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BYU Entrepreneurship Clubs & Organizations


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This is the best way to take full advantage of BYU's stellar entrepreneurship programs.

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BYU Entrepreneurship Clubs & Organizations

  1. 1. CLUBS/ORGS COMPETITIONS MILLER NVC BIG IDEA COMPETITION INNOVATION ACADEMY Oct 5 | $1000 cashInter-disciplinary innovation Apply by Sep 29 at IDEA STUDENT INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR Nov 8 | up to $6000 VENTURE FACTORY Apply by Sep 30 at Creating products NVC BUSINESS MODEL COMPETITION Jan 25 | $10,000 cash VALIDATE Apply by Jan 19 at WEB START-UP GROUPCreating internet businesses STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR Feb 8 | $22,500 Apply at CEO CLUB MILLER NEW VENTURE CHALLENGE FINAL Creating new ventures Apr 5 | $130,000 cash Apply by Feb 28 at MILLER NVC INVESTOR DAY Oct 5 | $ cash tbd by investors Summer Immersion MNVC Final winners invited to present