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Page 21 winter issue of empowerment magazine


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Page 21 winter issue of empowerment magazine

  1. 1. Continued from pageChelsea Bagias is a doctor of psychology currently collecting hours as a psychological as-sistant (PSB 36064 and PSB 36074). She is supervised in a local private practice by RosaDi Lorenzo Psy.D. (PSY 24148) and at C.O.R.E. Medical Clinic by Randall Stenson M.D.(G-25548). Chelsea has a passion for working with people experiencing intense challengesand believes all situations can find more peace and joy in life.Chris Woodyard graduated from the school of Health Sciences in 1981 in Wichita FallsTexas on Sheppard AFB, as a Psychiatric Technician. He worked as a Crisis Counselor &Crisis Case Manager at Solano County Mental Health for 13 years. Shortly thereafter, Chrismoved to Sacramento and worked with adults with Co-Occurring disorders in Private andNon-Profit agencies for the past 13 years. He attended The Breining Institute in 2004 andgraduated as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor. Chris is presently working at COREMedical clinic as a Mental Health Counselor and Buprenorphine Program Supervisor. Even-tually Chris would like to open his own restaurant and provide healthy, tasty nutritionalmeals such as Chris’s Minestrone Soup. ,