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Sara n


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Sara n

  1. 1. THEBEACH There are many of my favorite places in Palestine. Those places are always with my treasured memories. But one of my favorite places is the beach. Why is the beach my favorite place? When I feel some stress, or sadness, I go some place near the beach. There, I can relax so much. The sounds of waves, people, and nice winds, everything heals my feelings. I just sit down a little distance from the beach, and stare at the waves, people, and sky. It is my preferred place for recreation and relax. By the way, recreation on the beach is very excellent and healthy. I can also use of fishing to be calm ,apart of that is useful for health . The contrast of colors between the blue sea and the blue sky make me quiet down , it’s amazing . However, it’s the right place to get rid of worries. My family and I go to the beach a lot . We bring lots of food such as pastry, tabbouleh and grape leaves stuffed by rice . We played volley-ball in the sand. Sometimes, we boating and racing at the sea ,actually it’s an interesting adventure .In fact, it is my best recollections with my people. At the beach I have a mild feeling particularly at the romantic night and also I can make many community interactions. Truly, I like to go there at night because there are shot stars that make a lovely starry sky . I think it’s good place for couples. For me it’s the best chance that I had and I’ll have in order to make relationships and associations with novel people. It looks like a party for cooperate with the world. At the end , I have to tell you that the beach is kind of my favorite places and one of the relax & recreation forms . Many of my best memories are the times that I had by the beach with my family . And you have to expert the docile of the loving night & get in touch with public.
  2. 2. Sara Naser The Beach Thesis statement: why is the beach my favorite place? I. Introduction II. BODY A. Body 1 “place for recreation & relax”. 1. Recreation. 2. Enjoyment. 3. Colors. 4. Free. B. Body 2 “ The picnics for the beach” 1. Food 2. Play. 3. Boating. 4. The best memories. C. Body 3 “gentle feeling & romantic nights & interaction” 1. Starry sky. 2. Good for couples . 3. Relationships 4. Like a party
  3. 3. III. Conclusion. Sara Naser