Applicant yograj t iiwati lokayukta shikayat 62 11 nrega me hera pheri complent2


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Applicant yograj t iiwati lokayukta shikayat 62 11 nrega me hera pheri complent2

  1. 1. Name of applicant Yograj TIiwatiFathers name. Mr. Knhaila Lal Tiwaripost- Village- barahula,dist - Rewasub- - Rewa, Satna, Sidhi Shahdol district in Yraojana Byraapak scaleDnadli Garnnti Mahatma Gandhi employment, jobs and workersKadon names chicanery, post Durupyraog, fake muster rolls androlls Stock Sandharit ers and giving false information to public fundsrule Learn Krayro Bandrbant draw ers regarding the investigation.ManyravarIn. Q. The Rewa, Satna and Sidhi and Shahdol district Panchayratofew grams of the building in relation to the agencys extensiveJayraja Liyraa Gyraa Kaerrao Ive Kayro. I Ngyraa village Swyranvillage. Kiyraa interact with people and run by Central GovernmentMahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee extremelyimportant for people to interact in relation to the benefits. Villageafter village which Gbdiyraan Ayrai before me, those discussedGdbdiyraon Sthaniyra Adikariraon Sikayrat of the KiyraaGdbdiyraon later also. Sikayraton Sthaniyra level is not resolved atthe district level was also later still no Sikayrat Kaerrawahi myabsence from the State € Yra government and Anyra AjesiyraonSikayrat were examined. m Sikayrat consecutive year. But no one isYradi official investigation report of the defense to examine GaDoshiyrao also choose to dismiss the inquiry is made. Not adoptedany Prkriyraa founding the probe. Gyraa Kiyraa Pryraas completelysuppress the investigation. Caution branch Madhyram my Sikayratcollector from Rewa district Panchayrat Siion on Sikayratinvestigation team formed by the three Sdasyraiyra Gyraa Kiyraa.Kiyraa directed to report to the collector within 15 days, but theinvestigation team Yrah any recovery is not guilty of KaerrawahiGyrai against the agency. During his stay in Bhopal, Rewa handedGyrai current Lokayraukt Mhodayra Sikayrat Hdkmp falling in thedistricts name on the check. But the investigation report MhodayraLokayraukt Mgayraa those people who still check in favor ofDoshiyraon hit him.Including Rewa district in Satna and Sidhi
  2. 2. Sikayraton resolves in the muster roll cast aside in Bessait DiraaMstrrol Tatar rule Mngdt Prasasn Gyraa and the information isbeing sent. Do not listen to a whole Tayraar Sikayraton Prasasnikstaff is Inserting images in this scandal. Id like to draw yourDhyraan Trkibn public are picking up the exploitation of the poor by5 years, the issue of corruption in Yraojno Shaskiyra Sikayraton,news Pson, in Nyraayraalyra Yraacikaron Kiyraa Gyraa Birod fromthe Madhyram. In which hundreds of people have been in jail manypeople engaged in the line of the prison wing Mafiyraa and scandalwhich has now been in my life and also Pyraase. In. Ay, the BJPGovernment in Rewa I Yras P Gohar security imposed by theapplication, but at the behest of the BJP Yraspi Umesh Wajonscandal that will not Liyraa my application and request that thegovernment of Gmbirta People want to Htyraa in order to preventexposing government corruption and Shivraj Singh governmentremained Dar Iman. The extent to which it Dhadli Lrega in myopinion, it is a scam in the state. Rewa; Byraapak amount of NREGAin the district-scale Water Resources Department, ForestDepartment and district grams Panchayrat elective corruption on abig Kiyraa which the applicant Dwara Sikayrat connection again andagain to be able to move around but Janj of Sikayrat are those peoplewho have reached the hands of the chicanery of the culprit, which isthen magnified Sikayrat only. The investigation also Yradi Sikayratand forth to give the answer. Sikayrat Kaerrawahi on the way torescue Bjayra is being removed. Involved in irregularities in the caseagainst Ajesiyraon Kaerrawahi not find that. By the applicant at thetime the information is Dwara him Dariraon Muster Roll of the Jobcard is plugged in. 9. Cent Job card is not even aware that they haveKiyraa work. Muster Roll is covered in the names of deadByraktiyraon. A 1. Per cent of people who are covered even if agovernment job Yraa Yraa out somewhere to live your life YraapanKiyraa who have not worked a day in NREGA. 5 per cent of peoplehave died. But his name out of money by the Ajesiyyraon is Liyraaeat out. Please Rewa district Kaerrao all muster rolls and
  3. 3. construction of the physical and the material purchased Jayra WillSatyraapan Krayraa imposed Boucher, Krayrai Jayra confirmed. WillBoucher is completely bogus and orchestrated, Shasan Prkriyraafollow the guidelines set NREGA is not. Job card in the name of aKarmcariraon Bibagon in the governments job, not only raises thequestion of who Tlasne employment. The second of these officialnames of people who Gyrai felony if the amount over muster. Satnadistrict grams Panchayrat Amarpatan Ahirganv Sohowl district,Maher Panchayraton district in the village has been completelydeceived stopwatch. Jill is the most direct Velwa Yrahi BhediliraanPanchayrat Dokraddi in addition to evidence of Gram Panchayratondespite being exposed to the presidents and Anyra AjensiyraonBchayraa being built. Most of the jobs created and jobs a fake cardwhich name is in the cards. Recorded in Jawf card Bkti not get thenames are detected. Among those names by typing the name of thehodgepodge of different Kiyraa Gyraa Visyra which is a seriousinvestigation. Arbitrary amount without removing the entirebuilding in Satna district Kaerra Arayro has been hard to digest.AsJwa Panchayrat Barreto Khurd village in the district of district BholaNath Jwa Snkyraa 3 Job card is picking Ritayrard 9 Police Pensionfinds. Job Card Snkyraa 3 in E-mail: 3 P Yrac Bisnubaskr Yras D oand boy is reading. Sudhir job in the Job Card Guard Snkyraa comcom 7. Job card stays in Surat Rajmn Arbind Snkyraa 3.6 Job cardholders are Snkyraa 186 Queen Goddess outpost. Mr. Kant isSaraswati school job. Ram Prgas Snkyraa Job card is Biklang 1.9 3 3com. Jraulriyraa is dead. Ram susil job in the factory is in Poona. Is. GPanchayrat Gedurha Nathu Lal, 45, both dead Snkyraa Mediyraa Jobcard is still Gyraa Job card is full. Kemla Rjmnti Job card 137 which isdead. Ram is an employee of poor Job Card Snkyraa 159 ForestBibag. Suklal Job Card Snkyraa 18. Disabilities. Sugi Baijnath JobCard Snkyraa 6. Kiyraa not only his work. Durgtiaraa is dead. Jobcards which Snkyraa Rambcn Rajnarayran master. Gulzari red cardSnkyraa 131 jobs in Indore lives. Mr. Dhar Agnihoshi Rajkrn TI JobCard Job card Snkyraa Snkyraa 16 154 jobs in the military is picking
  4. 4. the city. Sharda Prasad Tiwari and his family name Sdasyra 135railway employees enjoy Snkyraa Job Card Job card Snkyraa Avdsrn156 jobs in the police. Kanchan Pur Village Panchayrat similarofferings in the Job Card Snkyraa Udu job in the army is 43. RamPratap Singh Sehuda army in the job is. Suresh Prasad Job CardSnkyraa Shsh 5 police in a job that does. Abyra Singh Job CardSnkyraa 31 Kusi Bibag in a compassionate Niyraukti is on. UmeshPratap Singh Job Card Snkyraa 6 com Ashish Singh in Delhi City.Bridge Jobs in Rewa division Nandan Singh Yraojana do. Rama SinghGobind Singh Yraadunandn Job Card Snkyraa 4 post masters job isin Wadi Sasikala Singh Agn. Prabhat Singh and Shiv Nandan SinghRayrapur in Pune City. Job Card Snkyraa 46 grams Panchayrat KutilaDiwakar Singh who Ritayrard forces Kiyraa not work. Suklal ColeSnkyraa Job card protector 17 Shaskiyra school master. Radhe coalMrityrau four years ago, has been falling in the well. However, theamount derived by typing the name in muster. Rama Devi isKhacsha Soniyraa Cole is dead sisters LJagan Nath also have died.Deepak Job Card Snkyraa lives in Bombay. Ajayra Singh Job cardshave jobs outside Snkyraa 35. Balmik lives in Nagpur. Saroj PadeyraYraadunandn Pandeyra Agn Wadi Lme job is 114. 117 diamondRaman Nni amount remains in Bombay. Ramsufl Cole, killing 43 1.War, pre-stack. Job cards before Snkyraa cityra Bakliyraa beyond11. Ptehra Adhyraksh of Water Users Committee, Upyransi Jwa,thick Mruli Arikeshn lit facade of Independence and the amountKhayracha Tho eye Bandkr muster roll is packed. Job cards toparalyze Snkyraa 18 killed in canal Ptehra Shambu Layrak the workis not only money in picking out the Maltr Gyraa roll Snkyraa is 133841. Ram Snkyraa 31 Float R com Job card is an employee of PWD.Girdhari Laljab card Snkyraa 314 teacher. Umashankar reader is inpolice. Jayralal Verma Snkyraa 433 police in a Job Card. Yras hasoccurred. Pramod Job card reader Snkyraa 365 muster roll in thename of the wife whose husband is an employee in Bibag. Mr. DharJob card reader Snkyraa 168 education personnel, life Lal MishraSnkyraa GRP Job card is picking 15 Svis . Raja Babu Job Card Snkyraa
