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The Simple 3-Step System To Earning $1k Per Day-All ONLINE!


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In this presentation, I reveal the simple 3-steps I have used over the past 2 years to earn over $750K, working 2-3 hours a day, all online..from home!

You can get more details at

This reveals the actual strategies and leaves nothing out!

If you are ready to discover HOW to change your life learning what marketing skill are required to have success, this presentation is for you!

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The Simple 3-Step System To Earning $1k Per Day-All ONLINE!

  1. 1. How Exciting! How exciting internet-based business is! •Where you can use the internet to make a fortune. •Get to network with people all over the world
  2. 2. • Learn how to build relationships, you feel like you really know people that you physically may have never met, but isn’t that how business is done today anyway? • You get to set your own pace, work from home-even if you are still a w2 wage earner and enjoy yourself as you build and work on the lifestyle you really want
  3. 3. With Downsizing, the economy, higher costs of living, there’s no better time to get going in your business! • More than ever, you Must be in control of your finances what you bring in and what you spend • Retirement isn’t promised as it used to be back in the day so you have more of a reason to save for your own retirement
  4. 4. Our world is being separated into 2 income classes: The ultra-rich and the ultra-poor. Middle-class will soon be a thing of the past.
  5. 5. So, here is the goal: To help you make no less than $100K in the next 12 months. (Results May Vary…No guarantees!) “Everyone should have their handout for the to take notes on as well”
  6. 6. • Who I am/my story • Reason Why This Major System will never be taught to you • The powerful 3-Step system that changed the way me and my team do business. hat To Expect…
  7. 7. • How to build the momentum that is absolutely necessary if you plan to build a huge and growing organization • Chance to hear from some real people who have experienced what this powerful system can do and how it got them in the game lik never before
  8. 8. Special Bonus: How to get the Free Training I’ll be giving to a select few who qualify!
  9. 9. Stick Around! You’ll want to stick around I will reveal the 1 thing that this information has done for me AND I will be giving you the instructions on how to get your FREE video recording of this webinar.
  10. 10. Tracey WalkerTracey Walker My name is Tracey Walker I am an internet network marketer. I started in this industry a little over 5 years ago and followed the lead of my upline. My story
  11. 11. Prior to that time, I went to college and graduated in the Fall of 1999, Magna Cum Laude, with an MBA, concentrated in Marketing! My goal was to become a Chief Marketing Officer one day and be at the top of the corporate ladder
  12. 12. But something weird happened… Almost shocking to me… I did NOT have a cush job waiting for me after 5 intense and accelerated years of learning and $30,000 in student loans!
  13. 13. So started this lil job part-time adjusting automobile claims for a major insurance company until something came along During this time, I was glad my dad had been exposing me to real estate investing, but I was really focused on getting a JOB…(wow…who knew? Lol)
  14. 14. So by the next year, in 2000 I got a marketing position in Atlanta. I worked 12-hr shifts, with 4 days on and four days off. 1st set of 4 was from 7a-7p 2nd set of 4 was from 7p-7a An Absolute Nightmare!!
  15. 15. So I began to study this real estate thing a little more and starting doing deals part time. I then began feeling stuck at work. It was like I couldn’t get my real estate business going because I was ALWAYS At WORK!! Arrghh! So, I prayed for a way to get out of that job
  16. 16. Sept 11, 2001 changed everything..not just for me, but LOTS of people (in fact one of my business partners, Patrick Batty was actually in one of the towers that day, and has told us the story of what life was like for him) Anyway, layoffs started and I was laid off in the 2nd or 3rd round, near March 2002.
  17. 17. I was so frikken HAPPY!!!! So I took my severance and my Georgia unemployment to live and to get my real estate business up and moving!
  18. 18. But something weird happened… Almost shocking to me…AGAIN! In July of 2002, my mom called and said she had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer…the doctors said she had 6 months to live… (I never thought I would ever hear MY mom say that)
  19. 19. So I packed my car, drove back to Chicago and took care of my mom Funny thing…she actually lived longer than the 6 months the doctors told us! She lived for 7….then made her transition on March 2, 2003
  20. 20. SO I dived into real estate, negotiating short sales. I got married, built a 3500 sq ft house from the ground up, bought a CL 500 Benz, a Hummer H2, jewels and traveled…we were living the life earning anywhere from $60k-$90k PER MONTH!!!! Life was good!!
