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Predicting date of delivery


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It is a case study of predicting the date of delivery based on Mother, Father horoscope and ruling planets

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Predicting date of delivery

  1. 1. Predicting  Date of deliveryP.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  2. 2. Pregnancy • Pregnancy is boon for the  Female• But, the pains and the stars  offering bad events to the kit  and kin makes them to know  about the prediction of the  date of delivery and the star • Knowing about the date of  delivery makes to either pre‐ pone or regulate the event or  to plan certain domestic  affairs  P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  3. 3. What we require? • The querier comes with an  intention of knowing – a date  of delivery in advance – Date, Time of Birth of the  pregnant lady – Date, Time of Birth of the  pregnant lady’s Husband  – The time of approach P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  4. 4. Data used by the  Astrologer• Ruling planets at the time of  consultation were invoked as  per K. P. System. • Horoscopes of both the father  and mother of expected child• Transit of Moon (followed  guidelines of K. N. Rao) P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  5. 5. Chart showing Ruling Planets Time chart at Hyderabad on 01‐08‐2011 8.48pm Day lord = Moon Ascendant = Sat / Jup/ Jup Mon = Sun / Ket / Sat It is observed that there are no occupants in the constellations of Jupiter – Hence the Jupiter is strong significator of this event And he became first rate ruling planet being the star lord and sub lord of the lagnaP.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  6. 6. Horoscope of the FatherLagna Lord = Shani5th Lord = Budha (Mithuna)9th Lord = Sukra (Tula)Here in this case –Significator of 2 / 5 /11 is Guru(Guru is even significator of 8thHouse)It is observed that there are nooccupants in the constellations ofJupiter – Hence the Jupiter isstrong significator of this event P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  7. 7. Horoscope of the Mother Lagna Lord = Sukra (Tula) 5th Lord = Shani (Kumbha) 9th Lord = Budha (Mithuna) Here in this case – Guru has cuspal interlink of 1 /5/ 9 houses as he is the star lord of these houses Guru is even the occupant of 11th cuspP.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  8. 8. Analysis • Since Jupiter’s constellations are un occupied Jupiter is strong Ruling Planet and significator of 2‐4‐5‐9‐11 in the time chart.• In the father’s horoscope the strong Ruling  Planet ‐ Jupiter is significator of the bhavas 2‐ 5‐8‐11.• In father’s chart Jupiter’s stars are not  occupied by any planet – Jupiter become very  strong significator of the event • In the horoscope of the mother Jupiter is  occupant of 11th house.   • Mother’s horoscope has Jupiter as cupal star  lord of 1, 5, 9 cusps P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  9. 9. Consideration of Moon’s transit• Since Doctor has given the expected date  of Delivery as 1‐9‐2011 (+/‐ 3 days)• The event is expected with in one month  of consultation i.e. from 1‐8‐2011, • The Moon’s transit in to the proper Rasi and Nakshtra will reveal the date of  delivery.• Transit of Moon through the star of  Punarvasu (Jupiter star) either In Mithuna or in Karkata rasi is possible from 25‐8‐ 2011 to 26‐8‐2011. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  10. 10. THE GOLDEN LINES OF SRI K.N.Rao• “At birth or a day or two before its birth  Moon of the new born will invariably be  either: – (a) in the lagna of the father or mother: or – (b) on 5th lord or the 5th house or the 9th lord or  the 9th house of the mother or the father: or – ( c) sometimes the moon sign of one of the  parents”. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  11. 11. The synthesis of KM & KNKrishna Murthy Method K.N.Rao’s guide lines• Selection of the fruitful  • The golden guide lines  significator of the event quoted are used to consider• Through ruling planets and  • Moon’s transit in the star of  birth charts. • Punarvasu in Mithuna Rasi• Jupiter is identified as the  alone is considered since  best planet to track the  Mithuna is 5th house of the  event using the dictums of  father and 9th house of the  K.P.System mother. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  12. 12. Conclusion • It was expected by the astrologer  that the date of delivery is not as  said by the doctor on 1st September  2011 • And it is prepone to either 25th or  26th of August 2011 • The clients were advised  accordingly to make the  arrangements for normal delivery.P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  13. 13. The Result• The mother delivered the newborn baby on 26th August  2011 at 00.34 hrs. while the Moon was transiting through  the star of Punarvasu owned  by Jupiter.P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at
  14. 14. Important clues• In this case of prediction the astrologer  mustered confidence by following the  advise of Sri K.S.K. To read all and follow  K.P.• For identifying the transit of Moon the  appended golden lines of guidance in  the book  Planets & Children by Sri  K.N.Rao at ch 3, pp 22‐23 BIRTH OF  CHILDREN THROUGH TRANSIT OF  PLANETS‐II. Special thanks for the KPstarOne software makers, P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at