  5. 5. 447 E. Corey. Law. Yras in the master. Andwa Raghuraj Singh inPanchayrat Kiyraa household Job card has not worked Snkyraa 139.Job Card Snkyraa 59 peon captain Hribhusn Singh Singh live inSatna. Job Card Snkyraa dev gem in Panchayrat Jonha com 7. Dead,Tijiyraa Job Card Snkyraa 3. Dead, Dneshwar Job Card Snkyraa 4.Irrigation jobs in Bibag does. Rmrjiyraa Chki Napit is dead.Vishwakarma Satyradev Job card is in Panchayrat Atraila Snkyraa47 Shijrak. Shyraam Red Coal Job Card Snkyraa 44 have died.Chaukrdi village in Panchayrat Vijayra Gyraa full name when Guptawas in prison that Smayra. Kamlesh job is in the Department of JobCards Snkyraa 159 taps. Job Card Snkyraa operates 163 stores inRewa. Com goddess Job Card Snkyraa Gyraan 36 have died. ShivBahadur Singh in Delhi do the job. Munna Lal Job Card Snkyraa com9.s Wife Sumisha full Gyraa Divine Name in the muster roll.Workers who have Shijraa. Devend Singh, 69, wife of Job CardsSnkyraa com bust in en: Kalari Singh is the name of the employeeGyraa full muster. Ramkishore Job Card Snkyraa 7. Lives in Nagpur.Sntlal Job Card Snkyraa 4. Has died. Job Card Snkyraa Cmenliyraa of614 have died. Rajbhor Snkyraa Job card reader Archana was in 51.Job Card Snkyraa Virend Kahar village in Rmgdwa Panchayrat RC188 B is Jwame job. Have died in Panchayrat Dodr RamasryraMishra. Cis Kahar Huruji Kutis position. G Panchayrat TikatnDuniyraa Job Card Snkyraa 13 Muneseelal Hamlets dead. WaterUsers Committee of Jwa Adhyraksh Bhupleshhwar Brijban SinghSingh has a job in the railways. 45 com 49 Muster Roll filled P sadrawn Kiyraa is. Ram Gopal Gupeta in a bank Kasiyrar was the. Jobcard number? Yraa 193 of the Upyraug Kiyraa is. Ravi Nandan SinghJob Card Snkyraa com 14 probe deeply Kiyraa be important wouldbe. Job Card Snkyraa mail: 18, 16, 6, 7,1.3, should be examined.Tikatn hamlet in Panchayrat Job Card Snkyraa 41, 86, 5, 14,Shshankdhar addition Jageshwar Singh Singh Singh NaurkriAkeleshwar does. Coti, Nnhki Job Card Snkyraa 14 have died.Umashankar Divedi Zagal Departments job. Similarly, in gramsPanchayrat Jonha Snkyraa Job card 4. Irrigation Department jobs in
  6. 6. Satna does. Summer jobs in Canal Bahadur Singh Bruli thick cardSnkyraa 115-6.s In the job. Sshes Mani Mishra lives in Delhi, Bayraared card Snkyraa 144 jobs in Agnvadi does the job. Singh is SitashrnRitayrar Renjr. Amar Bahadur is in Rimari. Connie Snkta PrasadMishra in every household Job card is Snkyraa 195 194 VidhdadharDievedi household Job card Snkyraa Diptirenjr Forest Department,the name of the wife of gravel road, Hira Lal Divedi RitayrardPanchayrat inspector who has died in the current NREGA Job CardsRashtryyra Adiniyram Job Card Snkyraaru l € .13 ... 1 .. 49 ... 1 v 766Family 766 Family Mukiyraa identity Psru Namru Hiralal Vrgaruexpenditure of € 4 v 1 v 2 Br .. 7 Ptaru Tarikru registration GanvruJ wcpj 474. ti. g J wcpj Panchayratru. ti. Blokru Srl l TmJilaru., E Cblr. € T. Cmabddhra Kyraa identify BPL families Psru HaruCw 766 E P I C € Mankru family applicants willing to work i € details€ Nsnn Ayrau Account No. Name of Applicant Gender Bankdhdakhome. Nkint image Hiralal Purus 67 1 2 forward Womens DressWomen 3 34 4 65 3 Manoj Purus. 5 Vujesh Purus Women 25 27 6Aloo mark registration authoritys seal and signature of theapplicant demand € Nsnn Snkyraawhat month and date of employment with the applicants namemust days Snkyraa 1, 7782 Hope 25 V 0.5 V 2.1. 6 2 7781 25 V 0.5 V2.1 Hiralal. 6 3 0.1 V 0.6 V 2.1 7813 hopes. 6 4 7812 0.1 V 0.6 V 2.1Hiralal. 6 5 0.8 V 0.6 V 2.1 7891 hopes. 6 6789. Hiralal 0.8 V 0.6 V2.1. 6 7 7945 Hope 18 V 0.6 V 2.1. 6 8 7944 Hiralal 18 V 0.6 V 2.1. 6 97975 Hope 25 V 0.6 V 2.1. 6 1. 7974 Hiralal 25 v 6 v 2 1. 6 11 8.530.2 V 0.7 V 2.1 expected. 6 12 8.52 0.2 V 0.7 V Hiralal 2.1. 6 € NsnnSnkyraa demand which month and date of employment with theapplicants name must days Snkyraa 1, 7782 Hope 0.5 V 2.1 V 25. 34gravel road construction Karhai Hiralal 25 V 0.5 V to 2.1 Bucbdaparish Konikla 2 7781. 34 gravel road construction Karhai 0.1 V to0.6 V 2.1 Bucbda Tola hope Konikla 3 7813. 32 gravel roadconstruction from Karhai 0.1 V 0.6 V 2.1 4 7812 Hiralal BucbdaKonikla parish. 3. gravel road construction Karhai 0.8 V to 0.6 V 2.1Bucbda Tola hope Konikla 5 7891. 34 gravel road construction
  7. 7. Karhai Bucbda parish from 6789 Konikla. Hiralal 0.8 V 0.6 V 2 1. 34gravel road construction Karhai 0.6 V to 2.1 V Bucbda parish Konikla7, 7945 Hope 18. 34 gravel road up to the house building BucgdaYraadv Gopi Konikla 8 to 18 V 0.6 V 2.1 Hiralal 7944. Gopi from 37gravel road construction Bucgda Yraadv 0.6 V to 25 V 2.1 home hopeKonikla 9, 7975. 31 Bucgda construction of gravel road to the houseof Gopi Yraadv Konikla 1. 7974 v 0.6 v 2.1 Hiralal 25. 31 Bucgdaconstruction of gravel road to the house of Gopi Yraadv Konikla 118. 0.2 V 0.7 V 2.1 53 expected. Gopi Yraadv 37 gravel road up to thehouse to build Bucgda Hiralal 0.2 V 0.7 V 2.1 8.52 Konikla 12. 37Bucgda building gravel road up to the house and Gopi YraadvKonikla € Mtpvk Ndk wata Vd Name of Applicant MucsvlumdjUeepbi pamd € Nsnn months from date of employment to whichthe amount of days Snkyraa Pradayra 0.5 V 2.1 V 1 Hope 25. 6Bucbda parish of gravel road construction Karhai Konikla 11.511 6 ..2 Hiralal 25 v 5 v 2. 1. 6 Bucbda parish of gravel road constructionKarhai Konikla 0.1 V 0.6 V 2.1 11.511 6 .. 3 Hope. 6 Bucbda parish ofgravel road construction Karhai Konikla 0.1 V 0.6 V 2.1 11.512 6 .. 4Hiralal. 6 of gravel road construction Karhai Bucbda parish Konikla11.512 6 .. 5 V 0.6 V 2.1 0.8 expected. 6 Bucbda parish of gravel roadconstruction Karhai Konikla 0.8 V 0.6 V 2.1 11.513 6 .. 6 Hiralal. 6gravel Road construction Karhai Bucbda the parish Konikla 11.513 6.. 7 V 0.6 V 2.1 18 expected. 6 Gopi Yraadv gravel road up to thehouse to build Bucgda Konikla Hiralal 18 V 0.6 V 2.1 11.632 6 .. 8. 6gravel road Bucgda building to house the Gopi Yraadv Konikla11.632 0.6 V 2.1 V 6 .. 9 Hope 25. 6 Gopi Yraadv gravel road up to thehouse to build Bucgda Konikla 11.633 6 .. 1. Hiralal 25 v 0.6 v 2.1.Gopi Yraadv gravel road up to the house to build 6 Bucgda Konikla0.2 V 0.7 V 2.1 11.633 6 .. 11 Hope. 6 Gopi Yraadv gravel road up tothe house to build Bucgda Hiralal Konikla 11.634 6 .. 12 V 0.2. 7 V2.1. 6 Gopi Yraadv gravel road up to the house to build BucgdaKonikla 11.634 6 .. the amount was withdrawn. Wanspti the army ofemployees whose household Job card Snkyraa Upyraog 198Shaskiyra school boy who their master is Dnend amounts were
  8. 8. drawn. Other Ramnarayran Divedi every household Job cardSnkyraa 393 are the police Bibag in the jobs name Ggevl Road Kthai,Forest Energy established cell com 19 Deukr, and their family AnyraSdasyra which Shalkiyra servant Yraa live out the name of the fillingamount derived is. Relaxation Sea Snkyraa 564 household Job cardis a government school teacher, also named Gyraa gravel road isfilled in Kthai road construction. RAM household Job card Snkyraa733 569 Name gravel road Kthai Vlbd Snkyraa Pira Prasadhousehold Job card is not working and neither is Kiyraa. VidhdadharDivedi gravel road Bucgda Karhai parish household Job card nameetc Snkyraa 764 - Gyraa filled in picking the Shaskiyra staff. Whichhas 765 employees Snkyraa Shaskiyra Snkta household Job cardofferings. Job cards Ramnarayran Divedi Microscopic examination ofthe employees household Job card Snkyraa 964 Shaskyraa pole toopen the whole matter. Mr Kant Divedi household Job card is SdgdSnkyraa 97. Ramsiromani household Job card Snkyraa 563 Kiyraaneither work nor money ever paid is Liyraa. Beyond PanchayratUpyraog of household Job card in a bogus name, then the peoplewho are covered in a single day Muster Kiyraa neither worked norreceived wages, sarpanch and Anyra Ajesiyraon Bouq upward fromthe sixties - the lump The digest is out of money. After making thephysical Satyraapan Panchayrat muster rolls of the village willexpose all cases. Pradeep Kumar Ram Lakhan household Job cardSnkyraa 179 grams Panchayrat Neva in the hospital Jwa MP W andCu € statue of Ma Saskiyra servant. Is being studied in India, Rewa161 Snkyraa Bhusn household Job card. Kiyraa is not working. Ex-CMs son in Panchayrat pur Kalyraan Ramriv household Job card is336 Snkyraa Dbura school master. 151 Snkyraa peon household Jobcard is narrow. Job cards in Itma Devend Kumar com 34 gramsPanchayrat SaaS Kiyra staff. Village Panchayrat Mdri Snkyraa 31Upyraog amounts were drawn in the household Job card ChandrajSingh Saskiyra servant. Village Panchayrat household Job cardSnkyraa Shsh in paragraph 7, 8 com com, is an employee of BibagMotalal Pandeyra forest. Ajayra Kumar com 77, and picking 1.
