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What You Should Stop, Start & Continue With Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment


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What You Should Stop, Start & Continue With Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment

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What You Should Stop, Start & Continue With Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment

  1. 1. 1WE BECOME YOU™
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  6. 6. Balazs Paroczay, Global Sourcing VP 22. Jan 2019
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  13. 13. 13WE BECOME YOU™ Regional Revitalization and Gender Equality Minister Satsuki Katayama is the only woman in Japan's new cabinet
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  17. 17. 17WE BECOME YOU™ /diversity-at-intel.html
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  26. 26. 26WE BECOME YOU™ 1. Convert all job descriptions to using gender-neutral language. 2. State your commitment to building a diverse and inclusive culture in your job descriptions and careers page. 3. Write results-based job descriptions. 4. Diversify your pipeline by actively sourcing candidates. 5. Conduct blind screenings to minimize unconscious biases in the resume review process. 6. Ban “culture fit” as a reason for rejecting a candidate. 7. Explicitly request a diverse range of referrals. 8. Invest in a structured interviewing process and training. 9. Ensure that underrepresented employees are included in your interviews. 10. Introduce diversity and inclusion early on in the employee’s cycle. 11. Use Alex to catch gendered language in team communications. 12. Start a “guys jar.” 13. Have every employee take a working styles test to help coworkers understand each other’s work and communication styles. 14. Create a channel for D&I in your company’s communication tool. 15. Celebrate holidays and events for underrepresented minorities like Black History Month or Gay Pride Week. 16. Start a dish duty rotation. 17. Related, give visible recognition when employees do go above and beyond to pick up extra duties. 18. Start an employee resource group. 19. Allow flexible work hours. 20. Order a set of knowledge cards. 21. Run an unconscious bias training. 22. Have coworkers take an Implicit Association Test to help them realize their own biases. 23. Check the temperature of your office. 24. Check what reading materials you have in your lobby. 25. Print inclusive bathroom signs. 26. Hang a poster describing how every employee can contribute to an inclusive workplace. 27. Establish a mother’s room where nursing women have a private space for pumping breast milk. 28. Schedule team bonding activities during the day. 29. Order swag in women’s sizes or from a non-gender binary shirt company. and-inclusion-in-the-workplace
  27. 27. 27WE BECOME YOU™
  28. 28. 28WE BECOME YOU™
  29. 29. 29WE BECOME YOU™ 1. Women apply if the match is close to 100% while men are good with 60% 2. TalVista, Textio 3. Gender ad-check 4. Unconscious bias-like words (e.g. 7 yrs of exp) 5.
  30. 30. 30WE BECOME YOU™
  31. 31. 31WE BECOME YOU™
  32. 32. 32WE BECOME YOU™ - Leading discussions around diversity, internally and externally - Running solid educational programs about D&I - Introducing ‘blind audition’ if needed - Recruiting diverse candidates when your stakeholders are not yet ready - Pretending all’s good for change if we are still driven by unconscious bias - Rejecting candidates because of cultural fit - Building ERGs only to increase separation - Promoting only diverse employees on your website and in your company communication - Using inclusive language - Creating an inclusive work environment - Supporting minority events - with words, presence and also budget - The fight for total acceptance and maximum promotion of every human difference - Getting satisfied with diversity results - Measuring and validating how complete life your employees have at work
  33. 33. 33WE BECOME YOU™
  34. 34. 34WE BECOME YOU™
  36. 36. Help the world hire with conviction and unify the people, data, and decisions that align talent to meaningful work.
  37. 37. How Lever supports diversity and inclusion
  38. 38. #sourcingwins 20 Languages spoken 51% of Leveroos identify as female 46% of Leveroos identify as non-white Lever Lives Diversity and Inclusion