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Ansible: Automated App Deployment


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Ansible is an automation tool for administering groups of servers. It also automates repetitive tasks such as deploying apps to those servers. It is a compelling choice for software developers that need to manage servers.

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Ansible: Automated App Deployment

  1. 1. Ansible: Automated App Deployment Presented By: Rand Graham
  2. 2. Unix
  3. 3. • “Deploying Rails applications used to be a pain…” - Michael Hartl Rails’ Reputation •“Rails sucks •My experience is admittedly limited here, but as far as I can tell, installing a Rails app is impossible.” -Eevee
  4. 4. Drawbacks •Fragile •Hard to debug •Error recovery Shell Scripts
  5. 5. •DSL - Domain Specific Language Puppet and Chef
  6. 6. Don’t Just Take My Word For It
  7. 7. • Agentless Ansible Advantages • Configuration as Data (YAML) • Idempotent
  8. 8. •Playbooks contain Plays •Plays contain Tasks • Tasks call Modules •Everything is sequentially ordered except handlers that run at the end. Ansible Playbooks
  9. 9. A task calls a module to do the work. Ansible Tasks --- - name: Install git yum: pkg=git state=installed
  10. 10. Apply changes to multiple machines Inventory [web] [db]
  11. 11. not all tasks are run: Output of playbook PLAY [rails] GATHERING FACTS ok: [] PLAY RECAP : ok=14 changed=7 unreachable=0 failed=0
  12. 12. ansible-playbook -i inventories/staging site.yml Ansible One Liners ansible-playbook -i inventories/staging deploy_app.yml Provision Deploy
  13. 13. Efficient Rails DevOps
  14. 14. Remember:
  15. 15. Connect with me on twitter: @rdg_rmcore Read more at my website: On the internets
  16. 16. • The sad state of web app deployment • Ruby on Rails Tutorial • Efficient Rails DevOps • An Overview of Chef • Ansible Quick Start Video • Stockfighter CTF • There Is No Cloud • Cloudcast Ansible Episode • Postgresql Automation w/Ansible References
  17. 17. •Photo of forge by Andrew Stawarz. Credits