  9. 9. Saskiyra servant. God humbled in Panchayrat Ktagi Snkyraa 13 comRitayrard Shijrak household Job card is mixed. The Pepson finds.Village Panchayrat Gdwa sarpanch A € Celal Singh and Panchayratpersonnel Chandban Singh himself and his family Sdasyraon Namefilling Lrega amount ruthlessly Durupyraog Kiyraa the Yrahan theJob Kadd 4 in aliases packed Gao the village resolvable by Milegenot. For example, a € Celal Singh jav card Watur Snkyraa 75,Chandra Bhan Singh jav card Snkyraa 79, Walend Sahu Snkyraa 94jav card does the job in Satna. Ganesh Prasad resides in Pune, ShivPrad Pandeyra Byrakti is not a name. Ganesh Prasad 114 jav cardSnkyraa both government employee. Walend Sahu jav card Snkyraa94 Shaskiyra staff. Singh is the father of the Secretary Ramsiromanijav card Snkyraa 79. 138 g thick Panchayrat resident AshwinPandeyra Snkyraa 157 jav card is dead, Neeraj Kumar jav cardSnkyraa com 3 com, Rakesh Govind Kumarpita Kiyraa not do the job.Mnsukriti Snkyraa 557 jav card is an employee of the canal. ShambuPrasad Divedi card Snkyraa 566 jav, jav card Snkyraa raajamaniVoyager 543 is Swyran sarpanch, Ganga Prasad Divedi 585Ritayrard teacher. Ram Lakhan jav card Snkyraa 597 Ti, Sadhavofferings Divedi Ritayrard Shaskiyra servant. Kiyraa does not work,Babulal Ti 6.9 Snkyraa jav cards, postal telegraph department staff.The work is not Kiyraa 611 Snkyraa Jiyraalal jav card. Narmada isShaskiyrasevk 591 Snkyraa Duve jav card. Shankar Prasad findsDuve Pensn 594. Kunjn Pas is not offering. Rajnarayran Sharma alsoShaskiyra 486 jav card Snkyraa servant. Village sarpanchPanchayrat Bnigwa present in the Tyraothr Kshesh Mr Mti Mnti DeviRam Griv Vidhayrak the foresters wife, who hails Bnigwan AbyraRaj Mishra is well named jav card Snkyraa Muster Roll No. 43.1.9757, jav card Snkyraa 55 Chintamani Mishra, Abhishek and hope6 com, Santosh Kumari G. Mishra jav jav Card No. 6 picking red cardSnkyraa 8, Bnsnt red card Snkyraa 19 Divedi jav, jav card Snkyraa811 Bjrha temple deity, Sri Kant Pandeyra jav card Snkyraa 9 com 4Narayran Das Mishra jav card Snkyraa 3 com Nand Lal Shukla javcard Snkyraa 14, Ram Lal jav card Snkyraa 15, Uma Shankar Mishra
  10. 10. jav card Snkyraa 16, Chintamani Mishra jav card Snkyraa 55, JagdishPrasad Mishra, jav card Snkyraa 944, red G. Mishra jav card Snkyraa8, jav card Snkyraa 38 Ragvend Mishra, Ram Vilas card Snkyraa 414jav, jav card Snkyraa 39 Raj Bahadur Mishra, Kamla Mishra Kanntjav card Snkyraa 4., Rajamani jav card Snkyraa 6., jav card AsutoshMishra Snkyraa com jav card Snkyraa 7 6 com moon Mishra,Raghunath Shukla jav card Snkyraa 13, Bmh Dutt Pandeyra Snkyraa399 jav cards, etc. - and the name of the official amount of filling isremoved. Panchayrat in the village of the same name Byrakti GyraaGyraa is written in several jav cards. Gyraa Krayraa Vildig templework is done by men. Muster rolls around 9. Per name whom suchinformation is not to withdraw money. Sarpanch, Secretary andbank Adikariraon sixty - lump sum Krkari the stopwatch has beendeceived. Village Panchayrat Gdwa sarpanch A € Celal Singh andPanchayrat personnel Chandban Singh himself and his familySdasyraon Name filling Lrega amount ruthlessly Durupyraog Kiyraathe Yrahan the Job Kadd 4 in aliases packed Gao the villageresolvable by Milege not. For example, a € Celal Singh jav cardWatur Snkyraa 75, Chandra Bhan Singh jav card Snkyraa 79, WalendSahu Snkyraa 94 jav card does the job in Satna. Ganesh Prasadresides in Pune, Shiv Prad Pandeyra Byrakti is not a name. GaneshPrasad 114 jav card Snkyraa both government employee. WalendSahu jav card Snkyraa 94 Shaskiyra staff. Singh is the father of theSecretary Ramsiromani jav card Snkyraa 79. 138 g thick Panchayratresident Ashwin Pandeyra Snkyraa 157 jav card is dead, NeerajKumar jav card Snkyraa com 3 com, Rakesh Govind KumarpitaKiyraa not do the job. Mnsusti Snkyraa 557 jav card is an employeeof the canal. Shambu Prasad Divedi card Snkyraa 566 jav, jav cardSnkyraa raajamani Voyager 543 is Swyran sarpanch, Ganga PrasadDivedi 585 Ritayrard teacher. Ram Lakhan jav card Snkyraa 597 Ti,Sadhav offerings Divedi Ritayrard Shaskiyra servant. Kiyraa doesnot work, Babulal Ti 6.9 Snkyraa jav cards, postal telegraphdepartment staff. The work is not Kiyraa 611 Snkyraa Jiyraalal javcard. Narmada is Shaskiyrasevk 591 Snkyraa Duve jav card. Shankar
  11. 11. Prasad finds Duve Pensn 594. Kunjn not Pira offerings. RajnarayranSharma also Shaskiyra 486 jav card Snkyraa servant. VillagePanchayrat Jnkhai Rajneesh jav card Snkyraa 69, Ramsevak jav cardnumber? Yraa 1.5 Shravan Kumar Javcar - Snkyraa 5 com few light isemployed. Village Panchayrat paragraph 7 Satend Pandeyra ShshMotilal Pandeyra jav jav card card in Jwa Snjayra Snkyraash 0.6Ajayra Kumar M, P W 9 in the muster roll. Per name whom suchinformation is not to withdraw money. Sarpanch, Secretary andbank Adikariraon sixty - lump sum Krkari the stopwatch has beendeceived. The village sarpanch Shashikala Panchayrat Baraahhusband Hitkrn Singh Singh en: Kalari in which employees whosejobs are Upyraog of 177 Lrega Snkyraa amount of cards is removed.En: Kalari Hitkrn Singh is an employee of the many years ofemployment, mostly in employment has no Pasta. Sarpanch one sidethen the other side of the post Durupyraog Kiyraa official Yraojanaalso has seven fraud, serious crime is Kiyraa. Karan Singh Snkyraa1.93 com Muster Roll of interest by name., 11 .. 9 Harijan colonypicking PCC road construction, gravel crying Baraah de Teliyraantownship is named after the full Gyraa. Hitkrn Singh in NREGA workKiyraa 35 days after which the inquiry Krayro will expose all cases.Enabling investigation of fraud cases against Kripyraa sarpanchpleased to be isolated from holding office, so no amount of NREGADurupyraog not. Village - Panchayrat Busd Kamal Raj Singh, Guru inthe coal parrot is dead. Panchayrat of Dr. Jwa. Ishwar Chand Tiwarijav card Snkyraa 199 General Vidhyraalyra Jwa Prinpil his wifesname in the muster roll filled derived. Rama Singh jav card Nuj 0.1Snkyraa picking the Vruli school Prinpil their jav of the amountUpyraug derived. 1 king whose death jav card Snkyraa 53. Years agohas been derived from the name of the. Dr. Niranjan Singh Snkyraa19 com jav card balance in full Gyraa Mstt simile that Divine nametheir children € Ches wife lives with her husband in Rewa, notworking and not working Kiyraa Pirata Halhal com Snkyraa jav cardoffering 78 grams Panchayrat Rsmi in Dodr Itma school is a publicemployee and his wifes name Sapphire Gyraa pond is filled in Dodr
  12. 12. Made Bndhan and height. Prakash Mishra called Namru RashmeVrgaru expenditure € Br 4 v 1 v 2 .. 7 Ptaru Tarikru registration 14.Ganvru Cwcc v 1. T Panchayratru Cwckt Blokru Srl l Tm Jilaru., ECblr. € T. Cmabddhra Kyraa identify BPL families Psru Haru Cw 278E P I C € Mankru family applicants willing to work i € details € NsnnAyrau Account No. Name of Applicant Gender Bankdhdak home.Nkint image Purus 45 2 1 Rashme Psrad Sapphire Women 4.applicant mark registration authoritys seal and signature € Nsnndemand Snkyraa Applicant Name employment which month andwhich date from the days of the Snkyraa 1558 .. Sapphire 25 v 12 v 2.. 7 6 2 55 836 8 v 1 v 2. 8 6 3 55 886 55 953 21 V 0.1 V 0.9 V 0.2 V 86 4 2 .. 2 .. 2 .. 8 8 6 5 6 6 56.87 56.54 23 V 0.2 V 0.1 V 0.8 V 0.3 V 2 .. 86 7 56 154. 3 v 2 .. 2 .. 8 8 6 8 6 9 555.1 55 754 0.1 V 0.4 V 0.5 V 1.5 V2 .. 8 6 1 Rashme Psrad. Sapphire 55 563 22 V 0.5 V 0.5 V 2 V 2 .. 8 ..8 6 6 11 556.4 29 12 55669 Rashme Psrad 0.5 V 0.6 V 2 .. 8 6 € Nsnndemand Snkyraa Applicant Name employment which month andwhich date from the days of the Snkyraa 1558 .. Sapphire 25 v 12 v 2.. 7 53 Lake Med height and breadth Donder 2 55 836. 8 v 1 v 2 .. 847 pond Med height and breadth Donder 3 55 886 21 v 1 v 2 .. 8 47pond Med height and breadth Donder 4 55 953 0.9 V 0.2 V 2 .. 8 45pond Med height and breadth Donder 5 56. 54 23 V 0.2 V 2 .. 8 47tank height and breadth of Made Donder 0.1 V 0.3 V 2 .. 8 47 6 56.87height and breadth of the pond Made Donder 7 56154 2 .. 8 47 0.8 V0.3 V Med height and expansion tank Donder 8 55 754 8 34 0.1 V 0.4V 2 .. Made of tank height and breadth Donder 9 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 33 15555.1 Rashme Psrad height and breadth of the pond Made Donder 1.V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 36 22 55 563 Sapphire Lake Made of the height andbreadth Donder 11 556.4 29 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 36 12 55 669 Rashmepond Made Donders height and extension Psrad 0.5 V 0.6 V 2 .. 8 36tank height and breadth of Made Donder € Mtpvk Ndk wata VdUeepbi Mucsvlumdj pamd € Nsnn Applicant Name employmentwhich month and which date from the days of the Snkyraa Pradayrathe 1 Sapphire 25 v 12 v 2 .. 7 6 pond Med height and breadthDonder 3788 378 2 0.8 V 0.1 V 2 .. 8 6 pond Med height and
