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Star placements in astrology


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Published in: Spiritual
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Star placements in astrology

  1. 1. Star Placements in Astrology Planets work best in signs of their own ruling element and are considered "star placements" in your chart. The Sun, for example is a fire planet(ruler of Leo) and works best in the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Planets in their own element are always dominant factors in the chart and can be seen as gifts or strong powers which the native would do well to fully develop and utilize. Planets can also be prominent when well-placed by house(their relationship to the Ascendant), but the sign placement always comes first. Here is a list of the best planets one can have based on the modern rulership scheme: The Sun, Mars, and Jupiter as rulers of Leo, Aries, and respectively are the three different faces of the pure m principle in astrology, and are best placed in each othe the natal chart. Sun/Leo is the fixed or eternal spiritua Mars/Aries is the cardinal or active spiritual principle Jupiter/Sagittarius is the mutable or adaptable spiritua One does not really know what vigorous living is all a one has at least one fire planet in a fire sign. Such plac highly personal or expressive, give great energy, confi drive, and are an inspiration to all. The Moon, Neptune, and Pluto as rulers of Camcer, Pi Scorpio respectively are the three different faces of the feminine principle in astrology and are best placed in e signs in the natal chart. Moon/Cancer is the cardinal o principle. Neptune/Pisces is the mutable or collective principle and Pluto is the fixed or individual soul princ does not really know what true sentiment or emotion i unless one has at least one water planet in a water sign placements are highly psychic or intuitive and endow and perception.
  2. 2. Mercury, Earth/Asc, and Uranus as rulers of Gemini, L Aquarius respectively, are the three different faces of t social principle in astrology, and are best placed in eac signs in the natal chart. Mercury/Gemini is the mutabl mental and lesser masculine principle. Earth/Asc is the active social principle and Uranus/Aquarius is the fixe knowing principle (truth). One does not really know w comraderie, intellect or mind power is all about unless least one air planet in an air sign. Such placements giv clarity of mind as well as beauty, refinement, social gr peculiarity or uniqueness. Venus, X, and Saturn as rulers of Taurus, Virgo, and C respectively are the three different faces of the physica or lesser feminine principle in astrology and are best p each other's signs in the natal chart. Venus/Taurus is th unchanging principle of matter or physical embodimen is the mutable or working physical principle and Satur is the cardinal or active material principle. One does n know what true physicality, substance, or accomplishm about unless one has at least one earth planet in an ear placements are highly practical and capable and give m wisdom, control, durability, and common sense. Planets in their own element work much like the conjunction and trine aspect in astrology. The conjunction or trine are aspects of flow or ease which require little or no effort to express or activate on the part of the native. Any two planets in trine aspect(principally by sign) will indicate gifts or abilities the native can use to his or her advantage. Naturally, the closer the trine aspect(by degree) and the stronger the planet placements(by gender, element, or sign) the stronger or purer the gift or ability. Planets in their own house or a compatible one(their relationship by sign to the ascendant) will also be strong or fortuitous.
  3. 3. The Basics: Planets and Signs Zodiac Sign Ruling Planet Gender Mode Element Polarity Keywords Aries Mars masculine (positive) cardinal (active) fire (spirit) identity (self) I am I do Taurus Venus feminine (negative) fixed (static) earth (matter) resource (of self) I have I own Gemini Mercury masculine mutable (flexible) air (mind) knowledge (local) I think I communicate Cancer Moon feminine cardinal water (soul) security (domestic) I feel I remember Leo Sun masculine fixed fire love (personal) I will I give Virgo Vulcan? X? (Mercury) feminine mutable earth service (practical) I help I analyze Libra Earth Terra, Gaia masculine cardinal air identity (via others) I please I balance Scorpio Pluto feminine fixed water resource (of others) I desire I eliminate Sagittarius Jupiter masculine mutable fire knowledge (universal) I see I believe Capricorn Saturn feminine cardinal earth security (public) I organize I use Aquarius Uranus masculine fixed air love (group) I know I liberate Pisces Neptune feminine mutable water service (emotional) I sacrifice I understand