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TurkuToday.info presentation

  1. 1. - English news from Turun Sanomat - A strategy for the social web Group NetZoom Emma Vappula Francesco Gui Tereza Sirova Roger Melcior Turku Today
  2. 2. 1. Mission 2.Turun Sanomat Background 3.TS web presence 4.Market analysis 1.Target 2.Channel 3.Needings 5.The new product 6.External social web tools 7.Internal social web tools Index of contents
  3. 3. - Improve all the Turun Sanomat "online image", especially by using social web tools. - Create a new product by Turun Sanomat: An english digital newspaper, especially for exchange students in Turku, exploting the possibilities of social tools and web 2.0. Mission
  4. 4. - Turun Sanomat (published since 1904) is the third largest 7- days newspaper in Finland -They concentrate and published in Turku region - It is read daily by about 280 000 people in age 24-44. - They have 100 000 readers every week on their website (www.ts.fi) That presents: "menovinkit", blogs, weather, news, TS-tv - The newspaper publishes two weekly supplements Treffi & Extra - they have also a Facebook and Twitter account Background
  5. 5. ●Turun Sanomat has to improve the presence in the Internet. For local and proximity topics is highly recommendable to have a solid presence in the Internet social networks. ●Social options like Facebook, Twitter are not sufficient: the challance for TS is to allow a bidirectional communication in the order to allow to the readers take part of editorial staff. ●TS blog network, Blogit has to be integrated in the structure of the newspaper and should have relation with the editorial staff. TS web presence
  6. 6. ●TS has to improve the RSS channel http://www.ts.fi/online/rss.xml in the order to allow to the audience subscribe in a certain topic channel ●The discussion page http://www.ts.fi/keskustelut/index.html must be reconsider because utility of the tool is limitated. TS web presence 2
  7. 7. Target: How big is the market? ●Statistics from unversities: 1,176 foreing students, 409 exchange students (Turku University year 2008) ●Statistics from TYS 7,300 residential places, approximately 1,000 international students. (year 2010) Market analysis
  8. 8. INTERNET is for sure the main channel of communication and information for exchange students. It's used for a large variety of activities. FACEBOOK is the most used tool, some data: ● Pancho Abo Akademy 1,200 friends, ● ESN Turku – Abo 990 members, ● ESN Uni Turku 940 members, ● ESN Abo Akademy 842 members, ● ESN IAC 340 members Esn websites and mailing lists are used too ● www.iac.tuas.fi ● www.esnuniturku.fi ● www.esnabo.eu Market analysis 2 : the channel
  9. 9. Similar online newspapers: ● http://www.abounderrattelser.fi ● http://www.unikankare.net ● http://www.ovimagazine.com ● http://www.universando.eu ● http://btvnoticies.wordpress.com Financial statements: ● Turun Sanomat could provide some resources ● Voluntary work & content sharing ● Collaboration with universities (Journalism faculty) ● Use of open source and free softwares ● Little revenues from advertisment (Google Ads) Market analysis 3
  10. 10. 1. NEWS (articles, photo galleries, short video or radio reports) - Local news in English - News from the world 2. CALENDAR (culture, sports, fun, parties, trips etc) - Informations about current and future events - Reports and feedbacks of past events 3. KNOW THE CITY (maps and descriptions) - Info about Turku and surroundings - Student map 4. BUY OR SELL (advertisments or online auction) - Housing - Bikes - Other stuff 5. SHARE EXPERIENCES (info and advices from former or current students) - Living – Studying - Travelling - Other.... Needings of the target
  11. 11. www.turkutoday.info The new product
  12. 12. http://prezi.com/0rve6uyucv--/turku-today Social web tools
  13. 13. Social web tools are very useful for almost all the companies, especially when all the people don't work in one place Which tools can be used and why? ●Sharing of documents, sounds, pictures, videos etc ●Documents co-creating ●Chats, messages ●Voice and Video conferences ●Shared calendar and alerts Social web tools 2: internal
  14. 14. PS: Waiting for the final product we invite you to visit (and possibly interact) the website www.turkutoday.info And join Turku Today's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Turku-Today - The End -