  21. 21. But something weird happened… Almost shocking to me…AGAIN! DAMN!!!! The market crashed, lending laws changed and we went from doing 3 deals a month over the previous 3 years, to 3 deals for the whole year of 2006…
  22. 22. My home went into Foreclosure My cars went into repossession My electricity was rigged So was the cable, the water and the gas!
  23. 23. I cried…daily, almost hourly.. Depressed, argumentative and probably very negative. Credit cards were just about maxed, and I saw no way out
  24. 24. Then in January, 2007, I got a call from a friend..a college friend who’s father was a multi-millionaire, restauranteur in Chicago. He said you gotta take a look at this..maybe it can help supplement your income
  25. 25. So I did… I signed up into my first Network Marketing company at that time and LOVED it!! I presented 2-3 times a week…with 2 of my dear friends. We called ourselves the “Wealth Angels”
  26. 26. I enjoyed sharing the “good news” with people, showing them there was a way out! Our team was the fastest growing team in the company, I loved my leaders, and I was making money!
  27. 27. However, I was getting burned out.. Driving all over the city, doing home parties, hotel meetings, 3-way calls, etc… And honestly, I was doing well, but not enough to save my home!
  28. 28. After a year of building my business offline… I wanted something different. I knew there had to be a way for me to automate this process, work from home, and not have to get “suited and booted” everyday to go make the donuts!!!
  29. 29. So, in March 2008, I turned to the internet for help. By June I had built my own list of prospects to over 350 people and decided to start with a new business.
  30. 30. Within my 1st 30 days of being in that business, I personally recruited 15 people and was quickly advanced to the next leadership level in my company. Things were turning around! It was at that point that I was truly convinced that I had cracked the code to having real network marketing success.
  31. 31. In 2009, I officially lost my home. We moved back to Atlanta and started over. Our relationship, over the years, just seemed irreparable from a marriage standpoint, so eventually we divorced.
  32. 32. But I didn’t let ANY OF THAT stop me!! Not the foreclosure, not the repossessions, not the bankruptcy and not the divorce!! I kept going…non stop.. Propelled by the vision of wealth for me and my team…. And THAT was all I could see..
  33. 33. Since then, I have sponsored literally thousands of reps and affiliates all online… I have spoken on stages in front of THOUSANDS Sharing my story and the message Of FREEDOM!
  34. 34. I have earned over $750,000 in the last 20 Months… (Results May Vary)
  35. 35. My Maserati Gran Turismo I bought my dream car!
  36. 36. Me and Kelo in Miami I even found love again 
  37. 37. So the point of this webinar is… To share with you… How This Simple Little 3-Step System (I discovered) Can Help You Cash In Online And Earn $1k Per Day on Autopilot!
  38. 38. Reason Why This 3-Step System will never be taught to you: It is not a hyped up strategy, so you will most likely never hear in randomly The things that are used by the masses are readily available to learn about The things that only the ultra successful people know, stay within an elite circle
  39. 39. Most networkers don’t even know what it is…so they clearly can’t teach it It’s not on the open market There really are no books about it There is only a handful of people who even use it and aren’t willing to give up the secret
  40. 40. The strategy is Blogging Daily! • What blogging is and why it works • How to do it properly to generate profit Step 1 (of 3)
  41. 41. What blogging is… The act of creating a discussion on an informational site published on the internet and consists of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order that often cover a single subject. Step 1: Blogging!
  42. 42. How To Start/Install your own blog
  43. 43. Get a hosting account with a company like hostgator Call their support to get your hostgator name- Servers Go to a place like go daddy and purchase a domain name (a url) How To Start/Install your own blog
  44. 44. Call go –daddy and tell them you want to change the name-servers from godaddy over to the name- servers at hostgator. After about 12-24 hours, login to your hostgator account (cpanel), go down to Fantastico, click on It: How To Start/Install your own blog
  45. 45. How To Start/Install your own blog
  46. 46. Then continue the step-by-step process to install wordpress on that domain. Once the blog is installed, you have a Nice plain, blank blog, ready for you to go out and conquer the world with!! You can log into your new wordpress Back office, write a blog post and hope and pray the world finds you to buy your product or service! How To Start/Install your own blog
  47. 47. How to make money on your blog On the tops and sides of your blog, there is an area for what we call banners These banners are designed to get your blog readers attention and entice them to click
  48. 48. How to make money on your blog
  49. 49. How to make money on your blog
  50. 50. How to make money on your blog Your goal usually is to find programs and services that have affiliate programs, access the banners of the ones you like and believe your audience would like, and place them in the banners area of your blog
  51. 51. How to make money on your blog
  52. 52. How to make money on your blog If you do not have traffic, then you’ll not only have no visitors reading your blog, but they’ll be no one seeing those banners either With no sales coming in, you’re soon… OUT of BUSINESS!
