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Racetech Magazine


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An article from Racetech Magazine about Sculptor.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Racetech Magazine

  1. 1. SCULPTOR “ ...where complex CFD models become clay in your hands... ” Article Reprint May 8, 2006 Dear Reader, The attached Race Tech magazine article highlights the importance of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to today’s racecar industry. But, the real story is about the ability of a world renown motorsport design company to circumvent the traditional wind-tunnel-to-road approach and go straight from CFD-developed design to the racetrack--with the help of Sculptor. Sculptor is an interactive, real-time design deformation tool for CFD applications. While CFD has been likened to a “virtual wind tunnel”, Sculptor is analogous to the “clay” used for shaping the desired component being tested in the tunnel. Advantage CFD, owned by Honda F1 Racing Team, was so confident of its capabilities, they asked to distribute the product in the European Union. The technology is drastically cutting the man-hours involved in one of the most time-consuming aspects of CFD-based shape optimization: the re- meshing of the simulation model. Sculptor is currently able to effectively answer the recurring question of engineers: “How do I improve my aerodynamic CFD designs--in the most cost-effective, timely manner?” Willem Toet, former Senior Aerodynamicist for B.A.R. Honda, succinctly summed it up: “Let’s Sculptor this.” Anyone interested in further information about this revolutionary product should contact the individuals listed below. Warmest Regards, Mark Landon, Ph.D. President Optimal Solutions Software, LLC Corporate Headquarters Distribution Centers United States Midwest U.S./Germany European Union Japan China Optimal Solutions Software, LLC Mindware Engineering, Inc. Advantage CFD VINAS Co., Ltd. Sightna Technologies Co. 2825 W., 1700 No. 39555 Orchard Hill Place Reynard Park, Brackley, ORIX Dojima Building 60 JiaoDa East Road Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402 Suite #160 Northants, NN13 7RP 2-1-31 Dojima Kita-Ku ShuZhi Jia Yuan, Suite Novi, Michigan 48375 United Kingdom Osaka 530-0003 JAPAN Beijing, CHINA Contact: John Jenkins Contact: Mike Salari Contact: Matt Cross Contact: Yasuhiko Fujikawa Contact: Larry Rong 208.529.9696 248.380.0808 (ext. 101) +44.0.1280.846806 86.10.62242281.809 Article