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Newbies next chapter is a guide for people new to internet marketing and wishing to push forward with their own online business ventures. The report focuses on blogging, relationship building a facing fears for faster success.

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Newbies next chapter

  1. 1. “Newbies Next Chapter” By Sally NeillBefore I tell you my story (which still amazes me to this day) I would like to thank somepeople, without whom I would not be where I am today...Just wanna say thanks to everyone who has helped me online so far.A special thank you to my “cool crowd” on my blog - you know who you are!A very special thank you to Alex Jeffreys – you rock Alex, you always believed in memore than I believed in myself and pushed me to be a better marketer - none of thiswould have been possible without your support.And the biggest thanks has to go to my Mum, who has supported me throughout myentire journey online, always believed in me 100% and let me use her credit card for theessential purchases ha ha – love you Mum x
  2. 2. Turn Your Next Chapter into a Happily Ever After...Fairy-tales can come true...if you just believe...Ok I know I know, youre probably rolling your eyes to the back of your head right now,thinking what a load of CRAP!Thats ok.You see I am a bit of a dreamer, always have been, always will be.I always see the good in people... My mum is my best friend... I cry at movies... I spendhours laughing at silly videos on youtube... I believe I have a soul mate out there andchase that elusive love that has you filled with butterflies every time you see that onespecial person...And yes, I believe that fairy tales can come true.And I guess thats why I was the ideal candidate to fall for the “make money online” typebusiness – I dared to dream.And boy I fell for that dream... HOOK. LINE. AND SINKER!But you wanna know something – its a dream than can be achieved – but – it didnthappen overnight.And I want to show you that with a simple blog, a couple of free reports and a fewsqueeze pages you can EASILY make money online – simple stuff.Look...There is no point in over-complicating the process of making money online... you dontneed hundreds of sites or products for sale, not at all.just keep it simple and you will make money.This report details my previous chapter online, my journey is by no means finished, I havenot yet reached my final destination...But I am on my way... I have took those first few steps to secure a better future.
  3. 3. Now you have probably heard the saying “you dont gotta get it right, you just gotta get itgoing” and thats soooooooooooooooooooo very true.Throw caution to the wind, and just put yourself out there!!!You know, success favors the brave and if you can face some fears and work relativelyhard, on the right things, you can find success online.Now, I know for 100% fact that my next chapter will take me closer to that “happily everafter”And the purpose of this report is to help you take your first steps to youre next chapter. I am only a few steps ahead of you...Now I dont want you to simply read about my journey... thats helps no one.I want you to follow in my footsteps because everything I have done so far can beachieved by ANYONE. • I have walked the path you are walking now. • I have suffered from information overload. • I have bought product after product. • I have chased the dreams of overnight millions.I know what you are going through and I truly believe I can get you to where I am in thefastest, most painless way possible.But in order for you to follow me you need to know the steps I took and thats what thisreport will reveal...and you too will be able to make money online every day like I do.
  4. 4. So you wanna make a big pile of cash online do ya?HELL YEAH!SHOW ME THE MONEY RIGHT???Look, there is no shame in admitting you wanna make a big pile of cash online.And if you dont wanna make a single cent... just give everything away for free then!But I was money orientated.Thats what initially started a little fire burning in my stomach... a burning desire to makea ton of cash quickly, easily and effortlessly.Now I know I should probably say I started online to help others achieve their dreams andgoals blah blah blah.Yeah, thats lovely n everything – but its not why I started – however its where Ieventually ended up – its been one mad crazy ride. Wow.... What a life I lead!I dunno what your life is like right now... But my life never has a dull moment.Which is kinda strange because I had quite possibly THE most boring life possible... untilInternet Marketing changed all that.But truth be told, I love love love Internet Marketing – plain and simple.Its the biggest BUZZ everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!Its completely changed my life. Its completely changed me as a person.I used to be a shy person filled with self doubt, fear and ZERO confidence.But... All that changed....
  5. 5. I believe in myself. I am no longer afraid to try new things. I am filled to the brim withconfidence (not just online, in social settings too)Its truly amazing and you can achieve this too.Now of course, I make money as well, obviously.But my report is not only about making money – its about the journey.I want to show you my journey and what I had to go through to get to the stage I am atnow so that you too can get to this stage too.I have a wealth of experience from marketing online for the past few years.And I perhaps dont know ALL the answers just yet, but I know most of them and I canshare them with you.Look...First we are made to believe making money online is EASY.Then as we get a little more experienced we are told its HARD to make money online. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Confusing or what??????But I am telling you that its not HARD to make money online, it is in fact very easy so letme explain...
  6. 6. Making Money From A Cartoon Character....Yep, I helped make money with a cartoon character!An imaginary person completely fabricated for the sole purpose of showing students howto make money themselves.Now if I can get an imaginary person to make money online on 100% autopilot daily andgrow a reasonably sized mailing list you think I can show you how to make money online?Of course I can!!!And I want to help you! Ugly People & Ugly Sites Can Make MoneyOk, now my report obviously does not contain the obligatory introduction pages or containall photos of me lying on a beach living the internet lifestyle (trust me, my figure aint thathot anyway, Im probably a 5 at best)Of course I could go buy some pic of a hot bikini clad girl from iStock photos and use that,but you know what...Not all of us were born beautiful, some of us just look regular and thats just fine, youdont gotta be beautiful to make money online and you dont need a beautiful site either.All you need is a blog, a few free reports, couple of squeeze pages and DESIRE – if youare especially good looking then I guess thats just a bonus :)
  7. 7. No affiliate links...Now I wont be stuffing the report with affiliate links (I got a nice amount of moneycoming in I dont have too do that – this report is not about the MONEY its about theJOURNEY.I want you to know something...If you start your own journey, youre life will never be the same again, thats a FACT.Internet Marketing and making money online almost becomes addictive.Its such a BUZZ watching money and commissions come in on autopilot.I mean who wouldnt love that right???But you gotta be super duper careful...Because Internet Marketing has a dark side.A dark side that will try to take you away from everything important to you.You obviously want to start a successful online business to have a better life for you andyour family yes?Well I want to tell you that at the beginning its tough.Your family will resent the time you spending on your online business.They will moan at ya, laugh at ya and probably never believe you will make any moneyfrom it at all.Its kinda horrid actually.So thats why its important to get results SUPERFAST and make sure everyone is HAPPYand keep the “wolves” at bay.I want you to be a success online MINUS the stress and strain, so hopefully I can help youavoid some of the most common pitfalls and mistakes that I myself made.
  8. 8. WARNING: This Report contains Ninja Mind Control stuff (not) (yes I know thats more like karate than a ninja!)Ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaa mind control stuff??????NOPE, none of that in here either.I am not clever enough for all the ninja mind bending persuasive tricks either.I am just gonna be perfectly honest in this report.There will be no trickery whatsoever.No magic software.No nothing!You will either love how I deliver this information to you and relate to my journey or youwill absolutely HATE IT!This report is like Marmite (some horrid creation the Aussies came up with – ps. not tryingto offend Australians – I love Aussies – they invented beer right lol???)But read my report with an open mind and I am sure you will benefit greatly from it.Ok...Lets face it, ANYONE can write an ebook, anyone can record a video tutorial, anyone caninterview an expert etc etc.You just gotta learn that stuff and its pretty easy to be honest.
  9. 9. Expert Learners = Never Earners...Everyone can learn.But not everyone can learn and earn.Not everyone can learn to implement what they erm.... learn lol.And thats the difference, people find it easy to learn but hard to earn.Look, there is no point learning a ton of stuff and never making any money from it right?I have been really lucky enough to be able to use everything I have learned and earn realmoney from it, not millions, just a nice steady income.You can easily do this too, I dont do anything that requires a great deal of knowledge.Its all pretty simple stuff that I am going to reveal to you, nothing hard I promise.I want to go deep into exactly how I make money from an ugly blog, yep a lil plain uglyblog, a few free reports and a couple of squeeze pages – simple stuff.I want to show you my journey, how I took action, focused on finishing and how facingmy fears helped propel me to success online, so you can replicate it.I want to show you the importance of a whole lot of little income streams soon mergingtogether to forge a strong flow of affiliate commissions all on autopilot.I want you to understand the importance of testing and tweaking – look its not as boringas you think – its actually kinda cool!This is not a report that will show you how to make $20k overnight, its nothing like that atall, its about the importance of building relationships and understanding your market andimproving upon your results..