  13. 13. extension Donder 3789 414 3 21 v 1 v 2 .. 8 6 pond Med height andextension Donder 379. 39. 4 0.9 V 0.2 V 2 .. 8 6 pond Med height andbreadth Donder 3791 39. 5 23 v 2 v 2 .. 8 6 pond Made of the heightand breadth Donder 3793 36. 6 0.1 V 0.3 V 2 .. 8 6 3794 36 Donderpond Med height and breadth. 7 0.8 V 0.3 V 2 .. 8 6 56 986 39 Donderpond Med height and breadth. 8 .1 v 4 v 2 .. 8 6 pond Med height andbreadth Donder 62 568 414 9 Rashme Psrad 15 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 6 pondMed height and breadth Donder 62 569 51. 1. Sapphire 22 V 0.5 V 2.. 8 6 pond Med height and Donder extension 51 62 572. 11 29 V 0.5V 2 .. 8 6 56 987 51 Donder pond Med height and breadth. 0.5 V 0.6V 2 .. 8 6 12 Rashme Psrad height and breadth of the pond MadeDonder 51 56 988. in the full Gyraa. Ram Pratap Singh in his districtPanchayrat uski Panchayrat janpad jawa the village sarpanch andsecretary Akhil Singh NREGA in the name of himself and his familySdasyraon grabbing a fake muster roll filling amount is taken, thesecretary of the meeting the governments salary Liyraa. Siketi ofPan Singh and his wife Anita Singh jav card Snkyraa 1 .. Madeembankment pond and picking on height - 0.6 to 0.7 Snkyraademand payment of wages by 5465 hours 73 Kiyraa Gyraa falls inthe periphery of the gross Atyraachar Patni is also recorded in therecord of the work Byraura. Aadityra Pratap Singh Snkyraa 97 javcard in the amount Karmcariraon name was drawn, all remain out ofwork a day is Kiyraa. Com 17 in Bhopal Singh jav card SnkyraaVijayra job Gyraa his wifes name is filled in muster roll. His wifesname Ajayra Singh jav card by filling in the amount of 38 Snkyraaderived. Amar Bahadur Singh Snkyraa jav card has 36 employees. 34jobs in Surat Singh is Snkyraa Balend jav card. Prahlad Singh javcard Snkyraa Jalud 1 at 315.s Been years. Amar Jit Singh is mentallyDistrw. Ram Pratap Singh, sarpanch of 61 jav card Snkyraa AnyraSdasyraon Upyraog wife and family out of the money in the name ofthe post is Kiyraa Durppyraog. Ram Singh jav card Snkyraa comfaith. Satyra Bhama Singh and Anyra name in muster roll is Gyraawritten in Viña Kiyro work. Vipin Singh reads. Dilip Singh jav cardSnkyraash the job is 15. Vijayra Singh 17 Saskiyra job is picking
  14. 14. Snkyraa jav card. Amount Raman Divedi Snkyraa com jav card 4.Kiyraa is from is not working. Snkyraa braid Bahadur Singh jav cardcom peon in Forest 43. Rudra Pratap Singh Snkyraa jav jav card cardcom 57 Snkyraa is crazy. Second Rudra Pratap Singh Snkyraa comjav card is not working out in the 85s Upyraog jav card. Mr. NathSingh Snkyraa jav card is picking jobs in Jvlpur 96. Prahlad SinghMane Jalud live. Amar Bahadur Singh Snkyraa jav card 36 isemployed in Nashville. Sap jobs in Bhopal Singh jav card Snkyraa 39Vijayra assume that region. Nrsih Pratap Ritayrard Saskiyra servant.Virend Singh jav jav card to card Snkyraa 61 Akhand Pratap Singh,who is his wifes name Snkyraa com 59 Mesumn Leigh by filling outthe money that Gyraa advocated. Dhirend Singh Kiyraa jav card isnot working and neither Snkyraa 18 picking up any informationthey have extracted sarpanch and Sicv the Dokadekr money.Similarly Narayran Singh in Delhi Mnyrai Kaerraalyra headprotection is placed in the name of him and his family SdasyraonGyraa money is extracted. Umesh Pratap Singh live out. Anil Singhteacher. Singh was in jail when he Nagend Rewa Sentl PanchayratSmayra village sarpanch and secretary of the muster roll is filledLiyraa withdrawal. Glue Singh lives in Rajkot. Wisdom AhamadaSingh later lives. The whole village Panchayrat Kryro Msetr roll andbuild upon check Kaerrao Ttyra Ashcerra parent into the hands ofsuch people in the village called follicle Swikt Panchayrat have KiyroGrivi line whose name is not in the list. Which district officialsPanchayrat Kaerrakram CEO role of the employment guaranteecharge Nagend Sndipdh Singh who is Visyra serious investigation.Proper maintenance of stock register in Panchayrat village still hasno Kiyraa Gyraa. Will have to put a fake Kiyro Vgar purchase ofmaterials which are not under Niyrat Prkiyraa whole Ktrh is bogus.There should be an inquiry. Yrahi Village Panchayrat Gdwa, thick138, where the Sarpanch and Secretary of Kbriyraa 34 Kbriyraa 17 -with hundreds of names together were found to KarmcariraonSaskiyra district of Rewa district of New chateau in the villagesarpanch and secretary Ramsunder Cole Javkard Panchayrat
  15. 15. Briganwa Snkyraa 8. Which school master demand Saskiyra Snkyraa39 967, 4.155, 13.45 43 vac. vac 4.45. picking 5, Maltr roll Snkyraa4583, 4594, 4538, 4, 518 com, and the name of his wife Mira, fill outthe muster roll Liyraa having serious economic crime which falls inthe category, to Ramsunder Jvki amount of information is notwithdrawn. The Jagdamba Prasad Javkard Snkyraa wife Radha Ranicom 58 Shaskiyra servant named Bharata shelter is full GyraaSaskiyra servants as well - is not the same as living in the village.Lives with her husband not only raises the question of the work. 68elementary school teachers were picking Snkyraa JavkardRamkelavn Smayra muster in the full name is Gyraa. Afterinvestigation will expose all Ttthon. Com .. 9 in which Ti SeshamaniRitayrard teacher muster their names Sarpanch Dochhaddi is filled.Ramnarayran Javkard Snkyraa com has 75 railway Ritayrard, havenot ever Mjadri fraudulent name overdraw by filling SrnpancSecretary have been. Manwati his wifes name is Gyraa Josrasr fullmuster is wrong and fraud. Com 86 new chateau in excellentVidhyraalyra Javkard Chandprcas Snkyraa Shaskiyra servant andwife of Jove card Upyraog Gyraa filled muster roll is a completeforgery. 46 Both husband and wife Saraswati Javkard SohnlalSnkyraa school teacher in Satna Gyraa fraudulently filled the musterroll. Bhagwat Prasad Javkard Ritayrard Snkyraa 56 healthdepartment employees who neither work nor his jav card in KiasPasta to work. Yet the rule defying sarpanch and secretaryDurupyraog Kiyraa Shaskiyra amount falls in the scope of the crime.Rajesh Mishra Javkard Duari Snkyraa 86 Saskiyra school master inmathematics and his wife, who was the amount of stopwatchDayrare Athik crime is gross deception. Satisfaction Javkard Snkyraapicking private school teacher Wansgopal Javkard Snkyraa 5 183police Ritayrard Panwar police sergeant who is in my own homevillage of Thana Ritayrard should take money from his wifes graveobjection sarpanch Kiyraa working parent who is Pas punishment.Master in Education Guarantee 175 Dines Javkard Snkyraa enjoyboth gem and Aruna Devi is employed. Village Panchayrat Guhana in
  16. 16. the Ram Sundar Singhs household Job card Snkyraa 193 in DhirendPratap Singh Name Muster Roll in written Gyraa the Saskiyraservant. Gram Panchayat Ktangi in the Lord humbled Egypt Job CardSnkyraa 13 picking the Saskiyra servants Ritayadr € is the name ofthe Muster Roll Pasta is Gyraa who do not work in full. Jwa of districtgrams Panchayrat Itma Devend Kumar Pandeyra household Job cardin the current sarpanch Jesht Snkyraa 234 Indwati Pus Sivend awife, in the name of fun Pusi Bandana 2 consecutive years .. 8 2.1.Derived amount in between. Website is disclosed in the muster rollcast. Joy 513.6 0.5 V 0.3 V 2 .. 8 45 2 513.7 Itma farm irrigation wellsproduce Virendra Prasad V 0.3 V 2 .. 8 45 0.5 bandana VirendraPrasad farm irrigation boring Itma 0.1 V 0.4 V 2 3 45 264 FunVirendra Prasad farm irrigation boring .. 8 35 4 45 267 IndrawatiItma 0.1 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35 5 45 266 Itma farm irrigation boringDevendra Prasad Prasad Virendra 0.1 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35 irrigationwells produce Virendra Prasad The farm Itma 6 45 265 bandana 0.1V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35 irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad farm Itma7 45 297 Fun 16 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35 irrigation wells produce VirendraPrasad farm Itma 453 .. Indrawati 16 v 4 v 2 .. 8 35 irrigation wellsproduce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 9 45 299 Devendra Prasad 16 V0.4 V 2 .. 8 35 irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 1.45298th bandana 16 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35 irrigation wells produceVirendra Prasad farm Itma 11 45326 JOY 23 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 12 45 329Indrawati 23 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35 irrigation wells produce VirendraPrasad farm Itma 13 45328 Devendra Prasad 23 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 14 45 327bandana 23 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 35 irrigation wells produce VirendraPrasad farm Itma 15 45 367 Joy 0.1 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 3. Irrigation boringVirendra Prasad farm Itma 16 45369 Devendra Prasad 0.1 V 0.5 V 2.. 8 3. Irrigation boring Virendra Prasad farm Itma 17 45 368bandana 0.1 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 3. Irrigation boring Virendra Prasad farmItma 18 45 397 Joy 15 v 5 v 2 Virendra Prasad farm irrigation boring.. 8 35 .. Indrawati Itma 19 454 15 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 35 irrigation wells in
