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Shocking truth


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Shocking truth

  1. 1. “How I Made$711,234.35 In PROFIT From ClickBank In The Last 8 Months” PLUS – The Shocking Truth AboutThe Secretive ClickBank ‘Inner Circle’ (And How YOU Can Join Them)… Before we get started, let me show you some proof from just 4 of my 20+ ClickBank accounts…
  2. 2. Hey, Chris Freville here.That’s me over there on the right.While I was on holiday, cash deposits wereautomatically landing in my ClickBankaccount.They do this every hour of every day.I couldn’t turn off the ‘money tap’ if Iwanted to. I want you to picture something for me…Imagine your life as it is now… but with anextra layer of comfort.You’re watching TV… you’re playing withthe kids… you’re shopping for groceries…And all the time, thick rivers of cash arepouring into your bank account.It’s passive… it’s constant… it’s life-enhancing.Now before we go any further let me just say… that would have seemedtotally unbelievable to me as little as 3 years back.
  3. 3. So if you’re feeling skeptical right now, just keep reading and I’ll show you how thiscan become a reality for you.A few years ago I used to work as an IT consultant.And let me tell you… I hated my job with a passion!I worked in a cubicle over a burning hot PC with my boss breathing down my neck. Iwas a ‘Dilbert’ through and through.I’d go home with headaches from straining at the monitor for so long and stressedbecause I couldn’t keep up with my boss’s demands.But in some ways I’m grateful for that crummy job.Yep, you heard me right.If it wasn’t for that depressing state of affairs, I’d never have stumbled ontoClickBank… making money online… and a small group of like-minded people whowould change everything for me.You see, when I started out on this journey, I had no contacts… no money to invest…and no knowledge of anything to do with internet marketing.I was just a family man with 4 kids looking for a way out of his job.And here I am 3 years later bringing in over $1 million dollars in sales every year. Truly, if I can do it, ANYONE can!Let me tell you a bit about what’s happening right now on ClickBank.First, ClickBank have never let me down… they make it EASY to be a successfulaffiliate.They have over 100,000 ACTIVE affiliates.This means, if you sell your own product, that 100,000 people are all acting as YOURsales agent.They have 14,000 product vendors. I am in the top 100 vendors Check out my fancy-pants certificate...
  4. 4. Now let me reveal some insider secrets you may not be aware of.Have you ever been to the website JV Notify Pro?Here’s a screenshot…
  5. 5. Look at all those launches stacked up one after another?Why so many?Because they make a TON of money.People make money on ClickBank by either promoting launches like those in thescreenshot or by creating their own launches.Now here’s a secret…Did you know that right now there’s an ever-widening “inner circle” of UKentrepreneurs all making OBSCENE amounts of money on ClickBank?In fact millions of dollars every single week are siphoned through these UKmarketers’ accounts.Of course I have many colleagues from the US and elsewhere who are also extremelysuccessful, but right now the guys in the UK are dominating a lot of leaderboards.
  6. 6. Take a look at this from my recent launch Passive Profit Portals... #1 Paul Liburd & Antonio – Batman and Robin win top prize! $5,000 – UK & US! #2 Mike Auton & Craig Kaye – Leading all the way but pipped at the post $2,500 – UK! #3 Dave Guindon – Came on very strong at the end, $1,500 #4 Nick Baker – Sent mountains of traffic! $1,000 – UK! #5 Simon Coulson – Top 5 finish – Thanks mate! $500 – UK! #6 Mo and Adeel – Cheers guys. Appreciate it! $300 – UK! #7 Shawn Casey – Good to his word! Thanks again. $250 #8 Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones – Awesome guys! $200 – UK! #9 Jani G & Steven Johnson – Thanks guys, nice one. $150 – UK & US! #10 Eric Rockerfella – Cheers Erock! $100 #11 Michael Jones – Cheers MJ #12 Steve Iser – Cheers Stevie #13 Neil Stafford & Neil Travers – Awesome support from The 2 Neils! – UK! #14 Kieran Gill – KG is da man! – UK! #15 Huey Lee & Rasheed Ali – Awesome work guys. Thanks #16 Matt Benwell – Appreciate the support mate – UK! #17 Ian Ross – Thanks mate – appreciate it – UK! #18 Rob Benwell – Cheers pal - awesome – UK! #19 Andrew Fox & Chris Fox – See you on the yacht! – UK! #20 Chris X – Cheers mate, appreciate it – UK! “18 of the above names are UK based!”What does this mean?Is it some kind of Brit revolution??Now, it doesn’t mean we in the UK have superior marketing skills than anybody elsein the world… it just means that right now…
