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How to Invest in Gold - New Report


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Insiders Gold Buying Guide features regular reports, helpful articles, and down to earth video content for new and veteran investors alike.

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How to Invest in Gold - New Report

  1. 1. The Insiders Gold Buying Guide Report: Gold Poised for New Highs & Is Gold On The Rise? Copyright © 2011 Insiders Gold Buying Guide All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work, in whole or in part, in any form.
  2. 2. Investing Legal DisclaimerWe are very passionate about investing and this is the primary reason for creating this document.Please take into account that the material on this document is produced out of a personal hobby. Noinformation on this document should be considered professional financial or investing advice.I am not an investing expert and I am not giving advice on this document. This is a personal documentand notes to myself. None of my experience of qualifications mean anything and should not influenceyour investing decisions. This is my personal document and should not be taken as advice orrecommendations ever. I make no claims for anything, no matter how any information on thisdocument may be worded. The information on and produced in this document is for reading pleasureand entertainment.I am not responsible for what you do with information on or produced by this document.If you choose to invest or make money, please talk with a trusted, experienced professional.Understand the risks of any decision you make financially. Be smart and make well informed decisions.And again note, this document is just for fun and was created primarily as a hobby. All informationwhether blog content, videos, comments, posts, emails, pages, ebooks, etc... should not be consideredfinancial or investing advice at any time.Thank you for taking the time to read this disclaimer and please email me if you have any questions orconcerns. Copyright © 2011 Insiders Gold Buying Guide All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work, in whole or in part, in any form.
  3. 3. Gold Poised for New Highs & Is Gold On The Rise? about its future, gold is being increasinglyThe continued bull run of gold stocks has viewed as an alternate currency by many globalgiven rise to a number of theories about when investors.and what levels the bull run will end. Goldstocks have persistently bettered their own The net result is that gold is increasingly beingprevious highs and set new records each time viewed as a critical part of almost every goodgold stock investors and analysts forecast an investment portfolio. A prized commodity thatend to this bull run. Different analysts have until now attracted only a small number ofcome up with different theories, most of which investors, relatively speaking,israpidly turningsupport the belief that the best in the current into a potential asset that a majority of peoplegold stock market has yet to come. wish to own. In the very short term, gold stocks prices may continue to fluctuate due toHowever, there is one unique theory that has speculative activity, but in a reasonable periodreceived the least amount of attention, but of time, the prices are likely to shoot upwhich may actually hold the key to forecasting substantially, if the public perception continuesthe future course of gold stock prices. This to advance so rapidly in favor of gold.theory strongly subscribes to the belief that goldstocks are gearing up to shatter the previous Imagine a situation where the demand for goldhighs. The theory in itself is not a new one, but exceeds the supply to the extent where you findthe premise on which it is based certainly it difficult to actually lay your hands uponprovides a fresh and compelling perspective on physical gold metal. A large number of bullionwhy gold stocks are poised to hit new highs. traders have been indicating that gold may be nearing a market position where the supplyAt the very outset, the theory is based on the crunch for physical gold begins. Gold analystspremise that the people’s attitude towards gold are increasingly voicing their opinions that theas an investment opportunity is undergoing a gold bullion market will ultimately becomekey shift. A large number of investors who had dictated by a serious shortage of supply innever considered gold as a serious part of their physical gold. The mass demand for gold mayinvestment portfolios, and had traditionally outdo the demand for all other preciouswritten off gold as a relic of the past are commodities, going by the continually risingexperiencing a change of heart about gold. confidence in gold as a store of value aroundMany investors who would not even thought the world.about investing in gold a decade ago, are todaylooking at gold as their most favored Another interesting analysis about the futureinvestment option in their portfolio. prices of gold stocks emerges when we compare the growth rates of the globalPeople who began purchasing gold in recent population with the aggregate gold supplyyears, have continued to make money and worldwide. The gold supply refers to the freshreinvest in gold even at twice or three timesthe output from gold mines around the world, whileprice at which they began buying initially. not counting the existing gold holdings in theInvestors who treated gold strictly as a trading world. The statistics reveal that the total worldcommodity and would sell it off at the slightest population has grown approximately 15 percentdecline in prices are today keen to hold gold as over the last 12 years, while the fresh supply ofa store of value. With the persistent pressure on gold from various sources has declined by morethe U.S. dollar and the looming uncertainty Copyright © 2011 Insiders Gold Buying Guide All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work, in whole or in part, in any form.
  4. 4. than four percent. This is an indicator that the institutional investors and pension funds aresupply-demand gap in gold is bound to increase drastically underweight on gold stocks. Afurther in the coming years. pension fund on average holds about 0.15 percent of its total holdings in the form of goldWhile the fresh supplies of gold are on a stocks. Add to this the potential demand fordecline, fresh demand for gold continues to gold stocks that may be expected fromgrow unabated. In November, 2011, for sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, mutualinstance, China made an import of 3.3 million funds, insurance companies, private equityounces of gold. Consider this fact in the light funds, ETFs, and above all, the average retailthat total global gold production outside China stock only 6.4 million ounces a month. The leadingcentral banks in various countries around the Once gold stocks begin to show moreworld have also been consistently increasing encouraging signs of a bull market, it could leadtheir gold reserves. The total gold bullion to a dramatic situation as far as the growth inreserves at some of top central banks in the gold stock prices is concerned. Smart investorsworld are currently at a six-year high. around the world are already looking at this bullish future for gold stocks and buildingPart of this is happening because of the political positions quietly but consistently in thisand bureaucratic mismanagement in Europe and direction. The million dollar question is: areAmerica. Both these entities have over spent you prepared to take advantage of thisand their continued manipulation of their developing gold stock scenario?markets, or attempt thereof, seems to be makingthings worse. The main component to this isdue to fiscal recklessness and indebtedness.This is pushing the rest of the world, many Are You Ready toshrewd investors, to invest in gold and not in Invest in Gold andthe dollar or the euro. Other Precious Metals?If all the indicators are pointing towards an isincreasing demand for physical gold, but the filled with loads of great information for newsupply not being able to keep pace with it, the and verteran investors.question arises what could be the next best Featured Video:option available to a gold investor? The answer Review of a good precious metals companyis gold stocks. For any astute stock market (click here to watch it)investor, the cardinal rule is that when thedemand exceeds supply, the stock price isbound to rise. Mining equities are bound to be More Free Reports To Your Email Inbox:the next most favored investment option once Dont forget to sign up for our newsletter ifthe physical gold supply diminishes further in you havent already. Receive free reports bycomparison to the growing demand. email.On a minor scale, this phenomenon of a major Click here to join for free and access therise in gold stock prices has already begun to members areatake shape. On the other hand, a majority of Copyright © 2011 Insiders Gold Buying Guide All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work, in whole or in part, in any form.