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Easter vigil

  1. 1. The Greatest of all Liturgies
  2. 2.  I am here to tell you about the Weekend History Of The World  If you have been following the last 4 lesson we learn about the History & symbols of the Holy Week. ◦ Mass of Palm Sunday ◦ The Evening Mass of the Lord Supper (Holy Thursday) ◦ The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, which took place GOOD FRIDAY  This episode we going to discuss the beauty & symbols found in the greatest of all Liturgies  and mother of all liturgies: THE EASTER VIGIL  Easter Vigil is such a incredible Mass that it would take 2 lessons to only skim the surface. ◦ There are so many rich symbols & Graces found through all the celebration on this Holy Week ◦ we hope to instill in you a desire to participate in each of them every year, specially the EASTER VIGIL.
  3. 3.  We just learned that Jesus Died for us and rose from death, so that we may rise with Him in the Last Day.  But how can you share in this great event, or be part of his kingdom if you really not even know about it?  How Can you go to heave if you do not know how?  For this reason we need to learn about Easter Vigil  The Mass in which we commemorated the greatest event in the History of men kind: “JESUS RESURRECTION”
  4. 4.  The Easter Vigil is so important toward Faith & Salvation History  That I will teach you directly from the Roman Missal the Sacramentary, & even from some missalette.  Within this books there are some fine print that explain the difference actions that you would see during the Mass, specially during the Mass of Holy Week:  The night of all nights, the Vigil of all vigils!
  5. 5.  A Vigil is when we stay prayerfully awake through the night or part of the night in anticipation of a great event.  This Holy night is the most solemn, in the entire year, for commemorate the central Mystery of our Redemption: ◦ Christ Saving Death & Glorious Resurrection.  With Gratitude & Joy we take part in it to the best of ours  The Easter Vigil is greatest of all nights in our Salvation History  So it would only seem appropriate, for us, to remain awake & pray together  and praise & thanks God for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  6. 6.  This Holy night is the mother of all Vigils that becomes the Queen of all feast.  Jesus took our flesh, suffered & died on that flesh,  and Now rises in that same human body glorified and immortal  That befits a New life and Resurrection  The Church call all the creation to rejoice in our calling to be sharing in the Glory of the Lord’s Resurrection. a) For this we were wash by waters of Baptism. b) For this we were seal with the Spirit Chrism. c) For this we feast in the body & blood of the one who lead us into eternal life.
  7. 7.  In according to ancient tradition, this night is one of Vigil of the Lord  The Gospel of Luke, it’s a remainder to the faithful ◦ to have Lamps burning and ready ◦ To be like a men waiting for their master return, so when He arrive, ◦ He will find them right and awake, and will sit them in His table.  The Easter Vigil always takes place after dark, retaining the ancient character vigilant and of expectation.  Through Vigil move 4 stages: 1) Stages of Lights 2) Liturgy of the world 3) Liturgy of Baptism 4) Liturgy of the Eucharist
  8. 8.  Let’s beginning learning about the 1st stage: “The Service Of Light”  Easter Vigil opens with 1. the Blessing of a New Fire 2. The lighting of the lamps & candles 3. and blessing and lighting of the Pascal Candle  Some ancient writings mention that this night was as bright as day ◦ And Constantine the Great, added unprecedented splendor (never done or known before) to its brilliant see, by a profusion of lamps and enormous torches ◦ So only the basilicas, private houses, streets and even public square were splendored with lights that were symbolic of the Risen Christ.
  9. 9.  the 1st Part of the Easter Vigil: The Service of Lights, is centered around fire or light,  Fire or Light: which is the visible symbol for Christ our Light  Because Jesus calls Himself the light of the world  During this night, He rose from death—  resplendent as the Dawn— conquering forever the darkness of sin, in death.
  10. 10.  During the Service of Light there are 4 divisions: 1. Begins with the blessing of the New Fire, which represents Christ resurrection from death 2. Next, there is the blessing of the Easter Candle (Pascal candle) representing the Glorious splendor of Jesus risen presence in our life. 3. There is the carrying & distribution of burning candles through the church, which represent our joyful participation in His Victory over death and sin. 4. Lastly there is the chanting of the Easter Song exalted, which represent our deep Gratitude for the great blessing of resurrection
  11. 11.  As the first part of the Service of Lights begins, all the light of the Church are put out,  A large fire is prepared in a suitable place, usually out side of the Church  When the people have assemble, the priest goes there with the ministers and with the Paschal Candle.  The Pascal candle representing the Light of Christ risen in his Glory, is the central symbolic object of the Vigil Liturgy.