  53. 53. Design You’ll want to hire someone to create The graphics on your blog like the top Banner and the bottom banner or you can do it yourself Odesk elance
  54. 54. You will need to have a navigation bar so that the flow of information on your blog is easy to read and follow by your visitor A key component is to have colors that are appealing and those that actually contribute to the buying behavior of the consumer
  55. 55. Downsides to blogging •Can be costly in DOLLARS as you continue to hire people to assist you, get additional server space, build a massive blog •Can be costly in TIME if you opt to do it yourself
  56. 56. Upside to blogging • You can market in line with Google and get on the 1st page of Google and other search engines and be in the face of your target market daily, for free! • Once your post is written, it’s always there for you • Who needs traditional media as a MAIN source of exposure, when you can get on GOOGLE?!
  57. 57. Upside to blogging • Builds your credibility over time if you remain consistent • Positions you as the authority on your subject matter
  58. 58. Discover How To Do The ONE Thing Most Business Owners Do Wrong…. RIGHT!
  59. 59. What is marketing? (i.e. telling others) Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling the product or service. Step 2: MARKETING
  60. 60. There are tons of ways in which you can market online How to market
  61. 61. • Social media: facebook, instagram, pinterest • Social bookmarking • Paid ads: solo ads, banner ads, fb ads, google adwords • Affiliate jv’s • Article writing How to market
  62. 62. • Video marketing • CPA networks • Email marketing • So much more… How to market
  63. 63. How MOST internet marketers market • Posting links all over their friends walls on Facebook • Inboxing random people telling them they need to look at this opportunity • Posting link in the comments section of post a “well-known” person wrote in hopes to get the “traffic” to look at that link The Amateurs…
  64. 64. How MOST internet marketers market • Using people’s emails without their permission to send business opportunity links or offers to • Cold calling using phone numbers gathered by a scraper (emailing the same way)
  65. 65. How MOST internet marketers market • Using YouTube comments to talk about their business as opposed to offering a comment about the video content of the video they are posting about • Buying solo ads, and then pitching through the entire message
  66. 66. The #1 Way To Market • Create a lead capture page that asks for a person’s name and email The professionals…
  67. 67. The #1 Way To Market • Market that page/advertise that page where your target market hangs out (using some of the ways to market I mentioned earlier) • Allow the interested party to give you their email address willingly
  68. 68. The #1 Way To Market • Communicate with that person on your list the value of the product or service you are selling • Make an offer for them to buy • Do that over and over (with as many products or services as you want….this is the key formula for marketing properly!)
  69. 69. Finally Revealed: The Favorite Tool Of The Wealthy
  70. 70. Step 3: Get MONEY! That tool is MONEY (and getting as much of it as possible) There’s a process of attracting it to you First you have to understand that everything is energy… everything! Therefore money is energy!
  71. 71. If you have LOW energy, then what can you expect as it relates to money? Well, you probably have a lack of it!  BUT… If you’ve figured out how to have HIGH energy, truly, then you are 1-step closer to attracting it!
  72. 72. Second, you MUST have something for sale. Money is only obtained when there is a financial transaction. News Flash: If you don’t like selling, then that’s probably why you don’t have a lot of money Selling isn’t about pounding people, bugging people, harassing them, being over zealous and obnoxious.
  73. 73. In fact selling is the complete opposite. It’s the ability to share the value of what you have with a person who wants and has the means to get it, and then making an exchange. The more exchanges you make, the more money you make!
  74. 74. How you sell, can be automated by video or audio, outsourced, computerized, etc. However if you must do it yourself, then you’ve got to learn some effective techniques… I choose to sell things that can help people! Therefore my goal is for people to feel good about what they bought so that they realize the true benefit of how what I have can actually help them solve the problem or need they had initially.
  75. 75. The better people feel about voluntarily giving you the money in exchange for your good or service, you gain what we call respect and customer satisfaction. The more of THAT you get… The easier it becomes to get more money, MORE money, MORE MONEY!!
