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Guía 1° medio inglés


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Guía 1° medio inglés

  1. 1. Liceo Andrés Bello A-94 Unidad Tecnico Pedagogica English Department Teacher:Daniel Pérez Worksheet on line Name Grade Score Points Final Mark Score 1) Complete the sentences using there is, there are, are there Or is there. 1. ______________ two girls and three boys in her family. 2. ______________ a train to Santiago? 3. ______________ a new disco near the college. 4. ______________ a good restaurant in this street? 5. ______________ two hospitals in town. 6. ______________ a lot of children in the pool? 7. ______________ three families in that house. 8. _______________a television in the apartment? 9. _______________ a big grey cloud over there. 10. ______________ a bank near here? 2) Complete the sentences using the affirmative, negative and interrogative form. You are German. Are you German? Are Harry and I good friends? They are not good at tennis. They are in Valdivia this week. My mother is not in the kitchen. You are a student. Are you a student?
  2. 2. 3) Write a or and to complete these sentences. 1. What _______ beautiful girl! 8. Britain is ____ industrial country. 2. There is ____ Chinese restaurant over 9. John works in_____ big office. there. 10. It is ___ beautiful day today! 3. Good Bye! Have ___ nice day! 11. I ate ___ sandwich and ___apple 5. She gave me _____ yesterday. yesterday. 6. There is _____ apple and ____orange 12. Anna studies in ____ University. over table. 13. It is not _______ easy language. 7. My brother is _____ artist. 15. United Kingdom is ____ island. 4) Identify the plural and the singular noun. Watches Mouse Man Old radio Box Women Sheep Orange Toy Feet Policemen Child Tooth Nice Knife Book 5) Identify the correct preposition of place. 1. There’s a person _______________ Mario’s restaurant. 2. Mario’s restaurant is __________ the Red Lion Hotel. 3. There’s a nice garden ______________ the hotel. 4. Mario’s restaurant is _______________ the hotel and the launderette. 5. There’s an airplane ____________ the hairdresser.