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Portafolio de evidencias 4.2


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Portafolio de evidencias 4.2

  1. 1. PORTAFOLIO DE EVIDENCIAS Módulo 2. Carta descriptiva.Instructions: Read the words and Listen to the teacher. Putt he pictures according withthe word. 1 2 a can of soup a jar of jam 3 4 a bottle of a box of cereal ketchup 6 5 a loaf of white a bag of flour bread 7 8 two loaves of a brunch of whole wheat bananas bread 9 10 a head of a dozen eggs lettuce 11 12 a pint of ice a quart of cream orange juice 14 13 a pound ofa gallon of milk meat 15a half pound of Taken from: Molinsky, J Steven y Bliss, Bill (2001). cheese Side By Side 2 Student’s Book. England: Pretince Hall.