  17. 17. the field produce Virendra Prasad Itma 2. 1.5 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 35 45 399Devendra Prasad Virendra irrigation boring Itma offerings at theranch .. 8 35 2 21 45398 bandana 1.5 V 0.5 V Coupe irrigation farmproduce Virendra Prasad 0.2 V 0.6 V 2.1 Indrawati Itma 22, 4493. 23River Sewer Cleaning Bedi Devendra Prasad 0.2 V 0.6 V 2.1 Itma 23,4492 . 23 River Cleanup 0.2 V 0.6 V 2.1 Sivendra Bedi sewer Itma 24,4494. 23 River Sewer Cleaning Bedi Itma € Mtpvk Ndk wata VdUeepbi Mucsvlumdj pamd € Nsnn what month and date ofemployment with the applicants name must Pradayra Snkyraaamount of days 1 Joy .5 V 0.3 V 2 .. 8 6 58 136 276 Itma farmirrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad bandana 2 0.5 V 0.3 V 2 .. 86 58 136 276 Itma farm irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasadfun 3 v 4 v 2 1 .. 8 Virendra Prasad farm irrigation boring Itma 58146. 414 0.1 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 4 Indrawati Virendra Prasad farm irrigationboring Itma 5814. 414 0.1 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 5 Devendra PrasadVirendra irrigation boring offerings in the field Itma 5814. 414 6bandana 0.1 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasadfarm Itma 5814. 414 7 Fun 16 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 irrigation wellsproduce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 58 142 414 8 Indrawati 16 V 0.4V 2 .. 8 6 irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 58 142414 9 Devendra Prasad 16 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 irrigation wells produceVirendra Prasad farm Itma 58 142 414 1. bandana 16 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 58 142 414 11Joy 23 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad farmItma 58 145 414 12 Indrawati 23 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 irrigation wellsproduce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 58145 414 13 Devendra Prasad23 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 irrigation wells produce Virendra Prasad farmItma 58 145 414 14 bandana 23 V 0.4 V 2 .. 8 6 irrigation wellsproduce Virendra Prasad farm Itma 58 145 414 15 Joy 0.1 V 0.5 V 2.8 6 irrigation wells in the field produce Virendra Prasad Itma 5815.414 16 0.1 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 6 Devendra Prasad Virendra Prasad farmirrigation boring Itma 5815. 414 17 0.1 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 6 irrigationwells bandana Virendra offerings in the fields of construction Itma5815. 414 18 Joy 15 V 0.5 V 2 .. 8 6 66 991 414 Itma farm irrigation
  18. 18. wells produce Virendra Prasad Indrawati 0.2 V 0.6 V 2.1 19. 6 RiverSewer Cleaning Bedi Itma 11.572 6. . 2. Devendra Prasad 0.2 V 0.6 V2.1. 6 River Sewer Cleaning Bedi Itma 0.2 V 0.6 V 2.1 11.572 6 .. 21Sivendra. 6 River Sewer Cleaning Bedi Itma 11.572 6 .. jav card bytyping the name in is the amount of back pay due Visyra LiyraaGyraa who is serious investigation. Tyrauthr sarpanch and secretaryof district grams Panchayrat Chaukda year com .. com 1 to 7.Upyraog of Javkardo the fictitious name of the village Wasiyraonmuster roll is full. Including 87 who Rewa Awadhesh Pratap SinghJavkard Snkyraa com Vkilt in court that the name is Gyrai tooverdraw. Kiyraa is not working. Similarly Bayraalal Singh JavkardSnkyraa 31. The Post Office in the name of the job and his familyGyrai Sdasyraon is derived from the name of the. Brijban SinghJavkard Snkyraa 363 Ritayrard teacher, jav card with the amount ofNREGA is Gyrai. Awadhesh Singh has advocated in Rewa. Kiyraa isnot working. Rajamani Singh Javkard Snkyraa 37. ShaskiyraRitayrard servant who had withdrawn the money from the familyname of Sdasyraon Gyraa movable and immovable property inMasha is overwhelming. Lal Singh Sardar Singh named JavkardSnkyraa 373 Nike jav card in full force Ritayrard Gyraa who is anemployee in the private job is still Sohagi tower. Pasta in musterrolls are neither working nor is Kiyraa work. RAM KHELAWANJavkard 95 years of age to enter Snkyraa 354 will examine how theflexibility of working is Visyra. Rajhadur name three people in thevillage to work in all the muster roll is Kiyraa Rajbhadur JavkardSnkyraa com com 4, 333, 394, Shaskiyra servant examination ofthree Rajbhadur Krayrai Jayra making bogus check Muster. Thework is not Kiyraa Devidin Singh Javkard Snkyraa 181 bogus musterrolls were filling serious fraud investigation is Visyra. KiyraaHolding has not ever worked. Lalji Singh Javkard Snkyraa 19 com,com acknowledgment goddess Javkard Snkyraa 16, Ativl JavkardSnkyraa 313 lives in Bhilai. DIN Dayraal Javkard Snkyraa ShshEternity is a Sdasyra Kiyraa not work in the muster roll. DayraaramKushwaha Javkard Snkyraa .. com is in Panwar. Kiyraa is not
  19. 19. working. Raj Bahadur Singh Javkard Snkyraa com Kiyraa 94 is notworking. Com 98 Javkard Snkyraa Suerra Narayran TI has never, notwages. Ram Bhawan Cacher Javkard Kiyraa Snkyraa is not working.Ramanuja TI does Bacmaini in Surat Javkard Snkyraa 317. The workis not Kiyraa Kamleshwar Singh Javkard Snkyraa 136. The work isnot Kiyraa rampratap Singh Javkard Snkyraa Shsh 3. Basil lives inBombay Javkard Snkyraa com 35. Muniraj Javkard Kiyraa Snkyraa isnot picking work by 78. Shankar Lal Javkard Snkyraa Kiyraa com 8 isnot working. Kiyraa Ram Bhuwan Patel is not working. Com 59Saskiyra Kmlban Singh Javkard Snkyraa servant. Does the job ..Gram request Panchayrat 7. Per cent of people who have known asingle day Mjadri Gyraa not muster roll is loaded, only Panchayratamount derived by filling in the muster roll. Village Panchayrat arecreated in this Pasta Coupe also not many old wells and the amountDikhayraa Nyraa derived. Will buy materials in Panchayrat createdfictitious village which is Visyra serious investigation when theinvestigation will Sarpanch and Secretary Boucher will reveal thedark deeds. Sarpanch and Secretary Khuleram post DurupyraogKiyraa and your family Sdasyraon Notwithstanding the Apas Sasanis spent. Which falls in the periphery of crime and fraud. VillagePanchayrat Uchi Avni sarpanch mountain red Ahirwar SecretaryDevkumar Tiwari village Bhera resident Ram Shiromani TI jav cardSnkyrash 8-mail: Enter the family all Sdasyraon name by completingthe amount withdrawn if the jav card recorded in Kausl PrasadTiwari who Rayrapur in Shaskiyra The amount withdrawn byentering the name in the muster roll worker who falls in thecategory of serious Aprad stopwatch and deception. While 74-year-old Ram Shiromani Senior € G Devi Prasad and Sudha Devi Kauslyear-old 7-picking is not only reside in the village. Yet sarpanch andsecretary of the gravel road Bdacha demand Uchi Avni Snkyraa 7.13,com 7.1, 7.11, 7.14 dated 6-8-0.8 Muster Roll No. 6 to 0.8 78 711 11 -Yra 6 -. 8 Enter the amount in which serious Gyrai chicanery andembezzlement case against such fraud Dokewaj secretary andsarpanch of stopwatch Kiyraa Afrad should be recorded. Kausl
