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Mcae brief

  1. 1. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems: The Core of an Accelerated MCAE Workflow A family of appliances that radically simplifies storage with breakthrough price/performance. The challenge model updates. Completed simulation Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering datasets are available immediately for (MCAE), Analysis and Simulation in subsequent post processing and visuali- product development is facing ever more zation by all entities in the workflow, complexity With data-sets doubling every facilitating collaboration amongst year, growing model sizes and fidelity, design teams and shortening design and complex coupled physics techniques, time. Parallel Cluster Computing and engineering organizations around the high performance access to shared world are under increasing pressure to filesystems greatly enhance this solution. deliver innovation cost effectively and on Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage also schedule—often with no more resources. simplifies storage management and Today’s modern HPC clusters consisting protects vital data with elegant Snapshot of hundreds of multi-core processors data protection, providing quick and easy provide ever more computational power, recovery of deleted or corrupted files, but conventional disk-based storage and shortening back-up windows. architectures have fallen far behind inHighlights providing access to the data these data• Superior performance and lower energy consumption at Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems accelerate MCAE up to 75% less the cost of competitive solutions workflow by speeding data to processors and then providing• Active-active architecture option shared data access to all. enables high performance and high availability hungry processors require. In addition, Closing the critical processor-storage• Optimized storage hierarchy with competitive pressures driving time to latency gap on demanding MCAE data Hybrid Storage Pools containing market make accelerating workflow access patterns DRAM, SSD, and HDD drives productivity an imperative—driving Today’s high performance multi core• Scalability in multiple dimensions shared access to model data, simulation processors are capable of accessing and to adapt to your changing business and results files among all constituents consuming data far in excess of what needs by increasing compute in the MCAE workflow. conventional disk-based storage architec- power, storage capacity, or tures can provide. Modern CPUs are Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage performance independently capable of processing nearly one million Solutions accelerate MCAE workflow Input/Output Operations Per Second• Eco-efficiency due to reduced by first; accelerating I/O between (IOPS), far outstripping today’s fastest power consumption of SSD and processors in the cluster and stored data, disk drives which are only capable of 300- HDD disk drives rather than high and second; providing shared access to 400 IOPS—creating a gaping latency gap. RPM drives all stored data. All cluster nodes see the A latency gap that starve these blazingly same file system allowing real time data fast multi core microprocessors for data. Sun Microsystems: Solution Brief
  2. 2. 2 Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems: The Core of an Accelerated MCAE WorkflowSun has developed an innovative storage mechanical disk drives, unlocking new packaged, Hybrid Storage Poolarchitecture specifically optimized to keep levels of performance and cost effective- Architecture enabled, 7220 Unifiedup—the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage ness. Requiring no administrator interven- Storage Appliance scalable to 48 TB, upSystem with ground breaking Hybrid tion, ZFS transparently caches data on to the high performance, high capacity,Storage Pool technology. The Sun Storage SSDs, dramatically reducing latency and Hybrid Storage Pool Architecture enabled7000 Hybrid Storage Pool (available on I/O performance bottlenecks. Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage Appliance scalable7210 and 7410 models) deftly combines 7000 Unified Storage System utilizing to 288 TB capacity.strategically positioned lightning-fast Hybrid Storage Pool technology and the Real-time visibility radically simplifies theflash-based Solid State Drives (SSD) with ZFS filesystem provide the high perform- way you manage datathe advanced data placement capabilities ance shared storage and throughput Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage providesof the Zettabyte File system (ZFS) to today’s MCAE parallel computational an intuitive environment for administra-dramatically improve application cluster require. tion tasks, visualizing concepts andperformance and operating efficiency analyzing performance data. DTrace Sun’s Open Storage architecture spursat substantially reduced cost compared to innovation and lowers costs analytics capabilities include real timeconventional storage systems. The ZFS Traditional storage architectures have statistical graphs to help locate andfile system transparently manages data been closed and proprietary, creating isolate problems, and optimize storageplacement, directing frequently used vendor “lock-in” to a slowly innovating performance and capacity to fast SSDs and less-frequently technology platform and creating a huge DTrace drill down analytics quickly narrowused data to slower mechanical disks. barrier to exit when attempting respond the focus to the most likely troubled areasThe application data set can now be quickly to market forces with alternative (network bytes/sec, NFS ops/sec, disccompletely isolated from slower solutions. Sun Open Storage combines ops/sec, CPU utilization) while an easy to open-source software with industry stan- read dashboard summarizes the status dard hardware, enabling you to reduce of the appliance software and hardware your reliance on high-priced systems and and displays status for disk usage, main save up to 90% on storage costs. memory usage, appliances services (NFS, Application CIFS, http, etc.), hardware, activities A scalable family of appliances meeting every MCAE shared storage need statistics, and recent appliance alerts. ZFS The Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Services and support System family of products provide an Sun’s deep technical expertise and proven open, non-proprietary, affordable solution implementation and migration tools Write Cache Read Cache Disk Pool that utilizes SSD enabled Hybrid Storage makes it easy to deploy the Sun Storage Pool technology, Storage Analytics and 7000 Unified Storage System and help Fault Management Architecture with the you architect, implement, manage and SSDs HDDs ZFS filesystem to provide highly reliable, support your entire network infrastruc- Hybrid Storage Pool file based, high performance I/O services ture. Sun Services mitigate the risk of In the Series 7000 Hybrid Storage Pool, SSDs for MCAE applications running on a high downtime, data loss, and costly delays are used to store actively used data, making performance computational cluster. The and provide the expertise to help ensure the entire storage infrastructure appear as family ranges from the extremely cost that your systems are running at an fast as flash storage to applications. effective 7110 Unified Storage Appliance optimal level right from the start. scaling to 2 TB to the extremely denselySun Microsystems, Inc. 4150 Network Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA Phone 1-650-960-1300 or 1-800-555-9SUN Web© 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Solaris, Open Solaris, Java, Sun Fire, SPARC, and Sun Blade are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. or itssubsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All SPARC trademarks are used under license and are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC International, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Products bearing SPARCtrademarks are based upon an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. Information subject to change without notice. SunWIN #550674 Lit. #SYSB14703-0 11/08