  10. 10. Once upon a time there was a shy girl named Sally... Thats me at the front, acting kinda silly at Alex Jeffreys & Dean Holland’s “Instant Profit Seminar”My name is Sally Neill and I know that the chances are youre scratching your head rightnow and thinking “who the heck is Sally Neill?”Thats fine... I am not that well known to honest.But basically I have been quietly carving out my own path to online success over the pastyear or so and I will soon be entering a new chapter in my own online career.Now I am not going to pretend I am some super duper clever guru, cos Im not.As you read through this report you will see real examples of my growth, and how you caneasily replicate this too.And if ya dont believe any of it, go visit my blog and you can see all of the posts andgrowth on there – dated n everything lol.Now please bear in mind...I am still on the path to success myself, probably just a few steps ahead of you.But what I want to show you is the potential you too can have with a little work thatsall.
  11. 11. Hands up who wants a FUN business???I love to have FUN with my online business.Gotta hold my hand and say hell yeah I am all about the fun, I am sociable person and Ilove making new friends :)I never started an online business to be all “serious” and work every hour that God sends.I fell for an overnight riches dream, sleek sales pages and those damn ninja mind bendingtricks I told you about earlier...But I wanted to quit my full time job as a receptionist at an Elderly Care Home and live the“internet dream”I wanted to spend more time with 9 year old daughter Jade, my life was tough, I wasstruggling for money and quite frankly, I wasnt happy with where my life was headed. My daughter Jade and I with our $2 sunglasses!But the dream I was “sold” wasnt quite what I expected (it took some work)In all honesty, I was looking for an easy option that didnt exist.It was only later that I would discover overnight millions were not easily achievable forme...and that it would take more time and effort than I initially thought.But, in saying that... I stuck it out and I am now on the road to living my dream lifestyle,cool huh?
  12. 12. Why should you listen to Sally?Well basically I have been quietly carving out my own path to online success over the pastyear or so.I have been blogging (boringgggggggggggggggg) - Its not actually.I learned a ton of stuff from my blog readers (and I love every one of them – my coolcrowd)But sadly...Every day I watched good honest everyday people hop from one new project to another.One minute they would be declaring they would be attempting to make thousands fromTwitter.The next minute they would be declaring they would be making thousands from Facebook.Then it was adsense sites, then it was affiliate marketing, then it was article writing, thenit was...... it just went on and on.Every day they would go wider instead of deeper (and thats the secret – going deeper)Work with what you have – its really really simple.Every day I see some people desperately trying to make money but never really quitemanaging it.Such a waste of their time.I watched them waste thousands of dollars on useless products.I watched them never get anywhere online.
  13. 13. Chances are I know where YOU are going wrong...So thanks to my blogging, list building and relationship building, I now know the mainreasons most people fail online.Trust me, I bet I could talk to you for half an hour or so and know EXACTLY what youreare going wrong – been there – done that – wore the t-shirt!If they are not hopping from one money making scheme to the next then they are neverfinishing anything they start.Or they are working on far too many “projects” at the one time and nothing ever getsfinished.Learning is not enough. Taking action is not enough.You must focus on FINISHING too.Now I am not saying I was perfect, I made a ton of mistakes.Hopped from one project to the next, never finishing anything, I was terrible!But thats the whole point of learning, to make the mistakes and learn from them.I watched some people just make the same mistakes over and over again. They neverlearned and therefore they never earned.Now like I said (over and over again) I am no guru.But you wanna know something... You dont have to be a big guru to make a goodamount of money online.In fact... truth be told... Most people dont even want to learn from gurus any more,because quite simply they dont relate to them nor fully trust them.
  14. 14. Im no Guru Hater...I have no beef with the “gurus” so please dont think I do...In fact I have learned a whole lot of cool stuff from many different gurus and I am verygrateful for that.But what I did discover...Is that a lot of people online dont trust some of the gurus.They dont want to learn from them either.How do I know this?From the feedback I have been getting in comments on my blog for the last year.Most people want to learn from the average Joes or Josephines like us.But remember: YOU HAVE TO IMPLEMENT WHAT YOU LEARN... IF YOU WANNA EARN!!!
  15. 15. And so, my crazy journey begins...I guess you could say I had a very comfortable life.Money wasnt an issue (but we were not rich), I had a good job, nice partner, new baby,all going well. I had a nice life, it wasnt exciting, but it was nice.But it all changed and I ended up a single mum struggling to make ends meet, thatswhen my quest to make money online began...I basically discovered a super easy way to make money with eBay and the rest they say ishistory (or her-story) whatever way ya wanna look at it.And I also built up a responsive 10,000 mailing list from selling 99cent ebooks on eBay.So I stumbled, bumbled and fumbled my way to a 4 figure monthly ebook business sellingebooks on eBay – of course eBay was the traffic source not the income source – the backend was the income source. But... One fateful day...Ebay banned digitally downloadable ebooks (filthy monsters that they are) and my entirebusiness went down the proverbial pan (tut)So that was the end of that – but I learned 2 important lessons 1. The money IS in the list 2. Dont put all your eggs in one basketMy ebay business was built on flimsy foundations and not surprisingly crashed downaround my ears. So I just plain quit. And I didnt return to online marketing for around 18months...
  16. 16. YOU FAILED Sally! Why write this report???Yes I failed – big time!But I never said I quit forever...I came back and tried again 18 months later...and started a new chapter.When you fail you cant wallow in self-pity, you just gotta dust yourself down and get onwith it – no pity parties allowed OK????I want to tell you right now that you will FAIL.Thats all part of the learning curve, but you cannot quit, remember this : “Quitters never win and Winners never Quit”If I had quit every time anything I tried had failed, I wouldnt be where I am today.Its actually easier to quit – I know that from personal experience.To just jack it all in and scream from the rooftops its a load of BS, no one can makemoney online, its a scam, its a con etc etc.But I guess I was lucky because I actually made a ton of money from eBay.I already knew you could make money online easily.
  17. 17. Ding Ding... Round 2...So this time round, each time I failed (and it was a regular occurrence) I just jumped rightback on the horse.Quitting was simply not an option – I needed money.When I first started my journey online I had no real goals, I just wanted to make someextra money – cha ching!You know how some people tell you they had this over-whelming feeling inside them froma young age that they would be a success or a millionaire etc, well I never had that.I just simply needed some extra cash.I never felt like I was destined to be a millionaire or anything like that.In fact I dont think I ever had a single entrepreneurial bone in my body! But I will tell you what I did have... • I had determination. • I had a willingness to learn from others. • And I had the good sense to take ACTION.Now I have to admit that it has been quite emotional for me writing this report.Seriously, I am not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears as I recalled my journey...The last year has been one crazy ride for me!If you had asked me when I started out online if I could have achieved all I have so far,my reply would have been a resounding “NO”.I had no belief in myself back then but thats all changed now.
  18. 18. I finally believe in me and you will see why...I guess the main reason I got to where I am today is that I have took massive actiononline over the past year and have had a great support network around me.Now I dont know what success means to you, it means many things to many people. • Success to you might mean making a ton of money. • Success to you might mean living in a big house. • Success to you might mean driving a fast sports car. • Success to you might mean quitting your J.O.B. • Success to you might mean becoming a famous guru. • Success to you might mean helping others.Personally, I set out to make money online and help others whilst doing it.My whole goal was to get out there and test certain marketing techniques...Then take the ones that worked and share them with my blog readers.Now sometimes the methods I recommend may be paid products, so yes, I willrecommend paid products for sale VIA my blogs posts (and I will show you how I donethis later in the report) Can I be really honest with you...I hate sending out tons of pushy promotional sales emails (half the time I didnt evenknow what to put in the damn email anyway)I would literally dread sending out emails and sit for hours thinking what the heck I couldput in an email to get people to give me their money.My emails stank of desperation to make money. Its just wasnt me, I didnt want tomarket in that way but obviously I still needed to make money right?So I had to find a different way to market online (being comfortable with email marketingcame later)A way that I was comfortable with and kept a smile on my faceFor me, blogging was the ideal solution.
