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Students outcome


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Students outcome

  1. 1. Students’ dialogues A. A Bad mark Teacher (John) - Student (Panos) Panos: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! John: Hey, relax! Take 10 deep breaths and tell me what happened, Panos. Panos: I didn’t write well in a test! I can’t stand getting bad marks! John: In which subject? Panos: Geography John: How bad? Panos: C- John: I agree with you! I would feel like you, too! Don’t worry! Next time you write better. You had better study more Panos: Thank you! I hope to do better next time. John: But if you write bad again or even worse… you shouldn’t feel so angry. It isn’t good for you. Panos: Yes, you are right. I will try to study more. John: Panos, go home and forget about it, ok? It is not worth worrying about a mark. Panos: Yes, sir!
  2. 2. B. A lie Mum (Filio) – Daughter (Christina) Filio: Where were you yesterday, Christina? Christina: I was in the city centre with my friends… Filio: Oh, really? I heard that you went to the concert and not to the centre as you told me. Christina: Yeah, but nothing bad happened… Filio: What? Of course, something bad happened. You lied to me! Christina: Mum… listen… I met my friends in the centre but some girls suggested going to the concert. I am sorry not calling you. Filio: Look, if this happens again, I will not let you go out for 4 weeks! Christina: I promise to call you next time, mum! Filio: But you are not allowed to go out this evening! Christina: But mum…!!! Filio: No! You had better stay in and do your homework!