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Youtuberainmakers blogspot-com

  1. 1. HOME PRIVACY - POLICY TOS ABOUT ME FacebookTwitterRSSGoogleHome » Youtube Rainmaker download » Youtube Rainmaker Review » Youtube Rainmaker ReviewYoutube Rainmaker ReviewPosted by Rogger Le Friday, May 31, 2013 0 commentsYoutube Rainmaker Overview:What is The Youtube Rainmaker ?The Youtube Rainmaker is the most comprehensive program aimed at turning your videointo become a "rain maker" and using it to generate thousands of visitors daily, makingmoneyonline and turning you into an authorityon YouTube. This is your completeroadmap to get started on leveraging for your business! Not to mention,the traffic fromYoutube is 100% FREE!It comprises of 5 powerful modules, spread out through 5 weeks to teach you the realsecrets of Youtube marketing:Week 1: The essense of success with YoutTube STARTS with having the skill and knowledge ofhow to create "rainmaker" videos. In this first module, youll discover the secrets to creatinggood videos without any experience or technical knowledge - start leveraging the power ofYouTube community to accelerate your overall success!Week 2: The secret to video marketing success, especially on YouTube is turning your video"viral" so that it continues to work for you, even in months or years in the future! Personally, Ihave videos that continue to send lots of traffic to me, despite it being uploaded YEARS AGO! Inthe Buzz Factor module, it will show you how to turn your video to become buzzworthy, andPOPULAR POSTSVideo Youtube Rainmakerreview(31 May 2013)(0 comments)YOUTUBERAINMAKER REVIEW -MAKE MONEY WITHVIDEO YOUTUBEEASILY.Youtube Rainmaker Review Youtube Rainmaker Bonus GiveawayVendor : Patric Chan + Gerald SohProduct name : The YouTube RainmakerLaunch Day: Wednesday, June 5th 2013 @ 9AM ESTYoutube Rainmaker ReviewYoutube Rainmaker Overview:Vendor : Patric Chan + GeraldSoh Product name : TheYouTube Rainmaker Launch Day:Wednesday, June 5th 2...1Video Youtube RainmakerreviewThis video the YouTubeRainmaker review is addedfor offer information about YouTubeRainmaker review previous.2
  2. 2. also how to ride on upcoming trends for siphon free publicity.Week 3: The secret to video marketing success, especially on YouTube is turning your video"viral" so that it continues to work for you, even in months or years in the future! Personally, Ihave videos that continue to send lots of traffic to me, despite it being uploaded YEARS AGO! Inthe Buzz Factor module, it will show you how to turn your video to become buzzworthy, andalso how to ride on upcoming trends for siphon free publicity.Week 4: Dont have a product? No problem - theres another way to make money online easilywith YouTube - discover the strategy of using YouTube as an affiliate marketing WEAPON tocreate multiple new income streams for yourself! (Top Secret NINJA methods revealed...)Of course, if you have your own product, you can use this same strategy to promote your ownstuff or generate commissions with affiliate programs.Week 5: In this final module, youll discover the 5 Ultimate Rainmaker Principles that canGUARANTEE your long term success on YouTube, allowing you to start making money onlinenow and for your long-term business. Go through this training and youll see how Youtube reallycan become your "partner for life".What The Youtube Rainmaker does ?Youll be exposed to...The secret techniques of generating thousands of views like a "storm"How to get tons of views within just 24 hours (this is not a Guru strategy, it really works -for everyone too!)The method needed to creating long term, consistent streams of income, right fromyour own YouTube channelHow a secret techniques can make make your viewers want to share your videos likecrazyGenerating UNIQUE ideas and storylines that makes your viewers love watching yourvideosProven KILLER METHODS that brand your YouTube channel and get more subscribersevery day, building your "list"...The "hidden" tactic to optimize your video, title and thumbnail to maximize yourvideo rankings in Youtube for free trafficThe 3 most important tips on how to be successful at making money on YouTubewithout "selling" anythingAnd so much more!Who is author of The Youtube Rainmaker ?Youtube Rainmakerdownload (1)Youtube RainmakerReview (2)CATEGORY
  3. 3. Gerald Soh and his mentor, Patric Chan. They are delighted to inform you that we will belaunching a new product called “The YouTube Rainmaker” on the 5th of June 2013.Patric Chan’s bio and past performance:Invited to speak on the topic of internet marketing in over 11 countries – United States,United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Arab andIndonesia since 2005His internet marketing products and courses have been endorsed and promoted by internetmarketing gurus around the world – proving the quality and the value that I deliverCo-authored a book with other best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs like BrianTracy, Suze Orman, Zig Ziglar, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Conrad Levinson, Dr. Wayne DDyer, Harvey McKay and so onPioneered and introduced the new concept, Niche Marketing 2.0 (TM) where thousands ofpeople have learnedHas shared the speaking stage with many world-class speakers and those who made millionson the internet like Stephen Pierce, Matt Bacak, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Adam Ginsberg,John Childers, Dave Lakhani, Christopher Guerriero, Robert G. Allen and so onDemonstrated LIVE how I’ve generated USD $36,316.65 on real time in 3 short days. This isshown on the seminar stage by selling digital products in front of over 200 live seminar audiencesby just using EMAILS and WEBPAGES as the marketing tools way back in 2006Have received award from The World Internet Summit for demonstrating “The LiveChallenge” where I took up the challenge to prove that I’m able to make money from theinternet within24 hoursThe Youtube Rainmaker is the most comprehensive program about turning your video tobecome a “rainmaker” and then using it to generate thousands of visitors, making money onlineand turning you into an authority figure. This is your complete roadmap to get started onleveraging for your business!Who need The Youtube Rainmaker ?This Program is for :Beginner :YouTube is probably one of the easiest ways to get started with internetmarketing. The reason is, youre ALREADY using Youtube as a customer! Right now, instead ofusing YouTube to watch your favourite videos, Im going to show you how to flip it around; andinstead to use it to make money for you.Internet Marketer : For the very first time, youre going to learn the right way of usingYouTube for internet marketing that brings about quality results. Regardless of whether youhave your own product, or simply an affiliate marketer, you could be using YouTube to promoteyour products profitably.Business Owner : Turn to YouTube to become your "traffic partner" and create anothernew stream of traffic to your business! The difference of this traffic source than others is,YouTube commands millions of hits every day and you can digest its traffic for free!How much does the Youtube Rainmaker cost ?