  12. 12.  The Easter Candle represents Our Lord shining on the light and splendor of his Resurrection,  That is why is thick, tall and ornamental decorated  The candle should reminds us, that Christ is our Pillar of fire spoken in the Exodus,  which lead Israelites people our of slavery from Egypt into the promised land The pillar of fire provided light to the Israelites throughout the darkness A Pillar of Fire was one of the manifestations of the presence of the God
  13. 13.  On the Easter Candle is carved the outline ◦ of THE CROSS, ◦ and the numeral PRESENT THE YEAR  These symbols are present, to teaches us that Christ is the Lord and King of ages  He shines in all times and through whole History  He is King of our lives, and would be with us throughout this year of Grace
  14. 14.  Once the fire is lit with the words that the priest said: ◦ Make this Fire Holy, and inflames us with New Hope”  The 1st part of the Service of Light is completed at this point.
  15. 15.  For the 2nd part of the Service of Lights,  The Paschal Candle brought to the celebrants (that is the priest leading the Liturgy)  And He begins to cut ACROSS in the wax.  While saying the words and Carving, he says: “Christ yesterday and today, the Beginning and the End”
  16. 16.  Next, the priest carve 2 symbols: ◦ THE ALPHA & THE OMEGA ◦ These 2 symbols are 1st & last letters of the Greek alphabet ◦ And they are in the divine title in reference of Jesus, ◦ Just as these letters are the 1st and last of the alphabet, ◦ so Jesus the beginning and the End of Human History.
  17. 17.  After the 2 symbols (ΑΩ) are traced,  The Numbers for the Year for the Vigil are traced  The Priest then prays: “All times belong to Him and all ages to Him be; Glory and Power though every age for ever, Amen.”
  18. 18.  When the Cross & other marks are made,  The Priest may insert 5 grains of incense in the candle.  The incense look like ornate nails,
  19. 19.  there are 5 of them because they represent the 5 wounds of Christ ◦ Left & right hand of Christ ◦ 2 feet of Christ ◦ The side of Christ  While the priest have been inserted the incense he says “By his Holy and Glorious love may Christ, Our Lord, guide us and keep us, Amen.”
  20. 20.  Now that the Paschal Candle has been blessed and the great symbols traced, and the nails inserted,  The priest light the Easter Candle from newly blessed fire saying: “With the Life of Christ rise and Glory, spell the darkness of our heart and mind”  Now it begins the 3rd Part of the Service of light ◦ Which is the procession of the Paschal Candle
  21. 21.  The Procession of the Paschal candle  The Priest or Deacon takes the Easter Candle by the Holy fire, lifts it high and sings along: “Christ Our Light”  And this time all respond: “Thanks be to God”  Then he enter the Church with everyone, who was by the fire, lifting the Easter Candle by the 2nd time and sings “Christ Our Light”  We respond to the 2nd time “Thanks be to God”
  22. 22.  For few moments, there would be a pause for the fire of the Paschal candle to spread to the entirely church, the little candles  It is a beautiful sight see as the Church gradually illuminates, by passing of the easter flame from person to person.  Beginning with the Pascal Candle, each individual’s candle is lit, until the church is literally a flame of light.  The darkness of the night is cast down with hundreds of small candles
  23. 23.  Each individual candle representing the light of Christ in all our souls.  For we are baptize and that’s for a) Full of God’s Grace b) Full of God’s life c) Full of Christ the Light  After each candle is lit, the priest stand before the Church (facing the people) lifts the candle for the 3rd time and sings: “Christ Our Light”  We sing: “Thanks be to God”  This ends the 3rd part of the Service of Light.
