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Guía 7° básico inglés


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Guía 7° básico inglés

  1. 1. Liceo Andrés Bello A-94 Unidad Tecnico Pedagogica English Department Teacher:Daniel Pérez Worksheet on line Name Grade Score Points Final Score Mark The ball is in the box The ball is on the box. The ball is under the box. Bill's house John's house Jane's house John's house is next to Jane's Jane's house is between Bill's and Bill's house is next to Jane's house. house. John's houses. The man stood next The man stood The climbers stood on The enemies stood The gardners stood to the gopher and between the two top of the mountain. opposite each other. behind the pumpkins. held the umbrella enemies. over it. The man looked The man wrote the The man looked at through the The man looked at The manager sat at address on the the mail in the post telescope in his the clock on the wall. his desk on his package. box. hands.
  2. 2. IDENTIFY THE PREPOSITION OF PLACE The pen is _____ the notebook The dog is _____ the box The apple is _____ ___the box and the pen. Those people are _____ the car The boy is _____ the door The girl is reading ___ the chair IDENTIFY THE PLACE ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________