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IBM Interconnect: Think you can Out Innovate Open Source


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Joint Presentation with Rob Hirschfeld and Chris Ferris at IBM Interconnect. We cover what makes open source projects succeed and struggle based on our experience with numerous projects. [video pending]

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IBM Interconnect: Think you can Out Innovate Open Source

  1. 1. @zehicle & @christo4ferris InterConnect 2017 Open Cloud Architecture: Think You Can Out-Innovate the Best of the Rest? BOP-4122 Christopher Ferris IBM CTO Open Technology @christo4ferris Rob Hirschfeld, CEO & Founder @zehicle 1 3/17/17 All images CC0 from
  2. 2. @zehicle & @christo4ferris Chris Ferris IBM CTO Open Tech Rob Hirschfeld RackN CEO & Founder 2 3/17/17 @christo4ferris @zehicle
  3. 3. @zehicle & @christo4ferris IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture Design in the age of Cloud: The IT & business renaissance 3 Runtimes OAuth Security Web and Mobile Data and Analytics Operating Environment IoT DevOps
  4. 4. @zehicle & @christo4ferris@zehicle & @christo4ferris4 That’s A LOT of Innovation! How does Open Innovation transfer to Mainstream use?
  5. 5. @zehicle & @christo4ferris@zehicle & @christo4ferris We win together… Open is a PARTNER COLLABORATION - some of the partners are unpaid and some are your competitors. You can’t just delegate to the partner! 5
  6. 6. @zehicle & @christo4ferris Developers vs. Users & Operators Dev speed brings innovation but often breaks users. Ops Means Pinning Code You need to have processes that embrace change. ● Operators have to be more mobile ● Developers have to be more incremental 6
  7. 7. @zehicle & @christo4ferris7 Is Open Innovation just the number of people? NO! Power Of People in Open Source brings 1. More Smart People. 2. More Hands 3. Diversity of use-cases 4. Better Hygiene 5. Thinking Ahead
  8. 8. @zehicle & @christo4ferris8 BUT… lots of people brings downsides too 1. Breaking early users 2. Competing great ideas 3. Conflicting demands 4. Design by Committee 5. And Giving up control.
  9. 9. @zehicle & @christo4ferris9 What does Open Collaboration Look Like? Discipline between learning and experiments Focus on operational needs for users Looking for other collaborative projects Knowing Project Scope
  10. 10. @zehicle & @christo4ferris@zehicle & @christo4ferris10 NO is as important as YES! Projects need to define clear boundaries “Architecture is about saying no” Open is all yes until you start code and install.
  11. 11. @zehicle & @christo4ferris@zehicle & @christo4ferris Does NO slow innovation? If single provider, yes. If open providers, no. Interop is Accelerating! Users have Heterogeneous & Hybrid Environments 11
  12. 12. @zehicle & @christo4ferris Why is Open so Chaotic? Wide adoption slows ability to change the code base. Which leads to Fragmentation and Urge to Fork / Specialize Finding Balance is Hard! 12
  13. 13. @zehicle & @christo4ferris Examples: Docker Fork Node.js Challenge OpenStack DefCore Blockchain Growth 13 @zehicle @christo4ferris
  14. 14. @zehicle & @christo4ferris@zehicle & @christo4ferris14 Interop Builds Ecosystems Ecosystems are THE user value for open platforms. It encourages shared best practice. Interop allows users to confidently build on top of the platform.
  15. 15. @zehicle & @christo4ferris@zehicle & @christo4ferris Vendors generally prioritize features and vendor differentiation. Users and Operators must drive interop. We must reward vendors who drive interop and shared best practices. 15 Interop Depends on You
  16. 16. @zehicle & @christo4ferris InterConnect 2017 Thank you! 16 3/17/17 Please Tweet Us! Chris: @christo4ferris Rob: @zehicle All images CC0 from