15 Ways to Build Quality Back Links to Your Blog


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15 Ways to Build Quality Back Links to Your Blog

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNaira15 Ways to Build Quality Back Links to Your Blog2013-05-04 09:05:42 Shamsudeen AdeshokanGet paid to share your links!By: Mike BairdBuilding back links is one of those things in blogging that seems not to be an easytask to conquer, and with the significant role back links play in the way Googledetermine the authority of a web page, there is absolute reason for any serious-minded blogger to go all out and build links for his pages.With that in mind I decide to write 15 ways to build quality back links to your web siteor blog to gain authority online and improve exposure and traffic.1. Guest Blogging.Guest blogging is not only meant for building back links but also for driving targetedtraffic to your blog and improve visibility.Using guest blogging to build back links involved writing articles on another bloggersblog and including a link or two may be within the article body or in the author biodepending on the host bloggers terms and conditions.You can use my blog guest to harness the power of guest blogging on otherbloggers blog.2. Forum Posting.A forum is a good place to build links back to your blog and improve engagement.Most forums allow members to include their signature in the sig box and if you’re anactive member and give useful information people will follow your link back to yourblog and might even buy your product.
  2. 2. The sig box is a good place to leave your link, but read the forum rules before you goahead to do that, so you don’t get boot out.3. Craiglist.Craiglist is an online classified ads place where you can give your link for freedepending on your category.4. Diigo.Diigo is an online bookmarking site where you can easily saved your favorites pagesfor future reference.Highlight a part of your pages for bookmarking on diigo that you believe will be ofgood interest to potential readers. The highlighted pages and its url are saved ondiigo server and this makes for easy back links to your blog.5. Quality Content.Create unique quality content that solve problem or address issues and people willlove to link to it.After posting your content on your blog, you can e-mail other bloggers in your nicheto notify them of it, and if they find it useful and suitable for their type of audience,they might create another version of the topic and link to it from within the article’sbody.6. Engage Professional SEO firm.This is risky and should be approached with caution as some SEO consultantcompanies turn out to be using black hat method to build links for their customers.Investigate the SEO company you want to deal with, look for past customer reviewsand feed back about their services before negotiating with them.7. Use Delicious.Like Diigo, delicious is also a social bookmarking site that you can saved yourfavorites pages for further assessment. But the real power of using delicious to gainlinks back to your blog is by tagging url of interest to you and not in bookmarking it.8. Be the first to Write.When there is a new development or breaking news about your industry or nichetopic, being the first to publish it and alerting others of it could make those who writeabout it later on link to your post as a source.A good tools to stay in touch with the latest development and breaking news is theGoogle news which you can find at news.google.9. Articles Submission Sites.
  3. 3. Write at least one article a week and submit to article directories such as ezinearticles, go articles, article base, and the list goes on. Read the terms andconditions of submitting your articles on each article directory before including yourlink anywhere in the article body.Some of these articles directories don’t allow link within the body of the article, butwill allow in the author sig file.These articles directories usually rank high in search engine result pages and thismakes it easy for your quality content to get found and gain you targeted organictraffic.10. Press Release.If you have a reason to tell the world of your new product or services, its lunchingdate, the product quality, pros and cons and so on, then consider writing a pressrelease and submit to press release site such as NPR, PRLOG and so on.You links is there.11. URL Submission Sites.Submit your blog url to both paid and free url submission directories such as DMOZand others. Though very hard to get listed on DMOZ but worth the trouble.12. Hub Pages.If you can write good quality content to submit to hub pages then chances are thatyou will gain quality back links back to your blog and even attract some decenttraffic.But bear in mind that the moderators at hub pages don’t just make every articles do-follow, they take a look at every content and decide if it worth a follow link.13. Give Away Your Articles.Consider giving away your quality content on document submission sites and get alink back to your blog. Don’t bother about duplicate content issue. You can submit afree report you already have with you. There are several document sharing site onthe net to submit to.Docstoc.Scribd.14. Blog Commenting.Commenting on do-follow blogs is another easy way to get back links back to yourblog, but don’t spam the blogger with your comment.
  4. 4. 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Domain Name For SEO SEO Is Not DeadIs advisable to read and understand the post first before leaving a comment andmake sure you leave remarkable sentences and not just some phrases like “nicepost” “good content” “hi thanks” all these are jargon and shows you’re not interestedin the post but get link.15. Start Here to Get Link.Yes, you can start from here to get a link back to your site or blog if you follow theinstruction at number 14 carefully.Leave a valuable comment below about this post and if I consider your contributiongood enough for others to benefit from, you’re sure of a link back to your blog.This blog uses the comment luv plugin and all contributions are welcome providedyou don’t spam my blog with links and please no link or whatsoever in the commentfield.The best way to stay up to date with our blog post is by subscribing to our Newsletter so you dont miss out on any of our most valuable information. Thank you !Enter your email address:SubscribeDelivered by FeedBurnerRelated posts:
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