  20. 20. offerings to ever live in the village Srkari not do the job. Similarly,Sarpanch - Secretary in the hundreds Karmcariraon and by writingthe name of the dead Byraktiyraon Gramimon frauds on thegovernment to withdraw the Muster Roll of Panchayratinvestigation of the whole matter can be disclosed. Village sarpanchand secretary in the building without Panchayrat Kaerra Krayroamount of the NREGA is Kiyraa Durupyraog Byraapak scale. Takprall Mapdnnd NREGA with the book at putting money in wages to theKaerra Kiyraa Bjayra Mteriyral Gyraa in € Yraada Kiyraa iswithdrawn, Adikas Krayro have work contracts. Muhayraa amountof NREGA employment, in order not to be spent was spent in self-interest, which is Atiavshyrak inquiry to Krayraa. As an example ofthe high Avni Bdacha Mcheriyral gravel road, which is around 5million Rupyro Gyraa Bnairaa fake Wills Will is imposed. Thewillow is Avshyrak be Kiyraa check. Muster rolls around 7. Per centwho have a name that is Kiyraa a day of work in the muster roll.Muster Roll of the provision of physical Satyraapans € Chai may bedisclosed. Umesh Singh Mirzapur in UP is Shijrak. Gyraa full name inthe muster rolls. Therefore requested that Mr. Mann VillagePanchayrat high Avni G. .. 7-mail: mail: 11 years of investigation bygiving muster rolls of embezzlement against the guilty, criminalcases of cheating stopwatch pleased to provide . , Ps application isbased on the following: - 1 - Yrah Mahatma Gandhi in the Rewadistrict Garnnti Yraojana employment allocated to thosedepartments Kaerra Eiyraa Gyraa have records of the department inwhich Brastachar Water Resources Department, Forest Department,is featured prominently. Com - Rewa district Yrah Mahatma GandhiNREGA employment Garnnti Yraojana Water Resources DepartmentWater Users Smitiyraon putting aside all the criteria and AnyraAjesiyrao Blaa and Works Agency itself as the amount of NREGAwith toughness, which is the same thing ex In a Anyra Dwara AJCwas also Gyraa Krayraa. Diversity and the millions of fake musterrolls and paper materials purchased Bandrbnat Kiyraa betweenverse 11 is com .. com 7. Large to be digested and the authorities
  21. 21. Brastachar specializes department is going to have a long SmayraTayraar black Citta, whose district Prasasn Bakubi with theknowledge that no one Wavjud from top to bottom Brastachar notfade Kaerrawahi is. 3 - Rewa district in the Water ResourcesDepartment Udvhn Irrigation Irrigation Priyraojana facade, JwaBruli, Ptehra, thick 138, silver, Semriyraa, Gobindgd pondMukyranhr lining 11 to 37, water force, lining 89 to 97, Gobindstronghold pond Hrdi route. 1., Pdokr Udvhn canal improvement,Gobind stronghold pond Lainig 38 and 45, Gobindgd pond adipicmaintenance, Gobind stronghold Irrigation Water Force, Gobindstronghold pond from 41 to 6., 8 Shs 85, 61 to 8., 11 vac. vac 3 3.,. thepicking. Gobidgd Yraojana Under Field Canr O R 3 Hrdi Minor etc -etc in millions of chicanery and the Department of Water UsersSmitiyrao is Kiyraa Suniyraojit way. Bnkuiyraa pond Yraojanan,Gumn pond construction, Bsrehi Rpta stop Dam, thick Udvhn Chan 53 5.6, Ptehra in Rimadilig Kaerra, Jwa in Rimadiligvan Sl. Thanpicking 15 pieces in the peace Sl. Than picking 65, Bruli in peaceYork from. 3 .., Vanguard in re Rimadilig Chan S. picking 65 to 53.,etc etc - female Nala stop Dam, Koilra duct cleaning, Koilra Nala stopDam, Deur pond, Budama pond construction, Prsiyraa Chain Sl. thanpicking 15 and Kaerrao In heavy chicanery has occurred. Which isBisyra serious investigation. Irrigation canal in the same UdvhnAmiriti Nipaniyraan Silpra Risenig, stop Rimari Dam, Dam DomaMgurihai stop, stop sewer Bhawra Dam, Dam Duari stop, GormaJlasyra Nhro Gurma pond water in the name of the Department ofConsumer Smitiyrao Diro Brastachar has broken all records . etc.Nhro name of the maintenance and repair of the amount of NREGAByraapak scale chicanery is. Without making fake muster rolls byKaerra Krayro amount to Bandrbant is Liyraa. 4 - 5 in muster rolls.Per cent of the names of people whose names have not yet carriedout elsewhere, Job card Durupyraog Kiyraa Gyraa the wrong way,which is Bisyra serious investigation. Job is a huge difference in thebottom of the card above. Job cards whose name is derived from thesum, and the name of the card Dariraon. The truth will be revealed
  22. 22. to the Byraura Kaerra. 5 - Yrah that Nhro and stop dam constructionmaterials purchased Where was the Ajesiyraon Will are drawn, Orijlthe Yraa bogus, Mteriyral supply is Yraa not-spot investigationrevealed 6. 6 - Yrah that Tyrauthr Tehsil Udvhn irrigationYraojanaon millions every year, millions of Rupyrao Krayro Kaerraare still not getting the water to the farmers. Department of WaterUsers Smitiyraan Udeshyra construction Kaerra Swikut provideHdpane amount and the amount that would have Bgdrbant. 7 -Department documents showing progress, millions of SshashnRupyro the progress of recovery should be spent, in that there iszero, so the fact that the whole game Pusti paperwork when farmersnot only Gyraa Diraa the Department of Water Where will returnsoon, Yrah Ahnm the public interest aspect in the investigation. 8 -Water Resources Department Yrah NREGA funds put aside allMapdnyra draw the Blaa Kiyraa and Krayraa should check that thepoint-wise. 9 - Nhro and Stapdam millions in the name of the Rewachicanery Shniyraojit Yraha the state apparatus and method ofselection of contractors and brokers Madhyram. From the groundstaff team Mukyra Abhiyranta Bstachar - Party in the problem here,which is increasing day by day due Bstachar. 1. - Serious inquiriesBisyra Yrah even in Priyranjanao Adiarirao who is deploying.Mukyraalyra Wavjud the two - not even once in four months, pets,animals living in public rooms etc etc - can be found to rest. Peonwatchman Adikariraog and politicians are Duyrauti of arms. 11 -Yrah Rewa district forest department in the lines of the WaterResources Department as part of verse 11 com .. com 7 installationKjra forest and pasture Kjra power dams and gravel road than stopetc etc - Muster fake name Roll made millions in the paper played 1Bsrehi sewer Rpta low Sgtap dam construction grams Panchha 0Bsrehi V 0 Kngd Jwa 2 outlet number o r 04 Mukrgy canal, the watercourses and Filgd Chaunls Building 3 Outlet number o r 01 Mukrgycanal under the water Course and Filgd Chaunls Building 4 Gumnpond construction Gram Panchayat Gmun block. Jway 5 Bowlemanufacture special Mrmgmt work Atraila Gram Kuralgri GP
  23. 23. Konikla Vicaskngd Jway 16 outlet number o r 07 Mukrgy canalunder the water course and Filgd Chaunls Building G. SB RoadConstruction Working Dbura the Bngde straight path Room No.0250 grams Panchha Dbura Jwa 7 PC C Construction tribal VsgtiVillage Forest Committees Devkr g Pt 0 Devkr growth Khan 0 Jwa 8G. SB road construction Gongta the Gurkuc straight path VillagePanchha 0 quota Forest Prikshetrr Dbura 4 G 0 S 0 B 0 RoadConstruction Working Jadua the Atraila Phucmarg 3 Angelika 5 0 m0 Grampanchayt Connie V 0 B 0 Jwa 9 G. SB road construction Buliathe Kurali coverage path 1 Angelika 5 km 0 Grampan 0 Connie V 0 B0 Jway 10 Bkrwar the Uchi ni and Vhera straight path in the firstSgtriy gravel construction road work Behd Krngy hereof PlanMnipur Atraila Jwa Udran irrigation Planning in the canal Rimadlingwork Chaun number 0 215 D Kngd Jwa 11 Jwa canal Rimmandnigwork Chaun No. 0215 from 430 to Udvhn Irrigation Scheme V 0Khan 0 Jwa 12 Vanguard Udravhn Irrigation Scheme Rimmandlingact Chen S. 0 0 265 to block Jway 13 thick Udwvhn IrrigationScheme from 253 to 506 S. Canal Chaun Rimadligan work Mukrgythick growth Khan Jwa 14 Udravhn irrigation scheme S. ChenRimmandig work. 0 to 253 V. Khanngd Jwa 15 Ptehra Udvhnirrigation scheme in the Rimadigan function V-0 stretch Jwa 16Vanguard Udravhn Irrigation Scheme Rimmandling work 265 530 tothe block Jway 1 8 Codi Uddvhn irrigation yo 0 Mukrgy canal bankRimadiligan work Chaun 0 242 Search Ptehra Udvhn irrigation Planin Rimadling work Ptehray 18 Bruli Udvhn Irrigation Scheme ChenS. 0 0 to 300 Rimmandig function V Kngd Jwa 19 Codi Udwvhn PlanMukrgy branch canal earth work Chaun No. 0 242 484 to V-0Khanngd Jwa 20 Vanguard Udvhn irrigation scheme Rimangdlingwork piece 20 pasture Development Work Room No. 238 GramPanchayat Mgdur Vicaskngd Jwa 2 Pasture Development Room No.235 Tgram Panchayat Sohowlkhurd Vicaskngd Jway 3 Energy ForestSgthapana room number 252 T GP Dbura Vicaskngd Jwa 4 pasturegrowth room number f 0.97 g digested 0 Bnigvo other Jlkhaiddh VKhan 0 Jwa 05 bamboo Wrcsharopn function room number 203
  24. 24. Gram Panchayat Uprwar Vicaskngd Jway 6 pasture growth functionroom number 92 grams Panchha 0 Luke growth Khanngd Jwa 7mixed Brcsharopn work Khaja room number 232 grams Panchha 0Gumn V 0 Khan 0 Jwa 8 Energy Forests established cell Krn 0.191gram panchayat Busd block. Jway Pasture Development Room No.0.223 Gram Panchayat Koniy 10 Pasture Development Room No.0.216 gram panchayat Devkry 11 Pasture Development Room No.230 Gram Panchayat Bdac Vicaskngd Jwa 12 pasture growth WorkRoom Krn f .97 gram panchayat Bnigwayjnkhaiddh Vin Khann Jwa13 Power One Sgthapana room number 245 T GP Akauria VicaskngdJwa 14 deviated Vno repairing coupe or 0 6 room number 224 GramPanchayat Konikla District Panchayat Jway 15 Power OneSgrgthapana Work Room Krnc 0.131 gram panchayat RuliVghnrkinn Jwa 16 Urgavn Sgthapana function room number 83grams Panchha 0 Luke growth Khanngd Jwa 17 nurseryconstruction Dhurchut room number 239 grams Panchha 0 quotaForest Prikshetrr Dbura V 0 Khan 0 Jwa 18 Energy Forestsestablished cell Krn 198 Gram Panchayat Busd block. Jwa 19 PastureDevelopment Room No. 203 Gram Panchayat Uprwar 20 PastureDevelopment Room No. 245 Tgram Panchayat Akauria VicaskngdJwa 21 Power One Sgthapana room number 257 T Gram PanchayatGedurha Vicaskngd Jwa 22 Power One Sgthapana room number 231Gram Panchayat Khaja Vicaskngd Jwa 23 mixed Wrkshropn WorkRoom Kramak 191 Gram Panchayat Busd growth Kngd Jwa 24bamboo Wrcsharopn Room No. 0258 Gram Panchayat Gedurhadevelopment Kngd Jway 125 mixed Brcsharopn function roomnumber 235 grams Panchha 0 Sohowlkhurd V 0 Khan 0 Jwa 26Energy Forest Establishment Panel Krn .189 Gram Panchayat Busdblock. Jway 27 Pasture Development Room No. 0.219 grampanchayat Koniy 28 Pasture Development Room No. 0.189 grampanchayat Busd 29 Pasture Development Room No. 229 GramPanchayat saline Vicaskngd Jway 30 Power One Sgthapana roomnumber 237 T GP Sohowlkhurd Vicaskngd Jwa 31 Energy ForestsSgthapana room number 266 Gram Panchayat Lohgd Vicaskngd Jwa
