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In partnership with Jobcentre Plus and the private sector group MITIE, Essex Unite is ecdp's ground-breaking work experience training programme designed to offer unemployed disabled individuals the opportunity to participate in meaningful work placements to give them the drive, experience and confidence needed to get into paid employment.

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  • Essex Unite

    1. 1. Essex Uniteecdp and JCP working togetherPresented by: Paschal Kane, Samantha Greenwood
    2. 2. ecdp (Essex Coalition of Disabled People)• Established 1995• 30 FTE, nearly £1.5M turnover• 100% Board Members have a self- declared impairment• Over 50% of our team have a self- declared impairment
    3. 3. Vision• To enhance the lives of disabled people in Essex and beyond. Our aim is to empower disabled people to have independence, choice, flexibility and control.
    4. 4. Everyone should have theright to work• Disabled people are more likely to be unemployed than non disabled people, and those who are employed are paid less on average, than non disabled people?
    5. 5. Stats• Only half of disabled people of working age are in work (50%), compared with 80% of non disabled people• There are currently 1.3 million disabled people in the UK who are available for and want to work• Nearly one in five people of working age (7 million, or 18.6%) in Great Britain have a disability
    6. 6. Who are MITIE?• Established 1987• Outsourcing and energy services• UK FTSE 250 Business• Revenues of £2.8 bn• Currently employs 63,000 plus staff
    7. 7. Why employ a disabledperson?• Disabled people make good, dependable employees
    8. 8. Why employ a disabledperson?• Disabled people are more likely to stay on the job “Do our disabled workers show up every day, and are they great with other staff and with customers? Yes. They have a tremendous benefit for our business.” John Kubas, Carl’s Jr. restaurant
    9. 9. Why employ a disabledperson?• Disabled people are an often untapped resource of skills and talents “People with disability are a resource of abilities, of willpower - they are real economical and social actors” Paul Dubrulle, President of the ACCOR hotels group
    10. 10. Why employ a disabledperson?• Disabled people have insight into an overlooked and multibillion dollar market segment “The annual disposable income of disabled persons is estimated to be US$200 billion in the United States, US$50 billion in the United Kingdom and US$25 billion in Canada”.
    11. 11. Why employ a disabledperson?• It’s good for business “The ethical dimension of our firm, perceptible by our employees, must also be felt by our guests.” Wendy Crudele, Disneyland Human resources vice-director
    12. 12. What is Essex Unite?• A bespoke peer to peer work experience programme.• 18 candidates• 8 weeks training including a 6 week work placement• 3 month peer to peer support post training programme
    13. 13. Outcome• 18 disabled individuals ready for permanent employment with current work experience, development of soft/hard skills and a reference (from the work placement).
    14. 14. ecdp / MITIE offer• Intensive training courses• Interviews and vetting• On sight support• Mentor training• 3 month post programme support• Access to work support• Evaluation Process
    15. 15. Where did Essex Unite comefrom ?Real Apprentice“MITIE European Award Winners forInnovation” BITC
    16. 16. Partnership …• Fantastic Partnership offering from a private and 3rd sector party• First of its kind• Following on from the success of the Real Apprentice
    17. 17. Questions
    18. 18. Contact details ecdp Ivan Peck House 1 Russell Way Chelmsford CM1 3AA• 01245 214 011- Paschal Kane (Director ecdp) Email: Web: