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Hp proliant slideshow_v2

  1. 1. HP ProLiant Gen8 ServersThe World’s MostSelf-Sufficient Servers
  2. 2. Making the Cloud Self-SufficientHP ProLiant Gen 8 servers extend HPs portfolio as part ofProject Voyager, HPs multiyear transformation plan for theserver market.The new 4-socket ProLiant BL660c andDL560 Gen8 servers are density-optimizedto deliver increased compute power in lessspace.The e-Series portfolio — the new 1-socketHP ProLiant DL320e and ML310eProLiantGen8 servers — are ideally suited forentry level workloads.
  3. 3. Making the Cloud Self-Sufficient All four servers enable: fast return on end-to-end and provide ainvestment – the 4- virtualization foundation for socket servers creating privateprovide ROI within 3 and hybrid clouds months
  4. 4. Who needs self-sufficientservers?IT does, and forseveral good reasons. Most important: manual server operations are dragging IT down, making it harder to implement private and hybrid clouds.
  5. 5. Who needs self-sufficient servers? A recent HP study found: manual operations cost companies 51% of server outages are $24 million tied to human error over three years manual facility optimization unplanned downtime drives up energy costs up costs clients about to $10 million $29 million an hour over three years HP’s ProLiant Gen8 servers lift IT up with automation that boosts productivity and savesSOURCE: HP ProLiant Gen8 Spiceworks Webinar_7-31-12_Rebranded money.
  6. 6. Get up and running – FASTHP ProLiant Gen8 serversare different right out of thebox. without theremotely using HP iLOdownloads. The• Provision Provisioning makes the servers 4HP Intelligent a serverand update need for HP discs or ready to deploy • "Recommended Install" for quick one-click fast installationsoftware is now embedded on a flash chip on ProLiant Gen8 • Three seconds to start-up screenservers and Gen8 server blades. Intelligent Provisioning • 45% fewer configuration utilities you are accustomed to withincludes all the steps • 3x faster system deploymentSmartStart, plus many new ones.• Faster resolution for install issues, which minimizes or eliminates downtime
  7. 7. Troubleshooting becomes trouble-free......with HP Active Health System, a 24/7 mission control for your server. IT gets HP Active Health System is an essential 4x as much component of the HP iLO Management Engine. It wraps diagnostics, tools, and scanners into a single interface. Using Active Health System, IT gains access to nearly 1,700 system information parameters – up from about 420 parameters that were monitored previously. 5x Up to a year’s worth of data can be exported and uploaded to service giving users a much higher level of support. faster.
  8. 8. Active Health = Deep Analysis The Active Health System delivers maximum uptime through : Automated Diagnostics Alerting monitoring Security is paramount. All logs are stored on the server and stay there, and only information about system items are collected. You can also turn off any monitoring at any time via iLO. This keeps your cloud up and running – and keeps end users satisfied.
  9. 9. HP Agentless ManagementOutages and system issues are discoveredand mitigated faster with AgentlessManagement.Covered subsystems include:IT no longer has to load and manage agentsso •there’s no performance impact. CPUs • MemoryEverything runs from and is embedded in iLO. • Temperature SensorsThe system is continuously running • Fansdiagnostics to minimize downtime. • Power Supplies • SmartArray controllers (including cache modules) • Both Logical and Physical Drives (internal to the server) that are connected to the SmartArray controller. HP’s iLO also supports Inventory and Configuration, Health Status, SNMP Alerting, Pre-Failure Alerting, Redundancy Status and Alerting, and SNMP Data Collection.