  76. 76. Now that you have it, it becomes your duty to use this tool responsibly! Do whatever you believe can do good for others!
  77. 77. Yet, remember YOURSELF in this process too! You DESERVE to have some fun and the things you like as well. •Buy something you’ve always wanted for yourself first….then •Donate to your church •Feed the homeless
  78. 78. •Help build a house •Start a foundation for a cause important to you •Create a training/learning center •Teach others how you did it •Etc Using this tool for good is a sure way to have it multiply for you!
  79. 79. So now I have taught you my 3-step System… Blog Daily, Tell Others, and Get Money!
  80. 80. **Just in case you are wanting to make money online, but have clearly realized you need something in exchange for the money! But what if I could show you how to tap into all three of these areas, systematically, with access to expert marketers, and eliminate the need to do all the setup of the blog I talked about, researching HOW to do all those strategies I shared on your own and find the people who REALLY know how to teach them to you, as well as offer you something to sell**?
  81. 81. If I could show you the ultimate platform that I found that helped me to put all these steps together in a system that has helped me to earn over $750k in the last 20 months, how excited would you be to know more about it?
  82. 82. The new RICHThe new RICH
  83. 83. Cashing inCashing in
  84. 84. Local business need an ONLINE PRESENCE
  86. 86. Sadly… 25%DON’T EVEN SHOW UP IN SEARCH
  88. 88. Without an OPTIMIZED WEB PRESENCE, you will miss the opportunity to attract consumers.
  89. 89. How consumers divide TIME onlineHow consumers divide TIME online 22% SOCIAL MEDIA 21% SEARCHING 20% READING CONTENT 19% EMAILING 13% VIEWING ENTERTAINME NT 5% SHOPPING
  90. 90. EMPOWER Network Well that platform is called…
  91. 91. Tracey WalkerTracey Walker • Top Female Income Earner In The Company… • #5 Income Earner of All-Time • Generated over $750K in the past 20 months, online, ON AUTOMATION, working 2 hours per day • Known for building powerful, highly duplicating teams
  92. 92. The Ultimate Leadership Factory!The Ultimate Leadership Factory!
  95. 95. Our PRODUCTSOur PRODUCTS BLOG $25/mo Designed to be simple blog set up to promote and build your biz online INNER CIRCLE $100/mo Personal Development Mindset Training with Skillset Focus COSTA RICA MASTERMIND $500 (one-time) Amazing Training on Online Sales Shows you how to Successfully Sale Online
  96. 96. Our PRODUCTSOur PRODUCTS $15K FORMULA $1,000 (one-time) The How To, with Internet Marketing and Offline Marketing Methods Major Focus on the “How To” with Online Marketing MASTERS COURSE $3,5000 (one-time) High Level Training 7- Figure Secrets to building a Thriving Business Online
  98. 98. EMPOWER NETWORK offers…EMPOWER NETWORK offers…  Personal development  High level marketing training  Fast start library with step by step tools for success  Weekly training calls  Partnerships & high level relationships
  99. 99. Double & Triple your Business Income through the INTERNET
  101. 101. Innovation & TimingInnovation & Timing Get MASSIVE exposure Have a GLOBAL team NO MORE hand holding NO MORE home meetings NO MORE stocking inventory NO MORE running from house to house
  102. 102. AUTOMATE your incomeAUTOMATE your income Done for you system Provides high level training Insiders access to latest marketing techniques Opens doors for global branding Sales 24 hours per day
  103. 103. THE POWER of TeamTHE POWER of Team
  104. 104. EN Introduces………EN Introduces……… 100%COMMISSIONS EARN
  105. 105. Traditional Network Marketing..Traditional Network Marketing.. Company Package Price Commission Percentage Earned Package #1 $497 $30 - $80 6% – 16% Package #2 $297 $5 -$30 1% - 10% Traveling Salesmen Started In 1860……..