  19. 19. Think about it this for a moment...A blog is a much more friendly platform to send your traffic or subscribers to.Blogs are super powerful, they are traffic magnets, search engines love them, you caneasily build a list from a blog AND you can make money from your blog posts.Plus if you can tie value in with your promotions you will be much more successful.And if you know of other high quality products out there that you know will truly helppeople then its quite simply your duty to promote them.But instead of pushing sales page link after sales page link (you dont wanna be thatperson) in your emails...You merely write a blog post related to that product and refer your “traffic” to that page.Essentially your blog post is like a pre-sell for the product.Blogs are warm and friendly, well my blog is anyway and yours should be too. You dont have to be pushy or desperate in a blog post...Which would you rather be?The desperate guy/gal always sending out pushy emails saying buy buy buyORthe nice loveable genuine person always providing value and making sales second?I hope you aspire to be the second option, nice guys n gals dont always finish last, trustme.I wanna tell you a little secret, well its not really a secret, its a well known method ofmarketing but...Its actually really really EASY to sell products via blog posts (I will show you how I do it)
  20. 20. Honestly is always the best policy...You just give a good honest review or demonstration that you have benefited from usingthe product yourself – not rocket science is it???Then you send traffic to your blog, easy (well kinda) of course you gotta work on therelationship with the readers of your blog too and build a good reputation online too.So remember your reputation means EVERYTHING – protect it at all costs.Dont promote a product you have not used, because: • the product could be poor and damage your reputation beyond repair • blog readers could comment asking questions about said product and you will not be able to answer them – again damages your reputation. I only promote products I have personally used.I am lucky enough to be at a stage now where I often get free review access to products,now I am not telling you this to brag, I am telling you this because one day you will be atthe stage I am at.But right now, if you are not at that stage, and you cant get a review copy... then I amafraid you will just have to buy it to try it.And if the product turns out to be a lemon...get a refund and dont promote it!At least your reputation will be in tact because you didnt recommend it.Choose the products you promote very wisely and you will never go wrong.Now in this report I wish to show you some real examples of how I pre-sold products inmy blog posts.You will see I am never pushy, not ever, but I still make sales.
  21. 21. Its easy – I just faced my fears and took massive action.I used blogging as my main online business hub and of course bolted on traffic fromfacebook, twitter, youtube, article marketing, forum marketing etc.Everything single thing I do online refers back to my blog in some way or another.Thanks to blogging: • I have made money • I have helped others make money. • I have created 3 products from my blog posts. • I have built a mailing listSo if you struggle to create your own products, I will reveal to how I used a super easyway to create my own products really easily and quickly too.Now, like I said, I am no guru, but that does not worry me in the slightest. You dont have to be a guru to help other people make money online.I am proof that people who are interested in helping others FIRST rather than chasing afast buck can find success online – the nice way.I am proof that if you never give up you can achieve anything.I am proof that it takes time to find success – it wont happen overnight.I am proof that with a little hard work you can start your own successful online business.
  22. 22. So if you are one of those people who are: Chasing a fast buck Looking for the lazy way to millions Not willing to learn and try new things Afraid of a little bit of hard work Then this report is NOT for you! But... If you are one of those people who: Understands it takes time Understands it takes money Understands you have to learn Understands you have to face fears Understands you have to take actionUnderstands that by helping others first you will prosper Then this report was WROTE FOR YOU... so please keep reading :)
  23. 23. We All Know Some Marketers See US as Cash Cows Right?Of course they do!Lets face it, if we keep bloody throwing our cash at every shiny new product they release,no wonder they see us as cash cows!But sadly some of us still fall for the fast overnight riches promises.We still fall for the easy push button solutions.The Sleek sales pages pull us in and our credit cards out.And the ninja mind bending tricks have us begging for more!And we fall for it all, hook line and sinker, and every single day new people decided tostart their own online journey and fall for the same “crap” we gotta HELP them! This is for the little guys n gals...This report was written for us little guys n gals out there, struggling to make that elusivefirst dollar online.This report was written for the people who dont have any leverage or a massive mailinglist.The report was written for the people who are willing to work hard for rewards later.Look some so called gurus would have you believe people dont wanna learn...
  24. 24. What a load of CR*P! (Does that look like a number nine or is it just me?? lol)I do not believe that people dont want to learn...I have been blogging for the past year and people are not lazy.People ARE willing to learn, they just need some direction thats all.Now... Lazy people dont wanna learn, I know that.Thats fine... lazy people can take a look at their life in 5 years and see the exact samethings in their life today – nothing will have changed for them.But... you dont have to be like that.You can be willing to learn, willing to take your first new steps to success online.Thats all I have done in my own journey, learned new techniques and took action everyday, even if it was just one small tiny step I took, so long as I done something I washappy.If you can take a small step each day in your own online business then you are one of thepeople I believe can make your next chapter a happily ever after...So keep reading... youre gonna learn some real cool stuff, I promise...
  25. 25. My Secret Warm Up Weapon...Blogging has been a big part of my success online. • Blogging has helped keep me accountable. • Blogging has helped me build relationships. • Blogging has helped me tell my story. • Blogging has helped me make money without being pushy. • Blogging has helped me build a mailing list.But I want to tell you something really important...If you model your blog the same as all the other 1000s of bloggers out there, thenchances are you wont make that much money from it.What you must do is dare to be different, stand out from the crowd.And the best way to do that is by being personal on your blog and building a brand.So what does personal blogging mean...Its simple, you open up and let people in...You simply give them a peek inside your life, its not difficult.You simply detail your journey online, instead of being one of those 1000s of boringclinical cloned blogs out there on the web.Most people are on the net to learn something OR to have fun, why not give them both?
  26. 26. Look, I gotta tell ya, its no easy ride...I started off with very little knowledge of Internet Marketing or any technical skills, I wasessentially a complete newbie and didnt know which way to turn or who to ask for help.I searched and searched for a magic formula, but could never find it – in case your lookingfor it – stop, it does not exist.Finding success online has been a tough journey for me and a massive learning curve. • I had to face every fear I had. • I had to work through the dark days when I never thought I would make it. • I have struggled with belief in myself and the methods I used. • Ive struggled financially. • Ive struggled mentally. • Ive struggled physically.But my struggles are almost over, everything is beginning to click into place.My hard work is paying off again.I am finally reaching that light at the end of the tunnel (that seemed so distant when Ibegan my journey to success online)
  27. 27. What chapter are you at in your journey???Now I cannot be sure what stage you are at in your own personal journey to successonline?But what I can be sure of is that you will learn something from this report.You will learn that becoming a success online takes time and effort, there is no fast trackto success (well none that I could find)But for those of you who are dedicated, and not afraid of a little hard work, there will berich rewards.This report will primarily revolve around my journey online so far and how I have mademoney from a simple blog.Now I am not writing this report to promote myself or my blog.I am genuinely trying to help those who want to help themselves.And I hope that many people learn from this report and get a good level of success fromit.Heck, if it helps just one person I would be happy with that!As you read this report, read it with an open mind and see the potential for yourself.
  28. 28. What you will see are humble commissions right now...However, I know for 100% fact that my income will keep growing, as it has been doingeveryday, my journey still continues...There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that I will hit 5 figures a month within the nextyear.But right now, if you are just starting out, small commissions can be all the difference toyou pushing forward rather than quitting like most people do.Would an extra $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $1000 a month help you?Thats a completely achievable amount, it truly is.And anything I have done, you can easily replicate, and I truly believe that.If you are willing to learn and take action and finish “stuff”.I am by no means special, or gifted in anyway, I just never gave up and was lucky to havea ton of support.Support that I went out there and got, and I will show you how to get that support too.There are tons of people out there who will gladly help you, for free!
