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Do you haz the grit


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A quick demonstration of the grit library developed by GitHub.

Published in: Technology
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Do you haz the grit

  1. 1. do you haz the grit? 18 January 2014 | Mysore, Karnataka, India
  2. 2. Sarup Banskota (unicorn herder) So, I do some ruby. In my free time, I try to wake up on time to attend class.
  3. 3. serious stuff. I’ll go over some of my previous experience with the grit library.
  4. 4. wartime. Remember when they told you in school why databases rock over traditional FS?
  5. 5. welcome grit. All your version control issues solved while you’re still at ruby home ground.
  6. 6. $ git init $ git add . $ git commit –m “Add magicmockup.js” repo = Grit :: repopath index = Grit :: repo index.add file, contents index.commit message, parent
  7. 7. let’s make Linus happy! Talk is cheap, show me the code? Well then let’s do some.
  8. 8. does your gallery haz the glitter? GlitterGallery uses a *lot* of grit, I’ll go over some example usage.
  9. 9. who’s using it? There’s lots of applications taking advantages of this resourceful gem.
  10. 10. so who’s lives are you improving? GitHub’s made programmers social. GlitterGallery will bring designers some love. You?
  11. 11. where to go from here Fork from mojombo/grit on GitHub, read the docs, and think of a quick hack.
  12. 12. where to go from here Work on an application that benefits communities of some kind.
  13. 13. where to go from here Or just fork EmilyDirsh/GlitterGallery and become Unicorn Uber.
  14. 14. you may wake up now Thanks a lot, you’ve been a sweet lot :-)