  106. 106. Our Product……Our Product……
  107. 107. Company Structure……Company Structure…… $19.95 Affiliate Fee Rights To EN Licensing of Products Affiliate Earnings Payment Gateway Customer Support
  108. 108. Digital Delivery Allows………Digital Delivery Allows……… 100%COMMISSIONS EARN
  110. 110. PASS-UP layoutPASS-UP layout
  111. 111. 2 ways to make $2500IN NEXT 7 DAYS
  112. 112. OPTION #1OPTION #1 12 People at $25 with 8 Upgrading to $100, 3 Upgrading to $500 SPONSO RED PERSON STATUS AMOUNT AMOUNT AMOUNT 1 YOURS $25 $100 $500 2 PASS UP - 3 YOURS $25 $100 $500 4 PASS UP - 5 YOURS $25 $100 $500 6 PASS UP - 7 YOURS $25 $100 8 YOURS $25 $100 9 YOURS $25 $100 10 YOURS $25 $100 11 PASS UP - 12 YOURS $25 $100 TOTAL $200 $800 $1500
  113. 113. OPTION #2OPTION #2 25 People at $25 with 10 Upgrading to $100, 7 Upgrading to $500 SPONSORED PERSON STATUS AMOUNT AMOUNT AMOUNT 1 YOURS $25 $100 $500 2 PASS UP - 3 YOURS $25 $100 $500 4 PASS UP - 5 YOURS $25 $100 $500 6 PASS UP - 7 YOURS $25 $100 $500 8 YOURS $25 $100 $500 9 YOURS $25 $100 $500 10 YOURS $25 $100 $500 11 PASS UP - 12 YOURS $25 $100 13 YOURS $25 $100 14 YOURS $25 $100 15 YOURS $25 $100
  114. 114. 16 PASS UP - 17 YOURS $25 $100 18 YOURS $25 $100 19 YOURS $25 $100 20 YOURS $25 21 PASS UP - 22 YOURS $25 23 YOURS $25 24 YOURS $25 25 YOURS $25 TOTAL $500 $1000 $3500
  115. 115. Reginald Stinson
  116. 116. Caity Hunt
  117. 117. John Hill (My Dad!)
  118. 118. Take Action NowTake Action Now Join the Dream TeamJoin the Dream Team POSITION YOURSELF NOW:POSITION YOURSELF NOW:
  119. 119. Basic Partner:Basic Partner: I want you to know that this stuff is not just about joining or signing up. 10-step quick-start guide to get you off to a fast start to blogging, telling others and making money and growing your business n it you’ll learn the exact steps you will need to take, one at a time, progressively to attain your dreams.
  120. 120. We are an exclusive and fast-paced team who knows how to market and can teach you the skills we already posses. • We have intensive daily motivational calls that if I did them to just for my prospects, would cost $39.99/week approx $160/mo but on our team you get access to them FREE! Basic Partner:Basic Partner:
  121. 121. • We have a series of training videos related to different marketing strategies that are available to you 24/7. The information and detail in these videos has a value of $997. • My partner and I have set up an exclusive training portal that is private to our team where we share and grow and train daily. Valued at $49.95/mo, and all this would be at your fingertips instantly by partnering with me today! Basic Partner:Basic Partner:
  122. 122. The reason all this stuff is here is because this is what works. I’ve taken the time, put in the long hours and sweat to put all this together for you so you don’t have to. It is truly plug-in and win! Basic Partner:Basic Partner:
  123. 123. Start as a Basic Partner for ONLY… $44.95/mo $25/mo: your blog platform $19.95/mo: your affiliate fee
  124. 124. Basic PartnerBasic Partner EXCLUSIVE… This will be limited only to the first 30 people because I can’t handle more than that personally a month. When you click on the link, you will find the place where you will have to fill out the profile form, select me as your referring affiliate then purchase your basic membership for $25. Once that is done, be sure to activate your affiliate account immediately for the $19.95/mo or you will NOT be part of the 30 I work with!
  125. 125. Basic PartnerBasic Partner EXCLUSIVE… This will be limited only to the first 30 people because I can’t handle more than that personally a month. Hurry! Go here NOW to Enroll!
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  129. 129. Inner Circle PartnerInner Circle Partner EXCLUSIVE… This will be limited only to the first 20 people because I can’t handle more than that personally a month. Hurry! Go here NOW to Enroll!
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  131. 131. If you want to work with the right company and the right team with the right marketing, you have to act now. You see, we are convinced on our team that friends and family lists don’t work. Using the internet is the easiest and the fastest and can be done completely from your own home.
  132. 132. You can get all I mentioned plus the friendships you will build with other like-minded people! Most importantly you will have someone to help you. In this mixed up world we live in where nothing is guaranteed, you need a guide.
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  139. 139. Will be emailed to ALL attendeesWill be emailed to ALL attendees using the webinar attendees report!!using the webinar attendees report!! How To Get Your Bonus!How To Get Your Bonus!