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Donna Sia 20 Year Marketing Plan


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Donna Sia 20 Year Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Fashion ParadeA 20 Year Marketing Plan 2011 Edition Donna T. Sia Ateneo Graduate School of Business
  2. 2. The Programme:1st Part of the Show: Mission/Vision Roles Tim Gun’s Golden Rule2nd Part End in Mind
  3. 3. VISION & MISSIONAs an manager: I spot the “it” factor of the people in my team. I help develop their skills by believing in them, giving them opportunities so that they will be able to enhance their talents, conquer their insecurities and fears, and we as a team can deliver positive contribution to our company and customers.
  4. 4. VISION & MISSIONI make sure that I nurture my relationship with the people in my team like I nurture my relationship with my family and friends.
  5. 5. Walking out of each door everyday Imake sure that I dressed as: A Christian in Action A forever daddy’s little girl A brotherly sister A sweet and simple girlfriend A loving friend A model aunt A COOL Manager
  6. 6. A Christian in Action
  7. 7. A Forever Daddy’s Little Girl
  8. 8. A Sweet and Simple Girlfriend
  9. 9. A Brotherly Sister
  10. 10. A Model Aunt
  11. 11. A Loving Friend
  12. 12. A Cool Manager
  13. 13. I adjust easily to different situations inwork and life.I am not afraid to voice out my opinions.
  14. 14. Like Madonna, I strive to be unique.I believe in the power of women.
  15. 15. I am Truly
  16. 16. I am half Chinese, half Filipino
  17. 17. I work as a manager in
  18. 18. Daily Fashion Police: Mobile Calendar/Task App (Everyday Mirror Check (Assess my day every night and set mini goals every morning) The Bathroom Scale (There are things in life that I want to maintain-my relationships and my weight/health)
  19. 19. Life’s Little Lessons ForMaking It Work By: Tim Gunn
  20. 20. Rule: Make It Work I will adjust to situations, I will be dynamic. I will make do with what I have now. I will find solutions in my dilemmas. Nothing is impossible..
  21. 21. The World Owes You …Nothing I do not expect the world to be nice to me, but I will stay positive always whatever challenges I will face.
  22. 22. Take the High Road Amidst all the stresses of workweek, a lost baggage in the airport, a late delivery; I will choose to be nice and just let the negative vibes go away. I will feel better about myself and the world will feel better about me.
  23. 23. Don’t Abuse Your Power—or Surrender It Somebody entrusted to me position that I have now. I worked hard to earn it, yet it is no reason for me to be rude to people and use my power to belittle them, not even my subordinates. The people around me are my bosses.
  24. 24. Get Inspired If It Kills You I got to love what I do to be doing it. Lack of inspiration is not an excuse. I will just look around me, humble myself and the world will reveal its beauty.
  25. 25. Never UnderestimateKarma Karma can either be good or bad and it will come to me ten folds.
  26. 26. Use Technology; Don’t LetIt Use You Value face to face interactions. A hand shake, a kiss on the cheek, a pat on the back- better than a text message.
  27. 27. Talk to Me: There’s AlwaysAnother Side to the Story I should not overreact. We want to find solutions to our worries. By hearing the other side of the story, I am actually taking the high road
  28. 28. Know What to Get Off YourChest and What to Take tothe Grave Secrets can be helpful. I spread the good news and think ten times before spilling out the bad ones.
  29. 29. When You Need Help, Get It Use the internet to gain information, ask knowledgeable people for advice, call a friend. Nobody knows everything, you know.
  30. 30. Take Risks! Playing It SafeIs Never Really Safe Living life is taking risks—in my career, in my love life and even in my everyday choices. It is only through taking risk that I get a change to gain the highest reward.
  31. 31. Give Back (but Know YourLimits) I say thank you, I share my blessings but I also keep a little for myself. I also look back to where I came from; it makes me feel so easy to share what I have with those who have nothing.
  32. 32. Life Lessons by a FashionDesigner  Carry On!- We pause for a while to assess where we are in life. We hit some road blocks, we make it to the pit stop yet the journey never ends. We give ourselves a pat on the back for the day that has gone by. Tomorrow’s another day and let’s carry on.
  33. 33. This 20 year life catwalk isworth everyday of it! Here and Now: 27 Years Old A Christian in Action A sweet and simple GF Daughter Model Aunt Purchasing Manager
  34. 34. 20 Years after: 47 Years Old A loving & supportive Wife Nurturing Mother An inspiring friend An Entrepreneur
  35. 35. End of the show: Conquering life with a sweet and sexy glow!It is important that I live a happy and content life. I should know what matters to me—relationships and the people around me versus material things, power and prestige. Extreme pressure from the society will blur my vision. Yet I am determined to walk the path that I choose to take. Amidst all the glamour, the best fashion for me after all is the one that exudes simplicity.
  36. 36. Fashion ParadeA 20 Year Marketing Plan 2011 Edition Donna T. Sia Ateneo Graduate School of Business