  4. 4. When Gerald learnt the methods and improvised on his own later on, it cost him $1,000 topartake in my live workshop. Right now, not only are you getting an expanded version of whatPatricve shared with him, youll also be getting the added support you need.Obviously, the value of the knowledge and marketing secrets in YouTube Rainmaker cost methousands of dollars. Just imagine how much money itll cost you to buy your own traffic,especially if you werent getting it for free from YouTube.And what if... you follow the blueprint to become a #1 YouTuber authority? The fact is, therespotential for you to become a superstar and make perhaps a 5 or 6 figure income. Of course,theres also the possibility youll hit a home run and earn millions of viewers (just like Charlie BiteMy Finger did).Maybe, just maybe you can even quit your job then. All it takes is one solid "rainmaker" video.However, were going to make YouTube Rainmaker available for an affordable one-timeinvestment ofonly $47 for everyone.Not because its worth $47, the content is worth $1,000 or more, but its becausePatric was once in your shoes as well. So was Gerald. Frankly speaking, as much as Patricappreciate the money, promoting YouTube Rainmaker is not my main stream of income.Because I have many other streams of internet income daily, I can be lenient and make itaffordable for everyone, who sincerely want to get started.All you need to do is follow the outlined instructions in the YouTube Rainmaker Program, and justtry it out for 60 days.If within that period of time you dont start gaining traffic and making some money from theYouTube strategies were teaching, then all you have to do is ask us and we will gladly and mostpromptly issue you a refund of every single cent you paid. Put it this way - I dont want yourmoney if my product doesnt work fully for you. Its as simple as that. I want you to succeed.And if for whatever reason you do ask for a refund, you can still keep the entire course, and ofcourse keep all the bonuses too.Why should you buy The YoutubeRainmaker ?Patric Chan ever said that :All it takes is ONE GREAT video to become rich and famous. I call this amazingvideo, an example of the "Rain Maker".
  5. 5. When you have a rain maker video, not only does it command massive traffictowards you and grows on its own, it will automatically bring your other videos adeal of success too. Focus on creating the one "rain maker" video, and Im going toteach you howto do this. Let me repeat this - you need "rainmaker videos" thatturns your visitors into "fans", not those lousy videos that simply "trick" yourvisitors into clicking for quick traffic."He Gave Gerald a Challenge..."Patric said :" I have a student whos name is Gerald. Hes a smart dude. And yes, he was makingmoney online at that time as an internet marketer, but he wasnt getting any realbreakthrough. So he came to me one day and asked me what should he do.Then I took himto my "private marketing lab" inside of my house...I told him about tapping into YouTube.He took the advice and started by just playing aroundwith it. At first, he wasnt getting anything remarkable. If one of his videos made it to 200views, it would be a huge celebration for him! Frankly, the initial result was quiteembarrassing for us both. He wast going anywhere....But after playing with it for while, actually for MONTHS it was, he managed to get it RIGHT.And gaining views and traffic were no longer a problem for him... it becomes a snowballeffect.
  6. 6. Imagine for a while -- what could happen to you and your business if you knew our secretcode needed for YouTube marketing...ConlusionEverything need a test, if you afraid of checking new things, you’ll stayback to see people make their own money, just download it now, use it tosee how it work, if you need more information, check it out more here.Remember, you have NO RISK. I think this product worth a try. And now,it’s time to make your own decisionIf youre a newbie, you could use it to make some great part-time income.This is relatively simple - you get the traffic from YouTube and send it to affiliate programs.You could be getting paid per leads, or per sales, very quickly. In fact, this can happenwithin the same week youve gotten started.You could get a little bit more serious and make some money from ads.You dont even need to sell anything, if you know how to play this game properly, YouTubewill accept you to become their new Partner. Then you can literally be making money fromyour videos automatically whilst theyre being watched.If you have an existing business or an ONLINE business, YouTube can become your"traffic partner". Drive all of the traffic you are getting from YouTube directly toyour business and see the subsequent revenues skyrocket!
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