  29. 29. April 2010 opportunity knocks on my door for the 1st time...I received an email from Alex Jeffreys about his soon to be released third version of hisperson coaching program.(damn good coaching it is too I you dont mind me say!)The email from Alex asked if I would promote the MWA3.0 coaching(which I did and made $797 in commissions via my blog)but I was more interested in JOINING the coaching myself.So I promptly signed up using my mums credit card as I had no spare cash.(note: the affiliate commissions wouldnt be paid until after the refund period - I did getthe affiliate commissions 60 days later)That was the start of my online journey back in May 2010. An amazing journey that hasgot me to where I am today...Full time online, earning four figures a month again – with a goal of hitting 5 figures amonth within a year.Now I already told you that what I am about to share with you in this report is nothingearth shattering...
  30. 30. This the truth of how I done it, its MY story.So if you dont wanna spend hours upon hours searching google for information to helpyou reach 4 figures a month, then I am going to show you how to replicate my journey.Now I probably have the most plain, ugly blog on the planet!But it just goes to show that you dont need a super duper high tech blog (with all thebells and whistles) for it to be a success, ugly blogs make money too.My blog may be plain, it may even be ugly, but its a POWERHOUSE!I have made over $4000 in commissions so far simply by blogging (some of thesecommissions are recurring, some are one off payments)And thats just commissions from my blog, not my other income generating streams suchas email marketing.Funny thing is, I never even thought a blog could make money, I thought a blog was awaste of time.Up until I started the coaching with Alex Jeffreys, I had used crappy plr articles as blogposts, hastily re-written and just thrown on there.I am actually embarrassed about that now, but I never knew what to do with a blog, I justknew I needed one and got it going.I do that with a lot of things online, you dont have to get it right first time, just get itgoing.
  31. 31. It all changed when Alex told me this one thing...Alex said … “Tell YOUR story Sally”I was not 100% convinced people would even care about “my story”But Alex explained the infatuation we all seem to have with these “fly in the wall” reality tvtype programs such as Big Brother, The Osbournes, The Apprentice, American Idol, youknow the type of programs I mean right?I have to admit I used to be a self-confessed Big Brother addict!Before I began marketing online...I would stay up to the early hours of the morning watch Big Brother contestantsSLEEPING.I mean how boring is that???But I was hooked on “their story”I liked them. I wanted to know what they were going to do next.So I guess thats why we follow peoples stories online, because we warm to them, we likethem and we want to know what they will do next..Anyway, like I said, I had paid for this coaching, so I was going to follow it to the letter.So I began posting on my blog about my new journey.
  32. 32. Now like I said I had a dog ugly blog!Yep, my blog was ugly, in fact its still kinda ugly but it dont matter.Looks can be deceiving trust me.Under that ugly exterior is a well oil machine working away like a powerhouse.I have tried many different “techniques” on my blog...Pop Ups.Pop Unders.Slide Up Ads.Peel Away Ads.You name it I tried and tested it.But my blog was too “busy” it screamed of desperation to get people on my list.So I pretty much took all the ads off and left the plain lil blog you see today...With a simple optin box in the side bar and a peel away ad in the corner.
  33. 33. Now dont be fooled into thinking I do not test that optin box, because I do.I simply use an Aweber split test to display different variations of that optin box.Now it has a very low conversion, but thats just fine.Because most of the people visiting my blog have been doing so for over a year!They have more than likely opted in already.But the optin form performs well for new visitors so thats all that matters.And my peel away is very eye catching too and converts well giving me more sign upsfrom my blog.Like I said, previously my blog screamed desperation...But now that visitors to my blog dont have to see so much crap, or exit out a ton of popups / unders / slide up ads, they focus solely on my content.Keep your blog and your readers focus simple.
  34. 34. Everyday Im Hustling...for traffic!I began being very personal (maybe sometimes too personal) on my blog but Alex wasright... people started to take an interest.Now let me just say, you cant just throw a personal post on your blog and expect tons ofpeople to flock to it. I had to work to get visitors to my blog, in fact I had to work DAMNhard to get people to visit my blog.But again, it was something Alex said on the live coaching that really helped me... “You will make more friends in 6 weeks by taking an interest in them, than you will in 6 months trying to make people take an interest in you”So thats exactly what I did. I paid an interest in others. I visited other blogs and leftcomments, not pimping myself or my links, or trying to be the expert. It didnt have aninstant effect, but it grew...In each comment I was just 100% honest and said I was struggling online and starting anew journey and needed help.And of course after each live group training module I had with Alex, I would blog aboutwhat I had learned to try and help others. I never tried to push affiliate links in my blogposts. I only shared value and tried to help the few people visiting my blog (there wasntthat many people to be honest)Then on one of the coaching calls, Alex announced a traffic competition, with a $2000blog redesign as the prize to the student who got the most traffic.
  35. 35. I am not normally a competitive person, but I wanted to WIN!Not for the prize - I wanted to show Alex I could take action and I wanted to be on hisradar. You see I remember the sales video for the coaching and Alex had mentioned someof his previously successful students. I wanted to be mentioned in Alexs videos, I wantedto be his next success story.You see I knew Alex was a very powerful marketer, I had seen how he previously helpedanother student (Dean Holland) become a massive success, because Dean was an actiontaker. So I took massive action, I wanted that prize.Do think I won the competition? I am not gonna tell ya just yet... The birth of the blog hopping queen...On that same training module, Alex revealed a method of traffic generation that wasnamed “Oil Rig Hopping” (this would change my life)If you dont know what oil rig hopping is, then basically it means visiting other relatedtopic blogs and leaving valuable comments, which in turn sends a ton of targeted trafficback to you blog.Now we all know there are tons of ways to drive traffic to your blog. But I didnt have anyspare cash, so paid traffic was a no go. I was no good at article writing, so articlemarketing was a no go. I didnt want to write a squidoo lens or hub page, because I didnthave anything of value to share.Facebook wasnt that big back then, or if it was I didnt use it. I had a Twitter account, butI didnt really get what Twitter was for. I had a Youtube account but I couldnt do videotutorials and I certainly wasnt getting in front of a camera because I was too shy andterrified for that.(I would later do all of the above, but when I first started out I knew none of them)So oil rig hopping or blog hopping as I like to call it, became my main source of trafficgeneration.
  36. 36. I broke the “enter” key on my keyboard”Every night (I still had a day job as a receptionist in a Nursing Home back then) I wouldsearch google for relevant blogs and leave comments on blog after blog after blog.It was very time consuming (but I would later discover sneaky tricks to reduce the timespent blog hopping)I would be up to the early hours of the morning, tapping away at my keyboard leavingcomments.I even broke the enter key on my keyboard!Now remember the comments were paying attention to the blog owner, I was not trying topimp my links or my own blog.I never pimped my affiliate links or anything, I paid attention to the blog owner.Kinda massaged their ego (a little bit), not too much, but I was building the foundationsfor a solid relationship with them.You will see later in this report that my groundwork paid off...And those relationships would reward me in ways I never really dreamed possible.
  37. 37. Slowly but surely the traffic started to trickle back to my blog.I installed google analytics which quickly showed me which blogs were sending me themost traffic and I would make commenting on those blogs my main priority.I joined rss feeds of those blogs and signed up the rss email notifications to ensure Iwould be notified the instant a new blog post went live.I made sure I got that first comment – the first comment is seen by every subsequentvisitor to that post so I wanted that first spot.As I continued to blog hop, the traffic trickles turned into streams, then into rivers of freetraffic.I started to look for plugins that would encourage people to leave a comment on my blogand reward those that did.I added comluv, top commentors, twitterlink and many more.I made my blog “do follow” so people leaving comments would possibly get some seobenefits too.The more rewards for people leaving comments, the more comments I got and the morethey would be likely to return and take an interest in my story.And as I drove more and more traffic to my site my optin list just kept growing.At that time online I didnt have any of my own products yet.So I was using a “profit pulling platform” which had been given to me as part of MWAcoaching.It was a webinar replay of Alex teaching how to make money online fast.And at the end of the webinar, 4 products were offered for sale at $97.(I get 100% commissions on that offer)I sold lots of these, because it was a ton of great information for a very low price.In fact, I still have that as my main “gift” or “hook” on my blog today.And yesterday I got another affiliate commission from that very same package.
