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Future of Content | Seattle Interactive 2019


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Grant Munro (Speaker) Senior Vice President, Shutterstock Custom, Shutterstock

With increased digital media consumption, comes increased expectations. Brands are challenged on a daily basis to share engaging visual media across all social channels. In this imagery-driven environment, we have seen video come out on top as the most valued type of content. While video is expected to continue to grow, another major consideration is the increased importance of personalization. Personalization requires brands to look at content differently. How do you scale the required content while meeting the personalization needs that brands are looking for? This talk will discuss strategies that brands are using to localize and personalize content as it becomes an increasingly crucial element of consumer engagement and loyalty.

Published in: Design
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Future of Content | Seattle Interactive 2019

  1. 1. Scaling Branded Content Grant Munro (founder of FlashStock- acquired by Shutterstock) SVP , Custom Content @ Shutterstock @gmunro123
  2. 2. Incredible content. One platform. Endless possibilities.
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Trends 2. How to scale 3. Q&A
  4. 4. 3:43 Average daily time spent on mobile by American internet users $129.3B Projected 2019 digital ad spend in the U.S. 150+ Average times a day smartphone users check their phone, worldwide Mobile phone addiction Source: eMarketer
  5. 5. Individuality at scale: homogeny no longer rules
  6. 6. Facebook + Google Duopoly 60%Combined share of digital ad revenues 1in5Digital ad dollars spent on Facebook
  7. 7. Lack of first party data shifts focus to reach and engagement 252 456 456 684 720 732 792 972 972 1764 2064 American Apparel M&S Starbucks Veuve Clicquot Welst Elm TOMS Red Bull Victoria's Secret BMW Maybeline NY Mercedes-Benz *Yearly number calculated using data from last 30 days Source: iconosquare Instagram posting frequency per year
  8. 8. Explosion of mobile Digital Duopoly Trends summary Individuality at Scale
  9. 9. Industry trends putting pressure on Advertising Now, 4 pieces has turned into 4000; 8 months has changed to 8 days; and budgets have not gone up.” - Brad Jakeman, President “ Providing and maximizing ROI Working vs non-working Squeeze on cost (procurement) Capability in-sourcing Trust in agency transparency Direct to creator Centralization of production
  10. 10. Custom Full production Maximum control Large production team Ready-to-use stock Quality and quantity Immediate turnaround Premium stock High-end look Lifestyle focus Stock Med/High Production High level of control Frequent distribution Production sits at the collision point of strategy and execution
  11. 11. Emarketer Sept 2017 Leading Challenges with Content Production According to US Marketers, Sep 2017 (% of respondents) 1.10% 1.80% 3.30% 11.10% 12.90% 20.70% 23.30% 25.80%Creating content Scaling content Consistency Writing Creating visual assets Repurposing content Generating ideas Editing “But it’s hard to create content and we need a lot of it” Emarketer Sept 2017 Change in Amount of Content Created in the Past 5 Years According to US Creative Professionals
  12. 12. Content Scale Framework
  13. 13. Visual Identity
  14. 14. Content Scale Framework: 1. Visual identity 2. Rapid ideation 3. Scalable production Differentiated amongst competitive set Consistent look and feel
  15. 15. @subway Inconsistent
  16. 16. Undifferentiated
  17. 17. Identities of sub-brands have defined look and feel, enabling content creation at scale. Defining L'Oréal
  18. 18. Composition Angle Top Down Depth of Field Shallow Lighting Levels Bright Type Natural Light Attributes Tone Warmer Saturation Saturated Environments Surfaces Bright Indoor Luxury home Input Output Calibration L'Oréal: Inputs and outputs
  19. 19. L'Oréal: Consistency and Differentiation
  20. 20. Branding: fully visible Environments: Marble, tile
  21. 21. Light: Natural People: Partially Visible
  22. 22. Composition: Shallow depth of field Angle: Eye-level
  23. 23. Rapid Ideation
  24. 24. Generate ideas quickly Short sprints, test and learn Rapid Ideation– new process, new sources, new rules New Sources Agile Less Rules Less restrictive brand guidelines, fun and serious Distributed vs linear, data, trends, crowdsourcing, existing assets
  25. 25. Real World (Zine Culture)
  26. 26. Real World (Yesterday’s Tomorrow)
  27. 27. Real World (Hypnotic)
  28. 28. An image can help provide visual interest to your written content. Insert an image and align it with this grey rectangle. Optimize content for mobile by transforming long-form to mobile-specific formats. 1. Create 2. Test & iterate 3. Allocate ad dollars
  29. 29. We transformed this 2 minute TV spot... Video has been sped up for presentation purposes.
  30. 30. ….into these formats that work on social
  31. 31. …which informed the creation of these new Shutterstock Custom assets.
  32. 32. Scalable Production
  33. 33. Owned Model Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 60’Owned internal resources & process Distributed Model Platform Creative Scale Consistency Resource Management Bundling Workflows Standardization Scaling content creation requires new production models CreatorBrand Value 3’ 3’ 3’ 3’ Distributed network and software to scale
  34. 34. An image can help provide visual interest to your written content. Insert an image and align it with this grey rectangle. Marriott needed to raise awareness of its rewards program with millennials, focusing on experiences around its properties. +125 Instagram Stories +760 videos, boomerangs and photos 130 creatives worldwide 80 destinations across 30 countries +7.2 MM organic views Swipe through booking Scaling Production
  35. 35. Scaling Production: Supporting its World Water Day initiative, Tupperware wanted to showcase the global problem with water bottle consumption.
  36. 36. Final thoughts Rethink production principles Build and test often Don’t wait for perfection
  37. 37. Grant Munro SVP, Custom Shutterstock @gmunro123