  25. 25. Other 1,713,001 Dhcchdh 125, p 32 forest nursery operations ovarycell S. 0 91 Gram Panchayat Busd growth Kngd Jway 1,713,001Dhcchdh 191, p 33 bamboo Wrcsharopn function room number 240Gram Panchayat quota Development Kngd Jway 34 Vigde other Vnorepairing cell Kramak 240 coupe or 0 7 Tkrth g Pt 0 quota V 0 b 0Jwa 35 Energy Forests established cell Krn 0.216 gram panchayatDevkr block. Jwa 36 pasture growth chamber Kramak 224 GramPanchayat Konikla Vikashkngd Jwa 37 Pasture Development RoomNo. 0.191 gram panchayat Busdy 38 Pasture Development Room No.266 Tgram Panchayat Lohgd Vicaskngd Jwa 39 Urgavn Sgthapanacell Kramak 76. Gram Panchayat Bdera Vghnrkinn Jwa 40 PowerOne Sgthapana room number 234 Tgram Panchayat GumnVicaskngd Jwa 41 deviated Vno repairing coupe 6 room number 202Gram Panchayat Ghilwar Vicaskngd Jwa 42 bamboo Wrcsharopnfunction room number 263 Gram Panchayat Jtri development KngdJwa 43 mixed Wrcsharopn Work Room No. 0 75 enclaves SirmourVillage Panchayat Bdera Development Kngd Jway 44 Energy Forestsestablished cell Krn 0.219 gram panchayat Devkr block. Jway 45Energy Forests established cell Krn 0.205 gram panchayatTikatnpurwa block. Jway 46 Pasture Development Room No. 0.202gram panchayat Hrdoliy 4 Pasture Development Room No. 258Tgram Panchayat Gedurha Vicaskngd Jwa 4 Energy ForestSgthapana room number 229 Gram Panchayat saline Vicaskngd Jwa49 Power One Sgthapana room number 267 Gram Panchayat JtriVicaskngd Jwa 50 Pasture Development Room Kramak 225 GramPanchayat Kancnpur development Kngd Jway 51 Power OneSgthapana function room number 82 Gram Panchayat Luke D KngdJwa 52 Vigde other Vno the Improving Work Room Kramak 235coupe or 0 7 Tkrth g 0 Pt 0 Sohowlkhurd V 0 B 0 Jwa 53 EnergyForests established cell Krn .215 GP Devkr block. Jway 54 pasturegrowth function room number 215 Gram Panchayat DevkrVikashknggwa 55 Pasture Development Room No. 198 GramPanchayat Busd 56 pasture growth Work Room No. 260 TgramPanchayat Kotwa Vicaskngd Kramak Jwa 57 Urgavn Sgthapana
  26. 26. Room 100. Gram Panchayat Jnkhai Vghnrkinn Jwa 58 Power OneSgthapana room number 239 Gram Panchayat quota Vicaskngd Jwa59 deviated Vno repairing coupe 6 room number 185 GramPanchayat Busd Vicaskngd Jway 60 mixed Wrcsharopn functionroom number 261 Gram Panchayat Jtri development Kngd Jwa 61mixed Wrcsharopn work enclaves Sirmour Room S. 0131 g Pt 0 RuliV 0 B 0 Jway 62 Energy Forests established cell Krn .223 GP Kauniblock. Jway 63 Energy Forests established cell Krn 0.204 grampanchayat Kmhria block. Jwa 64 Pasture Development Room No.0.205 gram panchayat Tikatnpurwa 65 Pasture Development RoomNo. 250 Gram Panchayat Dbura Vicaskngd Jway 66 pasture growthWork Room Krnc 0.131 gram panchayat Ruli Vghnrkinn Jwa 67Power One Sgthapana room number 250 Gram Panchayat DburaVicaskngd Jwa 68 deviated Vno repairing coupe 6 room number 221Grampancha 0 Connie Vicaskngd Jwa 69 Urgavn Sgthapana functionroom number 77 Gram Panchayat Bdera Development Kngd Jwa 70Pasture Development Room No. 0 Tch 0.123 g Panchha 0 paragrowth Khanngd Jwa 71 Energy Forests established cell Krn 0.224gram panchayat Kauni block. Jwa 72 Energy Forests established cellKrn 0.202 gram panchayat Hrdoli block. Jway 73 PastureDevelopment Room No. 0.204 gram panchayat Kmghriay 1 G. SBroad construction Kathar Babupur route grams Panchha Chaura V 0Khan 0 Sirmour 2 G. SB road construction Ramktahur house NareshSinghs house straight path Village Panchha 0 Patna V 0 Khan 0Other 1 3 G. SB road construction Chaura village from the Citgtitowards the village Panchha 0 Devgov Art V 0 Khan 0 Sirmour 4 G SB road construction Kathar Babupur route grams Panchha Chaur V 0Khan 0 Sirmour 5 P 0 C 0 C 0 road construction Mukrgy route Hetlalup house ht 0500 m Panchha 0 Sukwar V 0 B 0 head 06 G 0 S 0 B 0road construction Working Harijan Vsgti the Chaura Vsgti the villagePanchha 0 Bhatigwan Vicaskngd Sirmury 7 G 0 S 0 B 0 roadconstruction Sviv house Ferozs home village Pt 0 Chaur VicaskngdSirmour 8 Birkham PC C road construction grams Panchha 0Birkham growth Kngd Sirmour 9 P 0 C 0 C 0 road construction work
  27. 27. live The house Mukrgy path toward ht 0500 m g Panchha 0 Krriahead 10 PC C road construction veterinary dispensary building RtiKumghar of the Gram Panchayat Karhn V 0 B 0 Sirmour 11 G 0 S 0 B0 road construction Bblia mode Bhnane the Gram Panchayat HrduaVicaskngd Sirmour 12 P 0 C 0 C 0 road construction tribal VsgtiPtehra Village Panchha 0 Ptehra V 0 Khan 0 Sirmour 13 G 0 S 0 B 0road construction grams Dihiwa straight path Gram PanchayatPtehra Vicaskngd 14 Pghuc route G 0 S 0 B 0 Adiwasi Vsgti PtehraVicaskngd Sirmour Sgtap dam construction Bdhara Sirmour 15Jrmohra pond Pderia minor water courses Filgd Chaunl o 0 r S. 0 3Jnancv 16 Jrmohra pond tie beach water course Filgd Chaunl O 0 R S.0 2 Jnancv 17 Jrmohra pond water course Filgd Chaunl O 0 R S. 0 2Jnancv 18 Jrmohra pond right side water course Filgd Chaunl O 0 RS. 0 4 Jnancv 19 Jrmohra pond on the right side Pderia Mine WaterCourse Filgd Chaunl O 0 R Sl 0 4 20 Jrmohra pond on the right sideMukrgy canal water course Filgt Chaunl O 0 R S. 0 4 21 JarmohraPond course Filgd Chaunl O 0 R Rkr 0 2 Jnancv 22 Jrmohra pondwater course Filgd Chaunl O 0 R No. 6 Jnancv 11 23 Jrmohra pondwater course Filgt Chaunl O 0 R S. 0 24 Kdda ud 0 irrigation canalwater course Filgd Chaunl R 0 R 0 5 Ja 1152 25 Kdda ud 0 irrigationcanal water course Filgd Chaunl R 0 R 0 4 26 Kdda ud 0 irrigationcanal water course Filgd Chaunl 27 Kdda ud 0 irrigation canal watercourse Filgd Chaunl R 0 R 0 1 28 Beeda ud 0 irrigation canal watercourse Filgd Chaunl R 0 R 0 1 29 Beeda ud 0 irrigation canal watercourse Filgd Chaunl R 0 R 0 2 30 Beeda ud 0 irrigation canal watercourse Filgd Chaunl R 0 R 0 4 Ja 31 Beeda ud 0 irrigation canal watercourse Filgd Chaunl R 0 R 0 5 Ja 32 Stapdam construction Badha GPPreview block Sirmury 33 small pond construction YingdraraSmahit Smuhddhgram Pt 0 Pipra V 0 Khan 0 Sirmour 34 Talabgrconstruction and Ungnyn work Neeraj contained Group GramPanchayat Pipra Vicaskngd Sirmour 35 Jrmohra pond water courseFilgd Chaunl O 0 R S. 0 12 Jnancv 1148 Pderia 36 Bhurkungda sewerSgtap Dam Construction Village Panchha 0 Devgovkla developmentKngd Sirmour other 37 Narehi the Brha Mudwar sewer Rpta low
  28. 28. Sgtap Dam construction grams Panchha Brha free 0 Vikash KngdSirmour 38 mooring charge 0 and pre-made pond catchmentcapacity increase Udweshgysemed si 0 39 Tindharia Sgtapdamconstruction Gram Panchayat Mjiar Vicaskngd Sirmury 140 DevganvSgtap dam construction Vicaskngd Sirmour 28 Mgrdha Sgtap damconstruction Vicaskngd Sirmour Yantn 41 Dole Sgtap damconstruction Vicaskngd Sirmaur Yant 42 Girbo Sgtap damGrampanchayt Ckdhi Vicaskngd Sirmour 43 Dgrra Sgtap damconstruction grams Panchha Ckdhi growth Kngd Sirmour YantKptpn 44 Purwa Sgtap dam construction grams Panchha Purwagrowth Kngd Sirmour Yant Kptpn 45 Hardua Sgtap damconstruction grams Panchha 0 Hardua growth Kngd Sirmour YantKptpn 46 Kptiha Sgtap dam construction grams Panchha 0 Rguligrowth Kngd Sirmour Yant 47 Cuhua Nalayckdhiddh Sgtap damconstruction grams Panchha 0 Ckdhi growth Kngd Sirmour Yant 48Birkham Sgtap dam construction grams Panchha 0 Virkham VikakKngd Sirmour 49 Gdwa Sgtap dam construction grams Panchha 0Jumbo Vikak Kngd Sirmour 50 Skrzima Sgtap dam constructionAction Village Panchha 0 Ckdhi growth Kngd Sirmour 51 BhawraSgtap dam construction grams Panchha 0 Bhawra growth KngdSirmour Yantnkptp 52 Rptakm Nangdnipur the Beludi the LoklnalaGrampancha 0 Birkham V 0 B 0 Sirmury 53 Drehta groove on SgtapDam Nirmang work Grampan 0 Bmghnigdiha V 0 B 0 Sirmurye 54Sgtap dam construction Nevaji Village Panchha 0 Kmghria growthKngd Sirmour 55 Rpta low Sgtap dam construction Chirhta theSonbersha the Loklnala Village Panchha Chirhta 56 Sgtap damconstruction Teliwala Combe Village Panchha 0 Kmghria growthKngd Sirmour 57 Rpta low Sgtap dam construction MrgtinalaGrampancha 0 Bmghnigdiha V 0 B 0 Sirmuryan 58 Rpta low Sgtapdam construction Mrgtinala Grampancha 0 Bmghnigdiha V 0 B 0Sirmour 59 Kodera Sgtap Works GP Kmghria V 0 B 0 Sirmour StateA 60 work Mderha the Ghilwar the Loknnala g 0 Pt 0 Pdariavi 0 B 0Sirmour 61 Sgtap dam construction Khorwai River VicaskngdSirmour Gtap dam construction Bungdha Gram Panchayat