  38. 38. I set that up on my blog in under 20 minutes - A YEAR AGO!A year ago, and today it still ticks away and brings me affiliate commissions.You gotta love the automation of that yes???Plus I can then send future offers (only good offers) to people on my list and make morecommissions from that too.I learned very quickly that automation is key when working online.I also learned that its not just about $20k days.If you can get lots of little automated income streams in place they quickly add up to avery good amount of money.So thats all I do.Each day I add another little automated income stream to my business and it works, mycommissions keep on growing AUTOMATICALLY.Get the automation correct and youre on your way to a successful online business.Here is another quick screen shot from a few days ago but a different affiliate account.Small amounts yes? Every day – little small amounts for each stream.
  39. 39. Think you could easily achieve that?Of course you could!Would you like to send out an email and make a quick $100.Look, I dont do anything “hard” to promote any products. All I do is send people to myblog or send a quick email and I make money.And I really love what I do online, I am not an in your face sales type marketer.I get to share lots of cool information on my blog, interact with a bunch of cool people andI make money at the same time.Dont you think thats the best way to make money online everrrrrrrrr? I do!I want you to read this report and understand the importance of building small littleincome streams and about building strong relationships online. So back to the story...I was trying to win the student traffic competition and the results are in...At the end of the competition period, all the MWA3.0 students submitted their stats... • Some students had ran a joint venture giveaway. • Some students had written articles. • Some students had done tons of videos. • Some students had used forum marketing. • Some students interviewed experts and got the expert to promote to their list. But the winner was...
  40. 40. Little old me, with the plain blog won the $2000 prize...You can see also see the screen shot of my traffic below:The traffic “spikes” are when I would release a new blog post and go blog hopping.
  41. 41. There is a blog post on my blog which details the 5 commandments of Blog Hopping tohelp you understand how to leave great comments on blogs - and a little later I will giveyou a link to access my blog hopping guide for free too.You really should check out that blog post.Its not a long blog post.It doesnt contain huge value either.But its FUN... Remember what I said, people want FUN!!!
  42. 42. Blog Post = Value and Fun. (My first nickname – the “Busy Beaver” hmmmmm not flattering I know)If you visit my blog it will become very apparent that I dont share any earth shatteringtips on there.You can pretty much find any tips I share on my blog if you search google.But my blog is a nice hangout.Its a cool place to have fun.People enjoy reading my blog posts, thats why they comment.You can interact with other bloggers / internet marketers on there via comments.So yes you can get the information on google, but I know people would prefer to get it onmy blog and have fun at the same time.Researching topics online is boring at the best of times anyway, we know that.So by adding a little personal touch, a little of my story, I was able to share value andallow others to have fun learning.I always try to make everything I do a fun experience. I use silly phrases in blog postssuch as woohoo, omg, cha-ching, lol.Silly terms like that cos they are FUN.
  43. 43. “Get Your Own Language”I started to use terms on my blog posts that only my readers would understand.This helps build your blogging community spirit.I began using terms such as:The Cool Crowd = people who visit and leave valuable comments.Shout Out Sharers = people who shout out my blog/ other peoples blogs in their blogsPeople Power = the power we have to help each other as bloggersWe are a community – all geared towards helping each other. A picture says a thousand words...When I write a blog post I always use a picture or photograph too, this makes your blogpost memorable.I have used crazy pictures of myself, pictures of beer, pictures of my daughter, pictures ofa BEAVER!But it all adds to the fun!Plus when people share your links on facebook and other sites that allow an imageattachment it allows yours posts to stick out like a sore thumb and grab attention.I have been told many times by my blog readers that the image I used in the post caughttheir eye in their RSS Reader, no image in my posts would mean people would probablyhave overlooked it.Anytime I write a new blog post I always include a catchy title, a title that encouragescuriosity or fun. I play with the words, to make everything as fun as possible.I have used titles such as: • United We Brand Divided We Fall • Fancy Buying Me A Beer – 8 Spots Avail • OMG – Im Enjoying Email Marketing Again • 38 Year Old Webinar Virgin Seeks Experienced Partner • Fancy A Room Full Of Gurus Anyone?And tons tons more. I dont write for search engines but guess what...
  44. 44. Google still loves my blog!Google indexes my posts and my pages.My blog is currently has Page Rank of 3.(The page rank fluctuates) and I really couldnt care less what my PR is anyway.But can you see that by not writing for the search engines... they still take notice of myblog?I hope you can.Write for real people... not search engines.Be real.Be fun.Go on... enjoy yourself!
  45. 45. Facing the first fear – video tutorials...Now like I said before, I didnt really know how to do videos.But from my coaching with Alex I knew that I had to start facing my fears.So I started off with simple video tutorials, nothing fancy.I just began using Camtasia and Open Office Impress (I now use Microsoft Powerpoint)My first few attempts were quite poor if I am honest.But god loves a trier, and god knows I tried!Its really funny...but I now laugh when I watch my very first video, which was installing a wordpress blog.My voice is so dreary and monotone. Very boring.Would possibly be a very good sleeping aid for insomniacs.But strangely enough...Those first few video tutorials (simple wordpress blog tutorials) still get hits on youtubeand send traffic to my blog today.So it was more than worth the effort it took me back then.
  46. 46. Of course I am no longer so boring in my videos, I have fun now.I enjoy creating videos, its a blast!And the “my videos” page on my blog is one of THE most visited pages too!I get tons of positive comments from my cool crowd of blog readers saying my videosalways make them smile(or one time I made a video that actually made them cry – wasnt my intention of course –but thats the power of video I guess)So like I said, the videos I do now are much more professional.I am building a nice steady amount of subscribers on youtube and get a steady stream oftraffic too.So remember that all the videos you upload are those little traffic trickles, that will growinto larger traffic streams.
  47. 47. Video blogging is so very very very important.It opens so many doors for you as a blogger, and not just as a blogger either...You can learn how to create videos and use them for affiliate marketing, sales pages,reviews of products, sneak peeks into members areas and so much more.Videos are very powerful and you must include them in your online marketing efforts.And another thing, videos are EASY.Once you master it, you can churn them out super duper fast too, much better thanwriting reports and big long blog posts.People are not thrilled to hit a blog and see a massive page filled with tons and tons oftext, its boring.But give them a click here to play button and they will click it.Many people will be more likely to sit and watch a video for 15 minutes than they will beto read.And look at all the thousands of blogs out there, with text filled pages, do you think youwill stand out just a little bit if you have video blog posts????Course you will!And what can you do with your videos????You can use video syndication sites to get tons more exposure and free traffic too.Video blogging holds massive potential!
  48. 48. Practice makes perfect... Just do it!The more video tutorials I recorded, the more confident I got.But I could still never pluck up the courage to get in front of the video camera (it took meover a year before I faced this fear and I will tell you about that a little later).Now I was fast running out of tutorials to record (there are only so many videos you canrecord about wordpress blogs) so I then started to record some new videos...Which I aptly named “Sallys Secret Sauce Traffic Blogs” kinda kooky name I know, buthey, I liked it :)Those videos detailed the blogs that were sending me the most traffic, kinda like a rewardto the blog owners – because it sent them traffic back from my blog.But what I didnt realise was that the blog owners would then start to send their visitorsover to my blog to watch the videos! How cool, viral traffic on autopilot.I then started linking to other peoples blogs from my blog posts and the same thinghappened, they would link back to me in their blog posts.My blog traffic just kept growing, it was an amazing demonstration of people power.Once the blog traffic competition had finished, I slowed down on my traffic generationefforts to my blog and I retired from blog hopping.
