Hillel Cooperman of Jackson Fish Market - Be Yourself at SIC2013


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Be Yourself

The trouble with studying success to become successful.

Published in: Design, Business
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  • This whole experience is designed around the notion of copying success. It works great for code. Not software per se, but for code!
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  • A b testing doesn’t work in the real world. We kid ourselves that we can test our way to success. But we can’t. the variables in our control our miniscule.
  • If we have no idea… what the fuck SHOULD we do???
  • Should you just roll the dice???
  • Be yourself. Because everyone else is taken.
  • And fail
  • Again and again
  • And again and again and again
  • And it hurts. I get that. But faollure is learning things. Tresting yourself. They say that success has a thousand parents and failure is an orphan. But I love being the parent of failure. My own. Because it’s the only way I learn.
  • We learn from mistakes and failures.
  • So should I cross my fingers?
  • What about luck?
  • You may need luck, but that doesn’t mean success is random
  • Every time you try and fail you’re giving yourself another chance to succeed. You can be in more than one place by trying over and oer again.
  • Find out what to do form people who’ve succeededTalk to people who’ve succeeded and find out what the did. But…Listen to your OWN experiences – your own anecdotalCollect what to do and what not to do.You will see what works and what doesn’t.EMBRACE reality
  • More importantly talk to people who’ve failed and find out what not to do.
  • Listen to your customers.
  • You gotta do something you care about because the work is hard. and most of the time, maybe even almost all of the time, the only thin motivating you to keep going is your own love of what you’re doing.
  • No bets are made if you’re not doing the work.
  • And I get that some bets require money.
  • Innovating is finding a way to place more bets givenThe resources you have. More bets. Cheaper bets. BeingOpen to the unexpected bet working.
  • One step at a time. I don’t know how long the path is to get to the other side. But I know that you gotta keep going forward.And this is why you must be yourself because every step is a failure. And frankly it can be kind of a bummer
  • Be yourself. And this is why you must be yourself.
  • Hillel Cooperman of Jackson Fish Market - Be Yourself at SIC2013

    1. 1. Nobody interested in app these two guys made in their living room.
    2. 2. This guy got dumped by his girlfriend after his website failed to attract any visitors.
    3. 3. Thank you.
    4. 4. Thank you. @hillel hillel@jacksonfish.com