51 tips from a Sales Consultancy. Part II


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This is the second of a three part series of tips compiled by Sales Benchmark Index's CEO, Greg Alexander.
Sales Benchmark Index is a professional services firm focused exclusively on sales force effectiveness. SBI generates results for clients by applying the benchmarking method to sales problems

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  • This deck is 2 of a 3 part series of Greg Alexander’s 51 tips from the sales consulting industry blog post.Keywords: Talent Management, Sales Training Programs, Sales Consulting, Sales Strategy, Sales Compensation, Sales Force Effectiveness, Channel Management, Sales incentive ideas, sales compensation plans, sales goals, sales force, sales performance, tools, sales tools, sales tips
  • Contact us if you would like to understand how you can leverage benchmarking best practices for talent management.Email - info@salesbenchmarkindex.comPhone - 1-888-556-7338Web: http://www.salesbenchmarkindex.com
  • 51 tips from a Sales Consultancy. Part II

    1. 1. Website Email Phonewww.salesbenchmarkindex.com info@salesbenchmarkindex.com 1-888-556-7338Tips for Sales Leaders from the Sales Consulting Industry Part II
    2. 2. Single purpose roles… …are outperforming multi-purpose sales roles. 22
    3. 3. Centralized lead generation……outperforms decentralizedlead generation.3 3
    4. 4. Too many salespeople will makethe CFO unhappy.Too fewsalespeople willmake the CEOunhappy. 44
    5. 5. Knowing how to do something is more5 important than knowing what to do. 5
    6. 6. Making decisions with your gut no longer makes sense. There’s lots of data at your fingertips. 66
    7. 7. ¾ of selling costs are labor costs.7 Get sales force sizing correct. 7
    8. 8. Learn your customers’ meeting preferences - Face to face… Over the phone…8 …or web based. 8
    9. 9. Mystery shop your competitors. How do they sell? 99
    10. 10. Make sure that your best reps are on your best accounts. #1 #1 1010
    11. 11. Don’t buy software (CRM, Marketing Automation)until you have a process defined. 1111
    12. 12. SFDC Your works salesfor your team sales does not team. work for SFDC. 1212
    13. 13. Leading indicators are better than lagging indicators. Which one are you looking at? 1313
    14. 14. McKinsey says ¾ of Solution Selling roll outs have failed.14 It no longer works 14
    15. 15. Garbage in, garbage out. Don’t let your reps pollute your data. 1515
    16. 16. Forecasting without a sales process is like building a house without a blueprint.16 16
    17. 17. Only the buyer can movefrom one stage to the next in a sales methodology. A rep cannot. 1717
    18. 18. Learn More Contact us to hear the rest of the story... Email - info@salesbenchmarkindex.com Phone - 1-888-556-7338 Web: http://www.salesbenchmarkindex.com18