  49. 49. I have to be honest here and say my blog traffic did dip...But by this point, people were very familiar with my blog. They just kept return visiting tofollow my journey. They had become interested in my story you see.Because I was taking massive action in every single post and trying to help others dowhatever task I was doing at the time too.Now even though I retired from blog hopping, people still came back...I think this was also because I paid such an interest in THEM when I left them comments.I had built up very strong relationships with many blog owners and the relationshipsremained strong when I retired from blog hopping.So what did I do when I retired from blog hopping???? Yep, I blogged about it...The reason was because it was time for me to create products that would in turn helpthem move forward at a faster pace online.Can you see a pattern forming here, I blog about everything I do and make sure my blogreaders are constantly kept up to date, this is really important.
  50. 50. 30 minute product creation...and time to face a second fear...On a live coaching call, Alex taught myself and my fellow MWA3.0 studentsthe method of interviewing an expert for fast, instant product creation.The thought of interviewing someone absolutely terrified me.But I knew I had to face yet another fear and again, I didnt want to let Alex down.So I approached 2 previous Alex Jeffreys students, Marcus Passey and David Walker.Both said yes, but Marcus had other commitments and I could never tie him down to aspecific time, but I managed to grab David for half an hour.I fully explained to David that I had never held an interview before and that I was verynervous, but he was as sweet as can be and helped me through every stage of it.Of course I just had to blog about facing another fear didnt I...
  51. 51. The first time (since starting my MWA3.0 coaching) that I actually made money from a blog post...Now, that blog post detailing my interview with David Walker was the very first time Imade an affiliate commission solely from blog post content.How cool!I finally believed that I could actually make money from a simple blog post.I didnt have to be pushy.I didnt have to desperate.I just had to share value for free and the money chased me. Ok so, I never made millions...I made 4 sales of Pamela for Skype lol (ok, its nothing to shout about I know, but its astart right?)I have to apologize right now as I dont have screen shots of most of my oldercommissions.I never thought to keep them you just gotta trust me, and lets face it...if I was lying I would surely not show such low amounts lol.Anyway...It was around that point that I finally realised that by sharing value and simply suggestingan affiliate link (not shoving it in peoples faces) I could make sales without being pushy.Now, I actually inadvertently, created another income stream from that same post...
  52. 52. The Inadvertent Income Stream...The second income stream from that post arose because in the original blog post I usedan ecover image that I had created myself to use for the pdf transcription of the interview.In the blog post I also explained that the ecover took me 5 minutes to design/create.So I started to get comments asking if I would do a tutorial on how to create an ecover in5 minutes, so what did I do...Yep, you guessed it... I blogged about it.
  53. 53. The second time I made money from a blog post...That quick simple video tutorial became the second time I made commissions from blogpost content.I made 5 sales of the $3.95 trial = $19.75and 2 sales of the full product at 50% commission = $97.00Total = $116.75Ok, again, I hold my hands up, it wasnt millions I was making.But you have to remember, I didnt have a ton of traffic to my blog at that time.My blog traffic is on the up daily and I believe commissions will follow suit.Automation is key remember...Strangely enough I still receive commission notifications today from both those blog posts.(I recycle all my old blog posts – as you should do too)I think the reason I made money was because I didnt simply say “here is my affiliate”link, I added value first.But forgetting about the commissions for a moment...(remember its not about the money!)I had now faced two fears at this point...Video tutorials and Interviewing.Facing those fears gave me an added sense of confidence and I was on a roll...Of course every time I done anything related to internet marketing, I blogged about it.My blog became my online journal detailing every step towards success.The visitors to my blog could see me progressing and facing fears, I would post helpfulhints and tips so they could do the same, a little buzz was building, and people began towonder what I would do next...
  54. 54. It was time to face a third fear...The next fear that I faced was to be interviewed myself.I was very nervous about being interviewed.In fact I had previously declined several offers of interviews through my own personal fear,(this was really dumb – if someone asks you to be interviewed – just do it!)Now I didnt feel that I was ready nor that I would have anything of value to share.But when a fellow MWA student asked for my help, I couldnt say no, so David Taylorinterviewed me.If I was nervous that was nothing on how nervous David was.He was petrified.But David faced his own fear and got the job done!And again after this interview...I blogged about my experience of being the interviewee not the interviewer.(little did I know I was actually creating my own product at this time, because I wouldlater refer back to this blog post content and create a free report from it)
  55. 55. Thanks to facing my fears of interviewing and being interviewed I was then able to createa free report... My “Skype Interview Success Guide” was written... Detailing how to hold your own expert interviews, the tools you need and tips if you are interviewing or being interviewed. Again, this is a free report you can access here:
  56. 56. My confidence was beginning to SOAR at this point.Now remember I told you I had built up some solid relationships at this point from myblog hopping...Rob J Bradley and Paul Wilson (another two Marketing With Alex Students) offered me afree review copy of their Awebextra product(teaching some super cool tricks for Aweber) in exchange for a testimonial.Of course I was thrilled to get a free review copy.I learned some cool techniques to use with my Aweber email marketing too.And I wanted my blog readers to learn these tips too.Now obviously I couldnt just blatantly rip off Rob and Paul and give away all the contentthey had created for their product.So I would need to promote the product as an affiliate.Now, I knew the product would be able to help my blog readers and subscribers greatlybut I didnt want to be a pushy sales / affiliate type marketer.So can you guess what I did?Yep, I blogged about it (easy isnt it!)
  57. 57. The third time I made money from my blog I said... I hate selling...But I wanted to promote the product (it was only $7) but I didnt just want to push anaffiliate link onto my blog readers and friends.I knew it was a great product that would help them with their own email marketingefforts.Arghhhhhh catch 22!So I had to think of a way I could share value and advertise the affiliate link at the sametime.Thats when I came up with the idea of...“Testimonials benefit you too”
  58. 58. So I wrote a blog post about testimonial benefits.And of course told my readers if they wanted to see my honest testimonial for theproduct...They could visit the Awebextra sales page and they should also buy the product as I wasendorsing it with my testimonial.Again I made about 11 sales = $77.Still not millions I know.But I was pleased all the same.You see some people NEVER make any money from their blog posts, so I reckon I wasdoing pretty good at this point...I was providing value first and making money second from blog posts.And more importantly I was HAPPY at the way I was making money. I make $2000 in affiliate commissions from a free wordpress plugin...It was around about this time that I discovered a really cool free wordpress plugin named“comment-redirect”I installed this free plugin and essentially what it does...Is send a person leaving their first comment on your blog, to another page on your blogonce they click “submit comment”.I designed a page with an affiliate offer on it from Lee McIntyre (dunno if thats exactlythe purpose for that plugin but thats how I decided to use it)You can see the page on my blog below...
  59. 59. The affiliate offer was for four free products in exchange for an email address, with anoffer of a $1 trial to Lees Platinum Coaching Package.After the trial period of $1, the cost was $97 per month at a 50% commission rate.Plus that person was cookied to me for life.Meaning any future sales of Lees other products would be credited to me too (Lee hadaround 16 products in his follow up sequence then)
  60. 60. So a person would visit my blog, leave a comment, then be redirected to my bonus page.It was very successful and its AUTOMATED!I quickly built up a nice monthly recurring income simply from people leaving first timecomments on my blog and opting in on the bonus page.I only wish I had known about this plugin when I had been getting all those hundreds ofprevious comments from my blog hopping activities!But no matter, if you intend to follow this method, you can have it set up straight from thebeginning :) So again, like I always do... I created a free product detailing how I made $2000 in affiliate commissions from a free wordpress plugin – so others could implement it too. You can access it for free here: EssentialWordpressPlugins.ComBy now, my blog was fast becoming a profit pulling platform for me...and I wasnt doing any hard selling whatsoever.Plus...I was truly helping others by learning new techniques and creating free products to helpthem make money too.Life was sweet for all of us.Truly amazing times!!!
  61. 61. Opportunity comes a knocking for a second time...It was around this point that opportunity came a knocking again, and again it was AlexJeffreys banging my door down.I think it was because I had shown I could take action, demonstrated I had a goodknowledge of blogging, churned out product after product with ease, done video tutorialsand faced fears – Alex offered me a job to work with him.Told you I would get on his radar didnt I.Anyway, Alex asked me what I was earning in my offline job and offered to pay me more ifI went to work full time with him.So of course I jumped at the opportunity, quit my job and yes... I blogged about it lol.I got tons of comments all filled with support and well wish for the latest part of my onlinejourney, it was amazing and I was truly touched by the support I received.