  7. 7. The UK ClickBank ‘inner circle’ is in good shape.The force is strong!Yes.There IS an inner circle.A closed door network of like-minded entrepreneurs.And I’ll tell you how I stumbled into this gang, and how you can do the same, shortly.You see, marketers get together in little groups to help each other and grow theirsuccess.We help each other out with promotions… product ideas… and affiliate tactics.We meet at seminars… and we have private meetings in ‘exotic’ locations.Now of course, pick an American marketer and his launch leaderboard will look verydifferent.But the fact remains… in the UK right now ordinary people like you andme are making a killing!How would you like to join in? How would YOU like to become part of ClickBank’s very own ‘millionaire’s row’?I’ll show you how.First, let me back up a little.When I got started online, I was maybe like you are now.In fact, I WAS you.Running around like a headless chicken.Trying a bit of everything and succeeding at nothing.I remember meeting one person at a UK seminar. (He’s one of the guys inside theUK inner circle.)He was just milling around in the crowd but seemed to know everyone.And I could tell from the Rolex on his wrist, he was pretty good at this ‘make moneyonline’ stuff.So, in a moment of drink-fuelled confidence, I decided to walk up to him in the barafter the seminar and ask some newbie questions.
  8. 8. I asked him…“Listen, I’ve tried adsense… affiliate stuff… SEO… PPC… you name it. But how doyou REALLY make money online? Is it all a bloody scam or what?”I told him about my job, how I had 4 kids to feed and how badly I wanted it to work.He smiled, took me to one side and simply said…“Chris, that’s all good stuff. And maybe it works for some people but…here’s what I’ve been doing and it works like CRAZY for me…”And he almost instantly lifted the blindfold on how to REALLY make the BIG moneyonline.No, he didn’t talk about product creation or PPC tactics or keyword research…He let me in on what he (and his colleagues) do every day in their businesses.And I was stunned.Could it really be this easy?Anyway, soon as I got home, I fired up the laptop and set to work on what he had toldme at the seminar.I knew I wanted to do what this guy was doing.We kept in touch and he introduced me to many other people… he helped me withmy business… and over the next few months, THIS happened…You may not know that CB sends out checks bi-monthly. So that $117,119.68 is myearnings for 2 weeks!And here’s something else not many people realize.
  9. 9. When you ‘get’ how money is made on the internet… when you have the blueprintand the network to guide you…You don’t make money slowly… You make quantum leaps in income!Sudden windfalls.You go from $1000 a month… to $5000 a month… to $20,000 a month VERYquickly.But it all depends on doing the right things, in the right order AND (this is the parteveryone else leaves out) having your own ‘support’ network.Yes, you can go it alone but that makes things 10x as hard.I know, if it wasn’t for my network of friends and colleagues I’ve built over the lastfew years, my success would not have been as rapid.And you only need to know ONE person to find your way in.You just need one link… one connection to accelerate your rise to the top.Look. I realize what I’m saying here might make you feel a little uneasy.But this is a people business!Take away all the technology (which, even with my IT background, I STILL don’tunderstand? Want me to code a website? Forget it!) and money is made throughpeople. Ok Chris, this is all great and I’m really happy you have so many friends but… what has this got to do with me?Glad you asked.Now, I’ve coached a few people before.Many of my students went onto to make six-figures for themselves very quickly.So I’ve been thinking about how I can top even my personal coaching.How could I make sure that YOU would enter the realm of six and seven figuremarketers just like I did a few years back.Well, I think I found the solution.But before I reveal my plan… and how you can take part… I’d like to invite youto a webinar.
  10. 10. This is a ‘one of a kind session’ where I’ll be sharing a strategy that can make youmoney right NOW… as well as answering your burning questions when it comes toseven-figure launches on ClickBank.I hope you’ll join me.Click here to registerif the above link isn’t working then here’s the direct link: for reading this little delve into my history.And remember… you ain’t seen nothing yet ;)Chris FrevilleP.S. Imagine this happening to your ClickBank account every single day…… it’s easy when you know how.Talk soon!