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Issue 9 Summer 2012                                     Local Mind Service                                            Deve...
Welcome to….                           Helene Turner, Business Development Man-                           ager at Tyneside...
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Mind NE e-zine summer 2012


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A great mention of Oli Wood - DPULOs Ambassador in the North East - in the summer edition of Mind NE's e-zine.

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Mind NE e-zine summer 2012

  1. 1. Issue 9 Summer 2012 Local Mind Service Development In this issue: What’s going on in your area • Collaboration in Cumbria Collaboration in Cumbria Summer Grants • Summer Without a doubt the those sharing the same grants round challenges of recent values and keep for local Minds DPULO times have placed marching together. One • substantial pressure on CEO reminded me Carers and • New faces at already stretched “anything that doesn’t Mind resources in local Mind break us makes us Young People • Prevention groups. strong” . ‘The Young success Beginnings Fund’ will With a backdrop of The five Cumbrian local provide grants of up • GSK Impact contracts Mind groups have to £5,000 to support Awards being been meeting new initiatives to “Anything that cut, cost doesn’t break us regularly with a meet the needs of savings young peopleDates for your makes us strong” renewed vigour to to be find meaningful made ways to harness Grants for Carersdiary and a their strengths and Up to £5,000 for Date TBC lack of ensure a projects providing clarity about how issues sustainable Mind support for theCumbria Minds such as Personalisation presence in Cumbria. mental health andmeeting at Kendal and Clinical Recent projects have emotional needs of Friday 14th Commissioning will included a Mind In carers affect the longer term Cumbria web portal andSeptember 12—4pm 12— Or why not work there would be every there’s more activityNE Regional Meeting reason to suspect that with another local we may be seeing some Mind and double yourat Sunderland Mind money! casualties.November 20th and Check out the However it would Funding section of21st appear that in times of Local Minds OnlineCEO conference adversity there is a for more details greater tendency toBirmingham come together with Don’t miss the deadline: August 14th Wood—DPULOMeet Oliver Wood DPULO AmbassadorHave you heard of DPULOs? There are 12 regional DPULO Ambassador.No it’s not a misspelling for the ambassadors available for advice, to link groups up or to Contact Oliver to discuss the helpchildren’s building bricks – it is he can give your group to getan acronym for Disabled provide some expert help for your group. started, promote and sustain User-people’s User-led Organisations your activities.This four-year, government There is also a pot of money forbacked programme supports you to apply toorganisations run by and for Oliver Wood is a trustee for Email:oliverwoodnkau@gmail.comdisabled people. Tyneside Mind. He is also a Tel: 0779 3370740
  2. 2. Welcome to…. Helene Turner, Business Development Man- ager at Tyneside Mind. Congratulations to Helene and Tyneside This new post has been created by Tyne- Mind! side Mind to look for opportunities to secure Other local Minds have expressed interest in resources to extend services into their developing a similar role in their area. extended areas of benefit. Helene has been For a copy of the job description or to find in post for only 6 months and is already out more about this role contact making a difference. She has helped to se- cure £35,000 from the PCT to extend the e: counselling service into South Tyneside.Welcome also to Gavin Atkins, the newCommunity Portfolio Unit Manager within Mind’s Gavin joins Mind from a local pro-Networks and Communities Unit vider background, having worked for a mental health charity in London,Gavin heads up our new Community Portfolio dealing with Issues arising fromUnit, which includes Ecominds as well as theNRF Service Development Project. personalisation and a reduction in‘I am very excited about supporting Cath and Pam’s funding. Prior to that he worked for awork across the North. I hope that over the coming national charity involved in sport formonths we can leverage the benefits of a national development, linking with fivenetwork of Minds at a local level in Cumbria and Northern Universities, so he is nothe North East, sharing best practice, learning stranger to these parts.from each other and building better services forpeople experiencing mental health problems” To contact Gavin e: Gavin Atkins, a new face at Mind GSK Impact Awards Prevention Fund SuccessAlthough not eligible to apply for GSK Impact The local Mind groups are a socialawards because they are a pharmaceutical in Cumbria were prescribing model delighted to secure ‘Connect’ which iscompany (thanks to Stuart for reminding me of this!) some significant currently running as athere is interesting information about this year’s funding through the pilot in one GPwinners, including a Scottish organisation, Healthy £1m Prevention Fund surgery and willValleys being administered by extend to a further Adult Social Care to one. undertake variousHealthy Valleys is a charity in Lanarkshire delivering A countywide Suicide Mental Health projectsa range of community led health interventions to across the County. Prevention Training programme is a furtherimprove the health and well-being of the people of All groups had some project and alsorural South Lanarkshire success and there is included is muchCheck out their website and annual report for excitement that this needed funding toinformation about their current services, including will act as an offer the Coping Withthe development of a new catering social enterprise. opportunity to Life Courses which showcase some of the were brought from creative and Bromley Mind via thisMaybe worth a visit? responsive ways that project last year. We are the trademark of look forward to the Community following how the Sector. projects are evaluated, and create evidence of Amongst the success for those who successful projects use them. Ideas and articles for Autumn ezine - please e mail for inclusion in the next edition