  29. 29. Devganvkla V 0 B 0 Sirmour 62 Sgtap dam construction KhorviYhrduaddh Village Panchha 0 Hardua growth Khanngd Sirmour 63Sgtap dam construction No. 01 Mahana Delete River Village Panchha0 V 0 Khanngd Sirmour 64 Sgtap dam construction Mahana RiverVillage No. 02 Khanngd Sirmour Panchha 0 Delete growth at 65Jiwar Rpta Sgtap dam construction Jiwar V g 0 0 B 0 Sirmour Yeni Pt.Gram Panchayat Bhamra Pipra approaching 0 S. 0 6 KoluraMountains Rkwa 20 Hecgtr Prikshetrr Semaria Vicaskngd Sirmury66 Power One Sgthapana Room No. 132 GrampanchaytBmghnigdiha Vicaskngd Sirmury 67 Pasture Development Room No.150 Grampanchayt hamlet Vicaskngd 68 Urgavn Sgthapana roomnumber f 177 Gram Panchayat Kkredi Vicaskngd Sirmury 69 UrgavnSgthapana room number Tch 151 Grampanchayt hamlet VicaskngdSirmury 70 Urgavn Sgthapana Room Tch 148 GrampanchaytMajhgava 22 Vicaskngd Sirmour 71 Urgavn Sgthapana room number145 Grampanchayt hamlet Vicaskngd Sirmury 72 Urgavn Sgthapanaroom number 147 Grampanchayt Devri Vicaskngd Sirmour 73Urgavn Sgthapana room number 135 Grampanchayt BmghniajmerVicaskngd Sirmour 7475 Urgavn Sgthapana room number 168Grampanchayt Kkredi Vicaskngd Sirmour 76 pasture developmentwork room number 132 Grampanchayt Bmghnigdiha VicaskngdSirmury 77 nursery Sgthapana work Village Badha Panchha 0Purway new Projecgtddh V-0 Khanngd Sirmour 78 UrgavnSgthapana room number 182 enclaves Semaria GrampanchaytBrhamudwar Vicaskngd Sirmour 79 Urgavn Sgthapana roomnumber 146 enclaves Semaria GP Duwari Vicaskngd Sirmury 80mixed Wrcsharopn work enclaves Semaria Room No. 0151 VillagePt 0 Purwa V 0 B 0 Sirmury 81 bamboo Wrcsharopn work enclavesSemaria Room Krn 146 grams Pt 0 Duvri V 0 B 0 Sirmour 82 PastureDevelopment Room No. 0151 enclave Semaria g Pt 0 Purwa V 0 B 0Sirmury 83 Pasture Development Room No. 0 88 Gram PanchayatDulhra development Kngd Sirmour 84 Lengtana Ungmuln WorkRoom No. 0181 grams Panchha 0 Duari V 0 Khan Sirmour ForestPrikshetrr Simaria 85 nursery establishment Badha GP Preview
  30. 30. block. Sirmury 1 1 Surmnia sewer Rpta short stop dam constructiongrams Panchha 0 Chaura Deur pond renovated the gram panchayatDeur block. Tyuthry 3 Kopria sewer Rpta short stop damconstruction grams Panchha 0 Chaura Nankar Tddh 4 Koilra ductcleaning and deepening rural Panchat conker block. Tyuthry 5female cloaca Rpta short stop Dam construction g Pt 0 Lakhwar V-0block Tyonthr Ptpria sewer Rpta short stop dam construction gramsPanchha 0 Amilia 7 Koilra Sewer stop dam Pump House near thevillage Panchha 0 conker growth segment Tyonthrbsadi sewer Rptashort stop dam construction grams Panchha 0 Kkrha 9 BudamaPond Construction of Gram Panchayat Deur block. Tyuthry 10 Paliasewer Rpta short stop dam construction grams Panchha 0Gderpurwacodi Udwvhn si 0 s 0 of the main canal in the Rimadliganwork Chaun No. 0 242 484 to 11 Canal Chaun Kra 0 215 Prsiakupnot 0 6 room number 285 Gram Panchayat Duwari block Tyunthry 2pasture growth chamber .286 Gram Panchayat Raipur blocknumber. Tyunthry 1,713,002 Dhcchdh Work Room No. 40, p 3Urgavn installation. 295 Block Panchayat Kkraha other WanoTyunthry repairing deviated R 4 F Coupe No. 297 Grampan roomnumber 7 0 V 0 0 Mjigwan Khan 0 0.298 gram panchayat turnedTyothr room number 5 blocks pasture growth. Tyunthry set UrgavnWork Room No. 6. 284 Gram Panchayat Shankrpur block Tyunthry1,713,002 Dhcchdh 88, p 7 deviated There Vno repairing Coupe No.0 7 Room No. 0287 Village Pt 0 Raipur V 0 Khan 0 Tyonthry 8pasture growth room number .295 Gram Panchayat Kkrha block.Tyunthry 9 Tkrth coupe or 0 6 room number 283 Gram PanchayatDuwari block Tyunthry 10 Urgavn installation block .294 GramPanchayat Barikla room number. Tyuthry Room No. 11 pasturedevelopment. T 0.306 gram panchayat Shankrpur block Tyunthry 12deviated There Vno repairing Coupe No. 0 7 Thnkhnrth Room No.0280 g 0 Pt 0 Budama V 0 Khan 0 Tyothry 113 pasture growth roomnumber .294 Gram Panchayat Barikla block. Tyunthry 171 302Dhcchdh 42 p and 14 pasture development panel Sl. 284 GramPanchayat Shankrpur block Tyunthry 1,713,002 Dhcchdh 89 p and
  31. 31. 15 Urgavn forest setting room number f 128 g Panchaty stole VinKhann Tyuthr 16 deviated There Vno repairing Coupe No. 0 7 RoomNo. 0288 Village Pt 0 Dkra V 0 Khan 0 Tyonthry 17 pasturedevelopment panel Sl. T 0.307 gram panchayat Shankrpur not blockTyunthry 18 0 6 room number 293 coupe Thnkhnrth Barikla BlockPanchayat Gram Panchayat Barikla block .293 Tyuthry roomnumber 19 Urgavn installation. Tyunthry Room No. 20 Urgavndevelopment. T 0.307 Shankrpur Block Panchayat Gram PanchayatTyunthry 21 coupe or 0 6 Room No. 296, Block Kkrha UrgavnTyunthry installation room number 22. Tch 298 Block Panchayatturned around. Tyunthry Room No. 23 Urgavn development. T 0.306gram panchayat Shankrpur block any Kaerra Tyunthrykhi notvisible. Everything Kiyraa Gyraa Suniyraojit manner. 1: - One of themany construction Kaerrao called J, B, C Msin name will thenextracted, but on the spot, J, B, C Msin work not Krayraa is. J. B CUpyraog Will extract Kiyraa is Gyraa. Susodn Kaerra ForestDepartment for forest energy and pasture establishment JwaDevelopment Block name Kjra Rs 136 lakh seven thousand, whichalso Davl 66 million to Rs 547, but there is no spot Gyraa Krayraanot work. Tyrauthr in Susodn Kaerra the 3 Shlak is extracted. Rewain Susodn Kaerra the 55 million-434 is extracted, Sirmour 59 millionremoval Wavjud a Kaerra spot not Krayraa Gyraa is. Forestdepartment most of the Kaerra own Kiyraa and somewhere -anywhere Smitiyrao is also covered in forest. Byraapak NREGAamount of the districts storm-scale Durupyraog Kiyraa Gyraaspecializes in the district Prasasn Adikariraon Snrjran from givingpolitical power to the people. Patchwork of forests in providing theamount of NREGA Snrjrak V Singh is covered mainly due to theinvolvement of large official Yras Yraf o D o and D were reduced toHthiyraane has its share. 13 - Mahatma Gandhi employment in JwaGanrnti Pchayrat district of Rewa district in Yraojana sixty grams ofPanchayrat Upyransiyrao Achans Srpancho - lump sum of moneyunder NREGA Swikt Mulyraakn of old Kupo Gyraa Liyraa is reachingout. Panchayrat which Dbura Village, her, Gedurha, Dgdayraa, Chadi,
  32. 32. Kutila, Barreto Khurd 137 thick, Jwa, Kirhai, Chadi, Rmgdwa, Lohgd,Cmpagd, Jonha, etc.. Stock Register is fraudulently purchasedMteriyral Sngarit Kiyraa Gyraa. Muster by arbitrary amount hasbeen withdrawn. Whose disclosure might look old revenue record.Revenue is recorded in the record holds majority coupe. 13 - Yrahimproved, and repair of the district Jwa Talabo Antrrgts name hasbeen large-scale Hera Pheri. Srpcho Kaerra the Viña Krayro make afake muster rolls Tayraar Bandrbant Liyraa tax amount is removed.Mukyra Upyransi which is the culprit. Not cast a heads up in Bitopond soil. In the district of 1.4 Talabo Ghrikrn com name is GyraaKiyraa breakup of millions. Investigation may be disclosed after thebig scandal. 14 - Yrah the district of Rewa and Satna district gramsPanchayrat Kjuha Amarpatan Ahirganv Sidhi district of chanting thename of the village Panchayrat camphoric Veduliyraan KaerraoNREGA in the old building, public participation, MP, Vidhayrak fundin addition to the amount of items verse Anyra 2006 to 2011Byraapak scale chicanery has been. The village is Diro Panchayrateabreak the record for Brastachar. 9. Per cent derived from fakemannerisms. Three districts in the amount of NREGA is Durupyraogmassive raids in three districts should be Kaerrawahi. The village ofJnpratinidiyraon Panchayrat investigation Adikariraon and sixty -nodule may be exposed Kripyraa Sikayrat check all Tthera Maaisfeeding data Krayro match making. Ajesiyraan entrenched itself ischanging Mstrrol to your rescue. Feeding is not matched by theinvestigating officers report of arbitrary and are Bsul Ajensiaonamount of fat. Website submission is inserted in the muster rollcovered with matching inquiry Jayo Ajensiaon and complicity in thescandal involved in Gat Adikariaon could expose the dark. Yograj TiVillage - Po - Brhula district - in Rewa - Q 0.898947040609,229,876,961