  62. 62. So I went to work for Alex and thats how Forward To Marketing was born.A coaching for newbies type program, to take anyone with no knowledge of workingonline and get them earning money fast.Alex would do the coaching calls and I did the techie type videos...I taught students via video tutorials how to: • Set up a blog • Add plugins, banners add pop outs • Add opt in forms, add slide up ads, add peel away ads • How to write enticing blog posts • How to track their traffic • How to focus on their best traffic sources • How to set up a twitter account • How to set up a facebook account • How to set up a facebook fanpage • How to set up various article accounts • How to write articles and where to submit articles • How to set up a youtube account and upload videos • How to tie all of their accounts together for automated traffic • How to blog hop / oil rig hop and build relationships • How to create a product from free private labels rights • How to join joint venture giveaways • How to set up their giveaway sign up pages • How to set up their giveaway download pages • How to monetize every stage of giveaways • How to interview an expert for unique product creation • How to take that interview and package it to be sold • How to add their new product to clickbank + get affiliates • How to set up the sales page, download page, affiliate tools page • How to split test their all their opt in pages • How to use A/B split tests with google webmaster toolsI helped teach the students tons more stuff, too much too list here!
  63. 63. Forward To Marketing was a massive success and became a 6 figure a month business FAST!Last week, I asked Nigel Yip, one of the future success stories from FTM for a testimonialon my videos and this is what he said. Sally Neill ROCKS!!! Her training videos are by far one of the best in the internet marketing industry. They are clear, concise, straight to the point, no faff, but most importantly, anyone, and I mean anyone... regardless whether they are a technical geek or a technical idiot... Can follow her videos and apply everything that is being taught and achieve the desire results.So with practice you can see I became a dab hand at videos and soon I was creating all ofAlexs Powerpoint presentations for his coaching calls too.Of course, I was very nervous doing video tutorials for the FTM paid customers, all myown video tutorials had previously been freebies.But the feedback to my videos were amazing from both the students and Alex (whichboosted my confidence greatly – was I finally starting to believe?)And can I tell you something, I didnt even properly promote “ftm” myself!But because I had built up a great relationship with my blog readers or friends I actuallymade 5 referrals to the FTM Coaching program without even having to do a hard sellpromotion of it.5 x $47 @ 50% commissions= $117.50 recurring each month.This added to my already increasing monthly recurring income from my blog bonus pageused with the comment redirect plugin and a few other products I promoted as anaffiliate.
  64. 64. But working with Alex meant my own business slipped...Due to working on the FTM project with Alex my blogging slipped.I wasnt posting as regularly on my blog as I had been.I felt I was losing touch with my readers and friends so I decided to blog hop again.This way I could catch up on how far that had all come and see what they need help with.So again I published a blog post.I was learning so much from Alex at this point.
  65. 65. Which was great, but the whole point of learning from Alex and seeing behind the scenesof his million dollar business was to take my own business to the next level and help myblog readers do the same for their business.But, I was so busy with my work for Alex, that I couldnt implement anything I waslearning into my own business or share the tips with others...So I made a conscious decision to get back into blogging regularly again.I didnt want to lose the momentum I had been gradually been building on my blog.It was at this time (whilst I was blog hopping) I noticed that some people were notutilizing the sheer power of blog hopping.So this prompted me to finish creating another product...My blog hopping queen report and help others achieve the same success I had in gettingtraffic and building relationships. You can learn my exact strategies for relationship building and traffic generation using blog hopping in this free report. if you follow the techniques I share, it will work for you too. Next, I wanted to reward my loyal blog readers...Now like I said I had slacked off with blogging and I felt I had let my blog readers down,so I wanted to give something back.The only way I could think to thank them would be to give them a link inside my bloghopping report, so I blogged and asked if they would like that.Again I got an amazing response in the form of comments on my blog.Everyone wanted their blog url inside my eBook.I even seen my blog post talked about in a paid memberships site by Daniel Sumnerdemonstrating how to create a viral buzz on your blog!
  66. 66. And I seen quite a few links inside popular forums from people recommending my post.And of course, my cool crowd were busy spreading the word for me, re-tweeting the link,sharing the post on facebook, digging it etc.So like I said everyone loved the idea. I got a ton of comments asking me to add a link totheir blog inside my eBook (which I of course did)I was really happy I was able to repay my readers in this way and they were happy too.Everyone was happy :)
  67. 67. Time to face another of fear...and make money from another blog postAs I was working closely with Alex, he very kindly offered to hold a special webinar withmyself and my blog readers / friends and subscribers.This would be another fear of mine faced, to hold a webinar with Alex, ok technically Ionly had to say an intro, but I was still bricking it!As I had always relied upon the support and encouragement from my blog readers andfriends, I again blogged about it.
  68. 68. The support and encouragement I received was quite frankly out of this world.My blog readers and friends all rallied round and starting promoting the webinar for me.I should also add that they done this with no benefit to themselves – I am truly grateful toeach and every person who helped me... cool crowd – you ROCK!Of course I was working away like a busy beaver trying to get people to attend thewebinar too as I knew Alex would share some great tips and information on it.Thanks to my own efforts and the efforts of my friends (aka the cool crowd) I managed toget a small amount of people (30) to attend the webinar.Alex made an offer for his latest coaching program at the end of the webinar and I made$500 in affiliate commissions, so again I made money from a blog post WITHOUT BEINGPUSHY.I never have to be pushy its a great place to be! Time to leave the Alex Jeffreys Nest...The Forward to Marketing training was now coming to a close (well my involvement in itwas) so it was time for me to make a choice...Continue working with Alex or fly the nest.Now at first I was scared and I continued working for Alex as his Affiliate Manager.Every day I would contact new affiliates and get them to promote Alexs products.Alex called it KOTOBOT (Keep On Top Of Being On Top)But my heart wasnt in it any more.I was chomping at the bit to get out there and grab a slice of success for myself, so with aheavy heart I emailed Alex and told him I wanted to quit.It was a scary decision for me, but Alex was very supportive.He always knew one day I would spread my wings and fly from his nest.Alex never said it, but I think that was always his plan, to take me under his wing, showme his entire business and then let me fly...Once I quit I was essentially jobless and my sole source of income would be the money Imade online.
  69. 69. But I did have a slight cushion, thanks to the fact that I had slowly been growing myrecurring monthly affiliate commissions thanks to the automation I spoke about.Although you should know affiliate commissions can be here one day and gone the nextso not a very dependable source of income.But I had quit and there was no going back, so you know what I did next right?I of course, blogged about it.Again I received a ton of comments and support from my blog readers – all telling me howgreat I would do on my own.Tons of people telling me they would help me in anyway they could.Telling me that when I release my products they will help me promote, is that cool or isthat cool???
  70. 70. Most people have to go out there and hunt down potential affiliates!But I had tons of people commenting on my blog and saying they would promote for me.So now I had so much free time...I was able to work on creating my own products which had been put on hold since Istarted working for Alex.And thats when the essential wordpress plugins product was created, which I mentionedearlier.Again I blogged about it...The response in terms of comments on my blog was a little poorer than I expected, but interms of optins it wasnt.
  71. 71. I received just over 100 optins in the first 2 days which I was thrilled with, I had nevergrown my list so quickly with a free product before (excluding joint venture giveaways ofcourse)I was even more pleased that my squeeze page video converted at a staggering 83%!Of course this dipped with colder traffic – visitors who did not personally know me, andconversions have now dropped to around 53% which I am still pleased with I guess.The plan now is to split test the page and hopefully I can get the conversions back up. You gotta know your numbers...Working with Alex taught me to work on your numbers.If you think about it, numbers can make or break you.If I send 100 visitors to a squeeze page and it converts at 5% I get 5 optins yes?If I work on that squeeze page and get it to 50% then I get 50 optins yes?Which would you rather... 5 optins or 50 optins?I hope you said 50.