  24. 24.  At this point the 4th part and last part of the Service of Light begins.  It is the great Easter Proclamation;  the Priest or Deacon places the candle on the stand in the middle of the Sanctuary or near the lantern  The Priest then take the incense burner and incenses the Lectionary, which is the book that contains the readings  He then incenses the Paschal Candle,  Following this, he signs the Easter Proclamation from the Lecture
  25. 25.  Everyone stands holding their lights & candles and listen  The Exalted or Easter Proclamation is an ancient hymn,  song only at Easter Vigil, during the Service of Light  The hymn is believe to have been written by St. Ambrose of Milan  In this prolog, the Easter Proclamation begs all creation: heaven, earth, and church to share all the joy that comes from God’s Victory over darkness
  26. 26.  After the Prolog, the great hymn of Thanksgiving begins  This changes Salvation History, beginning with: ◦ Adam, and going all there to the story of Moses, ◦ Who was leading people out of slavery into the promise land  The Exulted also sings the God’s tender love for us ◦ When he speaks of God given His Son to ransom us, the slaves from the sin of Adam & personal sins
  27. 27.  Finally the Hymn is directed to the Paschal candle saying: ◦ May burn and never extinguish; may Christ the morning start, that never set, finally always lit.  As the priest sing this song, so too, in our hearts we pray that morning start,  Christ Himself will never set, but always shine brightly within our souls.
  28. 28.  This completes the Service of Light, which is divided into 4 parts including 1. The Blessing in the New Fire 2. Blessed and Light of Easter Candle 3. The Carrying and distribution of burning candles 4. And the Chanting of Easter Proclamation  We have only discuss the 1st Part of Easter Vigil.
  29. 29. 1) What is Vigil?  When we stay perfectly awake during night  or during part of the night, on anticipation of a great event  The Easter Vigil is the greatest of all nights in our Salvation History.  So it only seem appropriate for us to remain awake & pray together,  and praise & thanks given to God for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, who we are commemorating
  30. 30. 3) Why is the Easter Vigil incredibly important?  This Holy night is the mother of all vigils that begins and is the Queen of all Feast  Jesus took our flesh suffered and died for us in that flesh  And Now rises in the same human body, glorified and immortal as befits/begets the New life of Resurrection
  31. 31. 3) What is the Service of Light?  It is the 1st Part of Easter Vigil  The Service of Light is centered around fire or light, which is the visible symbol of Christ our light; because He called Himself the Light of the World  During the Service of Light there are 4 divisions: 1. Beginning with the Blessing of the New Fire, which Represents God’s Resurrection from death 2. Next there is the blessing & lighting of the Easter Candle (Pascal Candle) which represents the Glory & splendor of Jesus risen presence in our life. 3. Then there is the carrying & distribution of those burning candles through Church, which represents our joyful participation in his victory over death & sin. 4. Last later is the chanting of the Easter song the exalted, which represent our depth gratitude for the great blessing of the Resurrection
  32. 32. 4) Why must be Easter Vigil take place during the night?  Remember the entirely Easter Vigil takes place during the night because Jesus is rose from death during the night. 5) What does light & flames symbolize in the Easter Vigil?  Fire and light are the visible symbols of Christ our light  Because he called himself the light of the world  During this night—the vigil— he rose from death resplendent as the Dawn, there on conquering forever the darkness of sin and death.
  33. 33. 6) What does the Pascal Candle symbolize?  Pascal Candle represents the light of Christ risen in His glory.  It is the central object of the Vigil Liturgy  The Easter Candle represent our risen Lord shining in the light and splendor of His resurrection ◦ That why it is so thick, tall and ornamentally decorated.  The candle should remain us that Christ is the Pillar of fire spoken in the Exodus that led the Israelites people out of Slavery from Egypt into the promise land  That pillar prefigures Jesus taking us out of slavery of sin & eternal death, leading us to heaven.
  34. 34. 7) What symbols are Carved into the Easter Candle?  The symbols that are Carved in the Easter candle are: a. The Cross b. The Year of the Easter Vigil c. The Greek Letters Alpha & Omega
  35. 35. 8) What does the Alpha & Omega Symbolize on the Pascal Candle?  The Priest traces the Alpha & Omega symbols into the Pascal Candle,  this 2 symbols are the first & last letters of the Greek Alphabet  And they are used as a Divine title in reference to Jesus, as the BEGINNING and END of Human History  Just as Alpha it the beginning of the Alphabet and the Omega is the End
  36. 36.  9) Why does the priest put 5 nails in the Pascal Candle?  When the cross and the other marks are made, the priest might insert 5 grains of incense in the candle  The incense look like ordain nails, and there are 5 of them  Because they represent the 5 would of Jesus ◦ The right & left hand of Christ ◦ The two feet of Christ ◦ The side of Christ
  37. 37.  10) What is the Easter proclamation?  The Exulted or Easter proclamation is an ancient hymn song only at Easter Vigil, during the Service of Light  The hymn has been believed to be written by Saint Ambrose of Milan