The Astrological Planetary Transits of the Summer of 2013 - August 2013


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The Psychological Astrology of the transits of the summer of 2013 focusing on the planetary configurations for the month of August. Outlining the core planetary aspects in the sky as well as the main themes and how to work with the planetary energies in a constructive manner.

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The Astrological Planetary Transits of the Summer of 2013 - August 2013

  1. 1. Psychological Astrology with Margaret Gray MSW D. Psych. Astrology The Summer of 2013 – The Planetary Transits of August 2013 Water Water Everywhere Key theme: Emotional Awakenings and Transformative Expansion
  2. 2. The key planetary shapes in the sky: Over the Summer months we are experiencing several Grand Trines in Water which introduce a powerful emotional, imaginative and spiritual dimension to the current changes, on a collective and individual basis
  3. 3. A Grand Trine is created when 3 or more planets in the sky are 120’ from each other, thereby forming an equilateral triangle. This configuration allows energy to flow freely and easily between the planets involved. In sacred geometry the number three has spiritual/esoteric associations. Fairly inactive by nature, it becomes active when other configurations in the sky wake it up such as the Grand Cross this month.
  4. 4. This is all taking place against the ongoing backdrop of the Uranus/Pluto square
  5. 5. The Dates and Degrees of the exact Uranus/Pluto square June 24 2012 8’ Aries/Capricorn September 19 2012 7’ Aries/Capricorn May 20 2013 11’ Aries/Capricorn November 1 2013 9’ Aries/Capricorn April 21 2014 13’ Aries/Capricorn December 15 2014 12’ Aries/Capricorn March 16-17 2015 15’ Aries/Capricorn
  6. 6. Pioneeri ng innovati onsin the Mind/Bo dy Arena Pioneering innovations in Mind Body & Spirit New ways of using our mind Empowered self authority Releasing of old stagnant energy on an individual and collective level Authentic personal & collective structures Unconditional love for self and others Embracing that we are the creators Key themes for Uranus square Pluto and Neptune sextile Pluto
  7. 7. Focusing on August 2013 Key Planetary Aspects in the Sky Aug 6th: New Moon at 14’ Leo 35 Aug 6th – 10th: Jupiter opposite Pluto Aug 20th: Full Moon 28’ Aquarius 11 Aug 21st – 26th: Jupiter square Uranus Jupiter trine Chiron Aug 24th: Venus square Pluto
  8. 8. Jupiter opposite Pluto - moving into an exact square with Uranus Effect: expands the energy of the square, which is about the urge to transform structures in our life, on a personal and collective basis, that are outdated and inauthentic. Jupiter invites us to consider what has real meaning. It urges us to make new expansive beginnings in the areas of our chart/life that are affected by this transit. This aspect will happen again in Jan and April 2014.
  9. 9. Jupiter in Cancer also continues to be part of the grand trines in Water which he has been involved in since early July 2013. Hence we are invited to transform in a variety of ways and on multiple levels at the same time. Our deepest unconscious emotions are surfacing to be healed and released whilst we are urged to transform structures which impede our soul growth. Conflicts that arise are mostly between our false ego and our heart. The New Moon in Leo invites us to focus on our heart through creativity, playfulness, joy and spontaneity. This is in fact a Kite formation activated by Jupiter with apex Pluto – the transformation can be profound at this time The Chart of the New Moon Aug 6th 2013
  10. 10. From August 10th to April 2014 there will be a series of Grand Crosses in Cardinal signs in the sky. Cardinal signs are natural instigators and leaders, hence these crosses invite action on our part. With the Moon participating in the cross on August 10,th on Aug 20th it is the turn of Venus. The impetus for action at this time is based on fairness and justice, particularly in all our relationships. The North Node in Scorpio is inching its way towards Saturn, urging us to be absolutely truthful with ourselves and others. The need to do so will become more intense with the exact conjunction in September The Full Moon in Aquarius invites us to consider how and what we might offer the collective as our awareness that we are all one increases. The Chart of the Full Moon Aug 20th 2013
  11. 11. Some key themes and suggestions for this month:
  12. 12. Some further suggestions on how to approach this month:
  13. 13. Some key themes and suggestions for this month in words: • Creativity: painting, writing, dancing, journaling • Grounding: spending time in nature – in water and on land – walking, swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, paddling, kayaking, diving • Having Fun: whatever brings you joy and laughter • Time with Loved Ones: fun times with friends and family • Time on your Own: meditating, journaling, day dreaming • Setting your Intent: what do I choose? Who do you choose to spend time with? Where are you heading on this path? Is it the path you choose? • Taking Action: what action is most aligned with your soul self • From Eckhart Tolle: To Create at a conscious level; think only what you choose to experience, say only what you choose to make real. Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray August 2013. None of the material in this presentation may be used or copied without the written permission of the author.