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Beauedge Final

  1. 1. Confidential and © Mr. Sanjay Rathee
  2. 2. Contents Executive Summary: Company Summary: Mission: Keys to Success: Objectives: Services: Strategy and Implementation Summary: Contact us:
  3. 3. BEAUEDGE Executive Summary BEAUEDGE is an aggressive developer of virtual reality entertainment products. Catering to the intelligent user seeking an idea with intellect. Its sole purpose is to create, produce and distribute High-end 3d animations and 3d Game Art Creation. Company operates on a project basis to best serve its clients. The founders along with talented staff strive and suffice all the demands of its clients. Confidential and © Mr. Sanjay Rathee Company summary BEAUEDGE commenced its operations in December 2008. The creative and management team of Beauedge is a dynamic group of professionals with experience in concerned fields. To further compliment our organizational structure is a wealth of talent from a creative team of Sanjay Rathee and colleagues. We say imagination rules the world, as our motto reflects.
  4. 4. Mission BEAUEDGE’s long-term strategy is keyed to the future of interactive media; The Company’s mission statement is to become the apex in the field of creation development innovation and entertainment Industry. Keys to success To follow the principal of Honesty, Hard work and devotion to work. Imagination Rules the World Nothing is Impossible. Confidential and © Mr. Sanjay Rathee Objectives Our current objective is to bring the company into a prominent market position. We feel that within two years BEAUEDGE will be in a suitable position for a much greater expansion. To accomplish this goal we have developed a comprehensive plan to intensify and accelerate our development, and customer service. We also intend to take on a strategic partner, either a distributor or a publisher, who can further guide us by providing us with some of the necessary services that BEAUEDGE may inherently be missing out on.
  5. 5. Services 3D Animation BEAUEDGE houses a team of highly skilled 3D animators who are capable of transforming any of your idea into reality. We can generate interactive character animation system that allows a custom character, mascot or logo to be designed and brought to "life". We can work with you to get the exact style in which you wish to present your Dream. T.V Commercials We are specialized in development and production of top-quality CG animated characters for television commercials, videos and other media. With the technical, creative and production capabilities to create a new generation of animated feature films. 3D Architecture With a strong focus on digital 3D content. It enables clients to illustrate, in detail, their residential or product designs prior to construction. This attracts potential prospects and investors before construction has even begun. Confidential and © Mr. Sanjay Rathee
  6. 6. Special Effects BEAUEDGE team has the creativity, skills and cunning technology to create unbelievable special effects.  We are capable of Virtual Modeling using Blue or Green Screen Compositing, for all media, capable of doing all post production jobs. 3d Game Art Creation BEAUEDGE in collaboration with parent company Beauideal Network is committed to creating superior animation and video games. BEAUEDGE can create games ranging from a next-generation console project for worldwide retail release to a downloadable game that generates immediate revenue through your web site. PC, PS2 and XBOX Game Development Mobile Games and Apps Development Criterion / Render Ware Custom Programming Confidential and © Mr. Sanjay Rathee
  7. 7. Interactive 3D The marketing industry has been revolutionized by 3D interactive marketing, which has become an important marketing tool. BEAUEDGE provides the same high quality dimensional marketing products to businesses that do not have the time or resources geared toward a fully customized dimensional campaign. Our task is to present new opportunities to advertisers and media owners, which aids them in successfully achieving their online sales and marketing objectives. We provide an array of complimentary advertising and marketing services allowing each to focus on their core services and outsource their advertising sales and campaign management to BEAUEDGE which in turn relies on its in-house advertising arm BRAND PROMOTIONS to deliver the needful. Strategy and implementation summary To provide cutting edge solutions at the most competitive price by maximizing in-house productivity on a time bound turnkey basis linked with our very attractive in-house production incentive schemes to enable in-time deliveries. A separate quality control check that ensures you smiles while we deliver. Confidential and © Mr. Sanjay Rathee
  8. 8. Confidential and © Mr. Sanjay Rathee
  9. 9. For more information about the Beauedge team's capabilities or for our team member profiles please visit our website: B-37, Sector-7, Palam Kunj, Dwarka New Delhi-110016,India. Tel no : +91- 9873227564 Confidential and © Mr. Sanjay Rathee