  72. 72. Now all we changed was maybe something simple on the page... • A headline. • An image. • Asked for an email address rather than a name and emailTiny little changes like that can make a whole lot of difference.You dont have to focus on driving more traffic.You focus on improving your numbers first.Once your page is tweaked to perfection, THEN you send all the traffic.I learned lots of cool methods like that from Alex, working with him took me to the nextlevel of marketing.You will never see me sending out an email to my list now without at least split testing theheadline. • I split test my optin forms. • I split test my optin pages. • I split test long email copy vs short email copy. • I split test the day I sent out emails. • I split test the time I send out emails. • I test and tweak almost everything now.And if am not testing or tweaking then I am drilling down previously sent emails, and thathas been a highly important part of my success.Now if you hate stats, dont worry I hated statistics before I started working with Alextoo... But I grew to love them once I seen the powerful effect one tiny change could maketo your entire business.Not split testing is just plain lazy, please dont do it.I use Aweber and they make almost every single split testing task super simple for ya, soyou got no excuses not to be doing it.And you just watch and see the difference it makes to your business and income, amassive one trust me.Ok, enough about stats, lets get back to my mad crazy journey...
  73. 73. Facing my final fear...You may remember that at the beginning of this report I told you my biggest fear was toget in front of the video camera.It took me almost a year to face this fear...And when I finally faced it, I thought to myself, that was EASY what was all the fussabout!I think I had built up the fear in my head.Focused on everything that could go wrong.My thoughts of failure fed the fear and it grew and grew until I was almost paralysed by it.Please dont let fear take hold of you with anything.I have shown you how I faced my fears, how I conquered them.And how by facing my fears I was able to move my online business forward at a muchfaster pace than most. But if I am honest, which I always am...I tend to need an incentive to face my fears or a little push or a nudge to do “stuff” onlineand getting in front of the camera was no different.Yet again, thanks to the relationships I had built online from my blog hopping antics, I wasoffered a free beta access of Paul Teagues (another Marketing With Alex Student)amazingly cool Fast Fan Pages.The terms of the beta access were that I would have to use the software, report any bugsand provide a video testimonial.On using Fast Fan Pages I seen just how easy it was to create highly professionalFacebook Fan Pages in under 5 minutes!I wanted to keep my access to the product so I had to bite the bullet and record a again I blogged about it.
  74. 74. I made just one commission from that blog post totalling $16.49But the whole point of that blog post wasnt to make money – it was to face a fear AND...It was to demonstrate to my blog readers how they could use the completely free versionof Fast Fan Pages and set up their own facebook fan page FAST for FREE.I recorded a video demonstrating my own fan page.The video detailed how I was giving away • free eBooks • free videos • free mp3 interviewsDirectly from my fan page, super easy!
  75. 75. I recorded this video tutorial so that my blog readers could go out and do it forthemselves.Some people only blog to make money, I dont.Every blog post I do is not intended to make money, nor should yours be.Remember value first – money second.I blog to provide value to my readers, thats why they keep coming back.You should focus on the relationship with your blog readers first, the money will comelater.I have never forgot a quote Alex said to me... “Dont chase money, let money chase me”So please give first and you WILL get later.
  76. 76. United we brand divided we fall...I have to say that without the help and support I received from my blog readers aka the“cool crowd” and Alex Jeffreys I doubt I would be were I am today.Working online can be so much rewarding when you help others.Selfish marketing is not something I am a fan of, help people first, it will come back to youten fold, trust me.I recently recorded a video thanking my “cool crowd” for helping so much online, I gave“shout outs” to those people who have helped me the most.
  77. 77. I have had help from so many love people...People like:Dawn Kay,Randy Smith,Nikki Stephens,Craig Sowerby,Terry Dollard,Jacinta Dean,Kathy Dobson,Barry Wells,Terry Conti,Lisa Hernandez,David Walker,David Taylor,Paul Teagueand so many many more, always helping me to find success online.If someone truly helps you, I encourage you to “shout them out” too.Join my cool crowd – become out a “shout out sharer”Now that video blog post was a big hit.I received comments from my readers telling me that my video made them CRY, yes CRY!But that was never my intention...I merely wanted to express my gratitude for all the help that they have given me.We are all just normal everyday people.Trying to make a few bucks online.Trying to better our lives and the lives of our families.Surely we should be helping each other to achieve those dreams?
  78. 78. Will your next chapter be a happily ever after?Like I said before, I dont know what stage you are at in your online career.Maybe you have been failing miserably. Maybe you lost it all like I did.Maybe you are right at the beginning of your journey?I dont know, but I know in some way I could help you move forward.My most recent blog post was asking my cool crowd and my subscribers what they needhelp with right now to help them move forward.Look I know...I can help you online.I can give you belief.I can kick your butt.I can make you learn.I can make you take action.I can help you earn!But just because I know that, doesnt mean my blog readers want that right?And whats the best way to find stuff out???Do a blog post and ASK people!
  79. 79. So thats where I am right now, a full time Internet Marketer standing on my own twofeet.Ready to help others reach the stage I am at, not making millions but having fun.I love Internet Marketing I really do! Its the best business everrrrrrrrrrr.And just last weekend, when I attended the Instant Profit Seminar I finally began to trulybelieve in myself.People approached me for advice on their online business and I gave damn good answers.Truth be told there was a queue of people waiting to talk to little old me.It was at that moment I finally realized I knew a ton about marketing online and makingmoney.People even wanted to have their photo taken with me, strange but kinda cool too!
  80. 80. And remember my ugly plain lil blog...Well it was featured on the big screen for everyone to see, told ya that you dont need afancy site with all the bells and whistles didnt I!Its been a crazy journey for me and I am entering a new chapter now.I have learned so much and I want to share what I have learned with you.I want you to realize that you can start your own journey today.Make that next chapter a happily ever after.Many people struggle with most tasks related to making money online, but there is noneed...Look at me.Look how I done it.I created a simple blog.I documented my journey online.Could you not do that?I created products from those blog posts. • I never knew I would write a blog hopping ebook. • I never knew I would write a skype interview guide. • I never knew I would create essential wordpress plugin tutorials. • I never knew any of it!I easily built a mailing list (growing daily on autopilot)You can do that too.I just kept pushing forward online.You can do this too.I kept facing fears.You can do that too.
  81. 81. I learned new techniques everyday.You can do that too.I have worked very closely with one of the best Internet Marketers online, Alex Jeffreysand helped build a 6 figure a month membership site.You can do that too – oops no wait a sec - ok, maybe you cant do exactly that!But who says you cant show up on a highly successful marketers radar?Who says they wont just take you under their wing like Alex did for me.I really feel in my heart of hearts that ANYONE can do what I have.And thats why I want to take someone under my wing and pay forward Alex taking meunder his.Remember, this is not the end of my journey, its just the start of a new chapter... And I want you to come along for the ride WITH ME!Do you want me to take you under my wing?Would you like me to personally help you get to the level I am at right now?You want a powerhouse blog making you money and building you a list?You want to be the nice marketer not the nasty one??You want to help yourself and help others at the same time?Now, I would of course love to take EVERYONE under my wing, but I obviously dont havetime for that (unfortunately)However, what I can do is help 3 people. And I mean for free, I will not charge youanything, its 100% free no catches. But you have to do something for me...
  82. 82. You have to go visit this blog post here right now and tell me exactly why should youwin.Tell me a little about your journey so far... • Are you just starting online or have you been trying for a few years? • Have you tried other coaching but didnt get results? • Are you constantly chasing the next shiny object? • Are you unmotivated or need a good ass kicking? • Are you “stuck” and dont know how to move forward?Tell me WHY do you think I would be the ideal coach for YOU?Basically just tell me WHY YOU SHOULD WIN!So thats it...Thats all you gotta do to start your own journey (under the safety of my wing)I will personally read all of the comments left on my blog and choose the 3 people I thinkbest deserve this opportunity and announce the winners on my blog on the 14th July.So go go go and and leave your comment before that deadline... start leaving themso I can start reading them and pick three winners!!!And hopefully I will be working very closely with ya real soon.C yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sally :)ps. take action now, turn your next chapter, into a happily ever after...leave your comment here