior QA engineers & developers in F5 networks around the world 1 ex-employee is in Acronis in Moscow All persons above worked in our company for at least 5 years before leave and participated in our best projects. We are still in touch and share our experience and knowledge. / 1 1